Descendants of

William BIBBY and Mary (---)

Prepared by Nita Pearce


1. William1 Bibby [9], born 1598 in Stalmine, Lanc. Eng.; died 1637 in Northampton Co. VA. He married abt. 1634 in England, Mary (---) [10], born , Eng.; died Sep. 1637 in Northampton Co. VA.

Notes for William BIBBY

William was given 400 acres, in Accomack on the north side of Kings Creek, and adjoining on the west the land of Cpt. Epps. Due: 50 A. for his own personal adventure, 50 A for the personal adventure of his wife, Mary, and 300 for the transportation of six persons; John Leech, Christopher Colvert, William Stephen, Archibald Richard, John FitzGarrall, & Ann Gedon. Source: Jennings Cropper Wise, June 24, 1636; YE KINGDOME OF ACCAWMACKE.

Another list: Mary Bibby, Cleri Colert, Anne Gedon, Fitz Jarrell, John Leech, Arch. Richards. Source: Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-66.

Williams friend, Thomas Sparkes came to America on the Susan Feb. 7, 1616, at the age of 24. Source: American Plantations and Colonies. He appeared in 1624 records as being with William on the Eastern Shore.

+ 2 i Edmond I2 Bibby [7], born 1634/35 in England. He married Francis Hunt [8]. Source:

3 ii Elizabeth2 Bibby [18], born Apr 1637 in Northampton Co. VA; died 14 Aug 1733 in Northampton Co. VA. She married in Northampton, VA, George Freshwater [19], born abt. 1632 in Northampton Co. VA; died 17 Mar 1718 in Northampton Co. VA. Source: Northampton Co. Wills- Vol.10 pg. 73. Elizabeth Freshwater, 14 Aug. 1733- Sons George, Mark & Mathew, dau. Elizabeth Roscoe, dau. Rossand Loughly, dau. Sarah Caster & her son Mathew Caster, dau. Comfort Dunton. Exe. sons Thomas, Mark Wit. Thomas Moore. Frances Moore.


Generation 2


2. Edmond I2 Bibby [7] (William1), born 1634/35 in England; died 12 Dec 1660 in Northampton Co. VA. He married Francis Hunt [8], born of Northampton Co. VA.

Notes for Edmond I BIBBY

Edmonds wills son Edmond the estate & leaves a ring to Elizabeth & livestock to her children. ( She had three at that time & 2 later). Edmond refers to George Freshwater as his brother in his Will.

Notes for Francis HUNT


Children of Edmond I BIBBY and Francis HUNT were as follows:

+ 4 i Edmund II3 Bibby [5], born Apr 1658 in Northampton Co. VA. He married Ester Floyd [6].

5 ii Elizabeth3 Bibby [17]


Generation 3


4. Edmund II3 Bibby [5] (Edmond I2, William1), born Apr 1658 in Northampton Co. VA; died 4 Mar 1696 in Northampton Co. VA. He married abt. 1680 in Northampton Co. VA, Ester Floyd [6], born prob. in Northampton Co. VA; died aft. 1697 in Northampton Co. VA, daughter of John Floyd [23] and Mary poss. Berry [24].

Notes on Ester Floyd Bibby.

Esther married Thomas Leonard after the death of Edmond II.


Notes for Edmund II BIBBY


Children of Edmund II BIBBY and Ester FLOYD were as follows:

6 i John4 Bibby [12], born 1680 in Northampton Co. VA; died 1720 in Northampton Co. VA. .

+ 7 ii Edmond III4 Bibby [3], born 1682 in Northampton Co. VA. He married Mary Clarke [4].

8 iii William4 Bibby [13], born 1684 in Northampton Co. VA.

9 iv Frances4 Bibby [14], born 1688 in Northampton Co. VA.

10 v Ester4 Bibby [15], born 1690 in Northampton Co. VA.

11 vi Nathaniel4 Bibby [16], born 1696 in Northampton Co. VA; Nathaniel was in W. Salem Co. NJ. before 4 Sept 1744 and in Fredrick Co. VA. Source: Pioneers of Old Frederick Co. VA by Cecil O'Dell pg #310. Cornelius Eltinge (shopkeeper) of Salem Co. West New Jersey appointed Lewis Stephens to serve as his "Lawful Attorney to demand sue for and recover and receive all such sums due me by Nathaniel Bibby, late of Salem Co, West New Jersey but now living in Frederick County, VA." VA Deed Book 1, p. 134. Nathaniel was in Fredrick Co. VA in 1748. Source: Copies of Letter of Attorney and Letter of Agreement found in Court Records of Fredrick Co. VA. LDS Film.


Generation 4


7. Edmond III4 Bibby [3] (Edmund II3, Edmond I2, William1), born 1682 in Northampton Co. VA., Mary Clarke [4], born abt. 1685 in Northampton Co. VA. Daughter of Robert Clark [20] and Mary Benthall [21]. Source: Proven by deed from Robert & Mary Clark to "daughter Mary wife of Edmond Bibby."

+ 12 i Ester5 Bibby [11], born 16 Nov 1710 in Northampton Co. VA. married

13 ii Matthew5 Bibby [2], born 19 Jan 1712/13 in Northampton Co.VA;


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