Transcribed by Gail M. Walczyk



BY Nancy Jo Revell, DY


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN ANO DOM 1713 November ye : 30 I Tabitha bell being very sic and week in body but of perfect mind and memory and knowing that it is appointed for all people once to dye do make and ordain this my Last Will & Testament.

Im - I give and bequeath my soule to God that gave it and as for Body I committe it to the Earth to be Buryed in a Christian like manner att the discrestion of my Exectrx Hopeing to Receive the same att the Risarection and as for my personal Estate wherein itt hath pleased God to bestoe on me I Give and bequeath in the like forem

It I Give and bequeath to my mother my black Hood - - - -

It I give to my Brother Edmund Scarburgh Junr my black walnut Table.

It I give to my Brother Mitchell Scarburgh my slave Stora and all her increase and my Gun -

It I give to my sister Elizabeth Duey my slave Avis & her increase

It I give to my sister Sarah Scarburgh one silver Cup a lege pore of Claspes and silver spoon and a Gould ring and a pare of Gould bobes and a amber Neck Lace

It I give to my Cosen Beautifiler Duey one gould Ring - - - -

It I give and bequeath two by sister Mary now wife to William Major my sister Matilda now wife to Jacob Duey my whole tract of Land in Northampton County Lieing and being on the north side of ye head of Nusawadox Creek by Estimation too hundred and fifty acres Equally to be divided Between them after my dearth to them and theare hires and Assignes for ever - - -

It I give and bequeath to my sister Edmund Memore now wife of Morish Sheppeard all my silver money I now have and my Horse Slrennura or my now rideing horse and one dozen of puter plates.

It I give and bequeath all the rest of my Estate not before Mentioned to be Eqely to be divided boath personal and Riall between my three sisters Mary Major Matilda Duey Edmund Memore by three different persons by then chosen and the Corte to have nothing to do with it nor none of my Estate to be Aprase or Inventoryed

It My will is that my sister Matilda Duey shall be soule Executrix of this my last will and testament disanulling revokeing all other former wile and Loveing this and no other to be my last will & testament in witness heareof I have set my hand and seal the day and year above writen.

Tabitha Bell

Testis Signed Seald Published & declared In ye presence of us

John Metcalf

Edmund Bayly

John Hall

The within Last Will & Testament of Tabitha Bell was proved in open cort of Accomack County by the Oaths of John Metcalfe Edmund Bayly & John Hall the witnesses to the same Janry ye 6th 1713/14 wch the Cort Admitted to Record.

Teste: Chas Snead Clk Cur.

Recorded Janry ye 14th 1713/14 per me Chas. Snead Clk Cur.







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