Parker Savage

Researched by Nora Miller Turman 21-Nov-1988

Parker Savage, the eldest son of William and Phebe Savage, married Sarah whose last name was not found. On 27-Jul-1736, Parker sold the 150 acres of land, inherited from his father, to Richard - no relation. Parker's wife Sarah and his mother, Phebe French, relinquished any dower rights they might have had in the land.

Parker bought a 150 1/2 acre tract of land southwest of the present village of Melfa on 2-Aug-1736. Parker and Sarah reared their family there. He engaged in farming and at least two trades as shown by items in his inventory.

Parker Savage died intestate and administration was granted on his estate to Sarah Savage at the Accomack County Court on 31-Jan-1753. The inventory of his estate was filed with the Court on 27-Mar-1753. The inventory included shoemaker's tools, a saddle tree for making saddles, carpenter's tools, livestock, farm implements, and household items.

On 30-Mar-1756, Abel Savage, Parker's son, chose Alexander Mahone, his stepfather, to be his guardian. The date of Sarah's second marriage is unknown. On 26-Aug-1756, the Court ordered William Savage, 16 years of age and orphan of Parker Savage, to be apprenticed to a county resident to learn the trade of a blacksmith.

The Court was petitioned on 29-Jun-1763 to settle the estate of Parker Savage. One month later the report was filed. The entry showed that Parker left five children. It is assumed that three were daughters since the names of only two sons were found.

Children of Parker and Sarah Savage:

d. 1794
Barsheba Gunter
d. 1797

Three daughters not named.

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