Second Generation

10. WILLIAM2 ANDREWS (LT. COL.) (JOHN1) (#13114) was born in England about 1598. WILLIAM died before February 28, 1655 in Northampton Co., VA, at approximately 56 years of age.

He married twice. He married SUZANNA. (SUZANNA is #13122.) SUZANNA was born about 1610. SUZANNA died after June 25, 1635 at approximately 24 years of age. He married MARY STRINGER. (MARY STRINGER is #13127.) MARY was born in Northampton Co., VA. MARY was the daughter of (JOHN) STRINGER. MARY died before February 19, 1659 in Northampton Co., VA. Mary is called sister of Stephen Stringer (Purse & Person, p. 75) and Stephen called brother of Cpt. John Stringer (Marshall, p. 43) After William's death, Mary married William Smart. She confirmed the deceased's gifts to his children, John, Andrew, Mary and Ann Andrews. (Marshall, p.40-41)

He made a will in Northampton Co., VA, February 20, 1654. In 1617, William sailed from Gravesend, England for Virginia on the "Treasurer." By February 16, 1623, he was established at Accomack County with Christopher Carter and Thomas Graves. He is shown as William Andros is the muster of 1624.

William was appointed commander of the district from Nassawattocks to Hungars in 1644, with Stephen Charlton. As Captain, he was appointed to command the military district of Hungars Creek in 1651. He was a Lieutenant Colonel with the militia by the time of his death.

It is not known when his first wife, Susanna, died. It was after 1635, when she signed as his wife; he was granted 50 acres for her transport in 1627. He married Mary Stringer sometime before January, 1653-4. (Purse & Person, p. 75)

NOTES: There was a Garrett Andrews/Anderson (shown with both names) in Northampton County as early as 1624. His name and that of a William Andrews are shown together as executors of the estate of Peter Nowell in 1635.

A William Andrews in Northampton County purchased 1,000 acres of land from Thomas Taylor in 1643 (N46, Whitelaw, p. 206) and gave it to Joane & Thomas Harmanson in 1665 for their four sons. Whitelaw notes Joane as the daughter of William Andrews, Jr. but the original document in Virginia Land Causes, p. 60, does not show any relationship. A Joan Andrew and her son were transported in 1654 by Thomas Harmanson and there was a John Andrew listed with the persons transported. (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. 1, p. 294)

A Major John Andrews was at Northampton Court in 1653; John Andrews, son of William Andrews will dtd. 1654, was a minor in 1654, so there is a second John Andrews in Northampton and he may have been the above John Andrew transported by Thomas Harmanson. What, if any, connection these Andrews have with Lt. Col. William Andrews is not known, but what might be two William Andrews both had connections to Thomas Harmanson.

WILLIAM ANDREWS (Lt. Col.) and SUZANNA had the following children:

child 11 i. ROBERT3 ANDREWS (#13123). ROBERT died about 1657 in Northampton Co., VA. He married REBECCA BAGWELL before 1656. (REBECCA BAGWELL is #13136.) REBECCA was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1641. REBECCA was the daughter of HENRY BAGWELL and ALICE HAWKINS. REBECCA died June, 1658 in Northampton Co., VA, at 16 years of age. (See Fisher Farmily Journal by M.K. Miles at Ghote)

He made a will in Northampton Co., VA, October 2, 1656.

child + 12 ii. SUSANNAH ANDREWS .

child + 13 iii. WILLIAM ANDREWS (Mjr.) was born 1632.

WILLIAM ANDREWS (Lt. Col.) and MARY STRINGER had the following children:

child 14 iv. ANN ANDREWS (#13130). Thomas Harmanson was named her guardian after her mother's death.

child 15 v. MARY ANDREWS (#13131). John Stringer was named her guardian after her mother's death.

child + 16 vi. JOHN ANDREWS was born about 1644.

child + 17 vii. ANDREW ANDREWS was born about 1655.

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