Ahnentafel of Donna Carroll Smith

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Generation No. 1

1. Donna Carroll Smith1, born October 23, 1953 in Nassawadox, VA1. She was the daughter of

2. Donald Carroll Smith and 3. Norma Jean Wolfe(Davis)*. She married Joe Scott Baker1 May 26, 1977 in home of John Joe & Marie Baker. He was the son of John Joseph Baker* and Marie Emma Birch.

More about Ryan Kane Baker:

won wrestling scholarship to VA Tech


Generation No. 2

3. Norma Jean Wolfe(Davis)1, born April 19, 1932 in Norfolk, VA1. She was the daughter of 6. Ralph Norman Wolf and 7. Carrie Frances Scott.

Children of Donald Smith and Norma Wolfe(Davis) are:

Dale Leonard Smith1, born February 06, 1955 in Norfolk, VA1;

married & divorced(1) Beth Pace ; married (2) Susan Kelley;.

More About Dale Leonard Smith:

Occupation: Corporate Attorney1

Denise Lynette Smith1, born October 22, 19591;

married Robert Ephrum Maddox Jr. October 03, 1987 in their home in Pocomoke City, Maryland.

Child of Donald Smith and Hyo Kwak Sun is:

Generation No. 3

More About Annie Scott:

Religion: Member Andrews Chapel Methodist Church, Cashville, VA1

Residence: Had a farm across the street from Onancock Cemetery where she is now buried.1

Children of Walter Smith* and Annie Scott* are:

More About Geraldine Smith:

Missing: She had emotional problems and was in and out of state hospitals until the family finally lost track of her in the 1960's1

6. Ralph Norman Wolf1, born January 29, 1902 in Elizabeth, NY1; died January 15, 1975 in Dothan, AL1. He was the son of 12. John H Wolf and 13. Effie Mae Guise. He married 7. Carrie Frances Scott.

More About Ralph Norman Wolf:

Occupation: Watch maker & musician - played several horned instruments, mainly trumpet1

More About Carrie Frances Scott:

Interests: Played music for silent movies. Ran a gift shop in Onancock. Learned to repair watches from her husband, Ralph.

Child of Ralph Wolf and Carrie Scott is:


Generation No. 4

    1. James E Smith2, born January 23, 18642; died July 31, 1945 in Onancock, Va2.

He was the son of 16. Ezekiel Y. Smith Jr and 17. Margaret Jester. He married 9. Margaret White January 29, 1887.

More About James E Smith:

Burial: Onancock Cemetary8

More About Margaret White:

Burial: Onancock Cemetary8

Children of James Smith and Margaret White are:

More About G. Leonard Smith:

Property: Real estate in Tidewater area9

Children of Tully Wise Scott, Jr. are:

More About Carroll T Scott:

Insurance Agent for Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

Graduate of Hampden-Sydney College and member/past president of alumni association. He was a member of the American Legion (westhampton Post # 84) and member of several country clubs: Cavalier Club of Virginia Beach, Keswick and Farmington Country Clubs of Charlottesville.

Military service: Army Major in World War II Adjutant-General's Department

Occupation: Insurance agent

12.John H Wolf9, born 18699; died April 1907 in Middletown, PA9. He married 13. Effie Mae Guise May 09, 1899 in Steelton, PA.

More About John H Wolf:

Nationality: German9

Occupation: Draftsman & pattern maker9

Children of John Wolf and Effie Guise are:


14. William Js Scott9, born 18619; died 19159. He was the son of 28. John T Scott and 29. Caroline. He married 15. Martha F.Young.

More About William Js Scott:

Note: Accidently poisoned his 3 yr old daughter, Eunice. He carried this guilt until his death.9

Occupation: Farmer. Worked in lumber yard9

Children of William Scott and Martha F.Young are:


Generation No. 5

Children of Ezekiel Jr and Margaret Jester are:

18. Louis H. White11,12. He was the son of 36. George W. White and 37. Charlotte Badger. He married 19. Mary Drummond 186613.

More About Louis H. White:

Occupation: Sailor15,16

Child of Louis White and Mary Drummond is:

More About Tully Wise Scott, Sr.:

Occupation: Shoebuilder

Children of Tully Wise Scott, Sr. are:

More About John W Scott:

Occupation: Farmer17

Children of Franklin Guise and Maria Wheeler) are:

More About Ida Elizabeth Guise:

Burial: Niagra Falls, NY

More About William Johns:

Occupation: owned and operated a milk route18

vi. Samuel Guise18,

Child of John Scott and Caroline is:

More About Mary William Bird:*

Nick named: "MA"18

Children of William Young and Mary W. Bird are:

More About Sadie Young:

Burial: Modestown Baptist Church Cemetery18

Note: Lived alone in her nineties! Walked to church18

Religion: Member of Modestown Baptist Church, Va18

More About Alice Young:

Note: never married.18


Generation No. 6

Child of Ezekiel Smith Sr is:

Child of George White and Charlotte Badger is:

Child of Severn Scott and Anne Smith is:

Child of David Young and Margaret Wessells is:

John W. Bird II, born 1806; died 1857. He was the son of 124. William Bird and 125. Caziah Hinman. He married 63. Nancy Bloxom.

Notes for John W. Bird II:

John's will was probated 30 Nov 1857 in Accomack Co, VA.(7272) In his will, signed 30 May 1855, John W. Byrd named: a wife, Nancy (land held in her own rite, dower and one negro woman Leah); 4 sons, George W. (land adjoining Edmund Bell, Parker land where George by Riley resides), William R. (under 21, land near school house), Littleton M. (under 21, south end of Fisher land), John O. (under 21, north end of Mason and Fisher land adjoining Custis W. Byrd dec'd, shoemakers shop at store house); 5 daughters, Sarah A. Mason, Eveline Kelly, Susannah Byrd (under 21), Mary Byrd (under 21) and Elizabeth Trader, w/o Samuel Trader. The executors were George W. Byrd and James Mason. Witnesses were Wm. S. Fletcher, Harvey Johnson and S.J. Marshall. Sureties on the bond for probate were George W. Byrd, Richard Mason, John C. Wessells, and Major Mason Senr (Acc Co Wills, 1846-82, p. 260).

Children of John Bird and Nancy Bloxom are:

More About Samuel C. Hutson/Trader:

Note: It appears thatSamuel was born to un-married parents24

    1. John Osborn Bird24*, born November 19, 184624; died 193324;

married Orinthia E.


Generation No. 7

Children of William Young and Sally (?) are:

William Bird, born Abt. 1770. He was the son of 248. John W. Bird and 249. Mary. He married 125. Caziah Hinman.

Notes for William Bird:

William's will was probated 28 Feb 1825 in Accomack Co, VA.(6673) In his will, signed 23 Jan 1825, William Bird named a son John Bird, who he left the land and house where I now live and the land bought from Spencer D. Fletcher. If John died before age 21 years, then it was to go to James Thorns. He also left Elizabeth Thorns (relationship not noted) his houseman lands called my Bloxom land and Taylor land, as long as she lives single. If she marries or death, then to her son James Thorns. Witnessess were Nathaniel S. Topping, Nancy Bird and Griffin Bishop. Giving oaths at probate were Nathaniel S. Topping and William Nock of Zadock. Securities for the bond to probate were Walter D. Bayne, Thomas R. Joynes and Raymond Riley.

Children of William Bird and Caziah Hinman are:

Children of Major Bloxom and Elizabeth Hope are:


Generation No. 8

240. William Young III24, born Abt. 174524.

Child of William Young III is:

Children of John Bird and Mary are:

Children of John Bird and Ester Ross are:

Notes for Tully Wise Fiser:

The range of Tully's possible birth year from census records are as follows: he is assumed to have been the 10-16 year old male in the household of George Christopher, husband of Susanna Fisher, in 1800, born 1784-1790; 1810, born 1785-1795; 1820, born 1775-1795; 1830, born 1780-1790; 1840, born 1780-1790; 20 Aug 1850, age 63, born 1787. The key census here is 1810 and 1850. 1810 shows the controlling earliest year as 1785 and the latest year in several census is 1790. Since there is very good correlation among all these census, there is no reason to doubt the 1850 census, which shows he was born in 1787. It should also be noted that older persons almost always over estimated their age, which supports the assumption that he was not born before 1787. Tully (6402) was the son of Thomas Fisher and Naomi (-----).

Tully died 1852 at 65 years of age.

Notes for Thomas Bird:

His body was interred in Byrd Cem, Gladding Ld Rd, Mearsville, Acc Co, VA.(6409)

Notes for Catherine Bird:

She was listed as a resident in the census report 1850 in Accomack Parish, Acc Co, VA.(6416) Her tombstone at the Old Messongo Baptist Church Cemetery shows her as "Kittie Martyn, w/o William Martyn, died 14 Apr 1885, aged about 80 years". Her marriage record showed her as the daughter of John Bird.

Child of Richard Bloxom and Margaret Simpson is:


Generation No. 9

Solomon Bird, born Abt. 1704; died 1784. He was the son of 992. John Bird. He married 497. Ann Bull Abt. 1743.

Notes for Solomon Bird:

Solomon's will was probated 30 Nov 1784 in Accomack Co, VA.(6288) In his will dated 28 Sep 1784, Solomon Bird mentioned no land, but made bequests to three daughters, Esther, Rebecca, and Scarbrough Bird. Witnessess included Major and Nathaniel Bird.

Children of Solomon Bird and Ann Bull are:

Children of William Bloxom and Elizabeth Unknown are:


Generation No. 10

992. John Bird, born Abt. 1673; died February 1727/28. He was the son of 1984. Edward Bird and 1985. Ebourne.

Notes for John Bird:

John's will was probated 5 Mar 1727/8 in Accomack Co, VA.

Children of John Bird are:

Notes for Daniel Bird:

Daniel's will was probated 29 Mar 1758 in Accomack Co, VA.(6312) In 1740 Daniel Bird purchased 125 acres of land on Messongo Creek from George Philbee (Whitelaw, p. 1274). His estate was administered to his widow, Margaret Bird, who made oath that the will of the said Daniel was destroyed as she believes. Middleton Mason and Benjamin Parks were the securities (Acc Orders, 1744-1753, 26 Jun 1751, p. 507). But Susannah Bird brought suit against Margaret and the other hiers. The Court order that depositions filed by Henry Fletcher and William Melson be recorded and the substance thereof be established as the last will and testament of Daniel Bird, deceased, and that the former administration granted on his estate be revoked, and that the defendant, widow of the said testator, be summoned to take upon her the administration of the said estate. Daniel Bird's nuncupative will, probated 29 Mar 1758, specified: To daughter Susannah Bird my land where I now live containing 125 acres. My now wife to have use of same during her widowhood. To my 2 daughters, Mary and Scarburgh. To Solomon Bird. 4 daughters, Rachel Mason, Elizabeth Parks, Mary Bird and Scarburgh Bird. Wife Margaret. Proved by Henry Fletcher and William Melson (Acc Co Wills&c, 1757-1761, p. 39).

Notes for Major Bird:

In 1740 Major Bird purchased from Ansley and Tabitha Lingo 300 acres of land and marsh at Muddy Creek. It is doubtful that he left any male heir, as the land later was found in the possession of an Elizabeth Bird, who apparently remained unmarried, and a Lucretia who became the wife of Charles Broadwater (Whitelaw, pp. 1206-7).

Children of Tobias Bull and Frances are:

Children of John Bloxam and Mary Johnson are:


Generation No. 11

Child of Edward Bird and Ebourne is:

Children of Tobias Bull and Rebeccah are:


Generation No. 12

Child of William Ebourne and Margaret is:

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