The Webb Family Bible

copied by Judy Jehn
from a transcription collected by Faye D. Wilson and typed by Jean M. Mihalyka
Posted 4 November 1999 by Judy Jehn, a ghote
    Oxford and Cambridge n.d.
    This old bible is in poor condition and is owned by Mrs. Annie Webb, Wardtown, Va. It was obtained for this collection by Faye D.Wilson and was typed by Jean M.Mihalyka in April,1997.

    George Thomas Webb (born) March 20th,1861.
    Ellen Smith Kelly (born) November 9th,1860.
    Eligh T.Webb (born) February 3rd,1885.
    Allie B.Webb (born) February 15th,1890.
    Edward L.Webb (born) September 13th,1892.
    John Edmond Copes (born) October 12th, 1895.
    Kittie L.Webb (born) November 14th,1895.
    Bessie Webb (born) August 2nd,1896.
    Blanding G.Webb (born) July 13th,1898.
    Thelma M.Copes (born) October 25,1905.
    Edna Thomas Webb (born) September 10th,1906.
    Reginal (Billy) L.Webb (born) August 5th,1908.
    Elsie Virginia Webb (born) July 4, 1911.
    Edwin Purnell Webb (born) August 7th, 1913.
    George D.Webb (born) August 5th,1914.
    George Calvin Hickman (born) November 7th, 1915
    Ellen Francis Webb (born) January 22nd,1916.
    Norman F.Hickman (born) January 3rd,1917.
    Edward Thomas Webb (born) January 5th,1919.
    William Edward Hickman (born) June 8th,1919.
    Katherine Hickman (born) July 15th,1920.
    William Richard Webb (born)1920.
    Dorothy Christine Webb (born) 1921. 


    Bessie M.Hickman (died)April 27,1923
    Edward Thomas Webb (died) September 8th,1925.
    Ellen F.Webb (died) March 26th,1935.
    George T.Webb, husband of Ellen K., (died) July 26th,1935.
    Ellen K.Webb (died) February 9th,1941
    William Richard Webb (died) 1955.
    Elsie Webb Beasley, wife of Roy P.Beasley (died) July 7th,1991.

    Born: Tommie Webb (born) February 3rd,1885 at Birdsnest,(Va.)
    Sallie Colbourn was borned March 24th,1891.
    Kittie F.Webb born Nov.14th,1895. Died June 12th,1977.
    Babie Ruth was borned April 7th,1907, Saturday night.
    Gladys Lee Webb (born July 12th,1925.
    Ruby Preston Webb (born) December 3rd,1926.

    NEWS PAPER CLIPPING: Volina Robertson Turner, wife of Burleigh Turner,Sr. died July 25th, 1984, daughter of William C.& Ann Robertson. (Survived) by a son Burleigh Turner, Jr. and a sister, Mrs.Paul Spickard. Kitty Webb Killmon, aged 80 yrs died June 12th,1977; wife of Claude W.Killmon and daughter of George T.& Ellen Kelly Webb.

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