Descendants of John CORE


1. John CORE

1. JOHN CORE living in Accomack Co. in 1642. Believed to be very young.
2. Gave deposition on 8/14/1642. In deposition he referred to one John
Foster as his master, thereby leading us to believe he was an indentured
servant. Deposition given at Accomack Co. courthouse. He signed the
deposition with an "X", which meant that he couldn't write.
3. On Accomack Co. tax list for 1671 with three taxable males in addition
to himself.
4. 16 June 1677 John Core, planter, bought a 500 acre tract of land in
Accomack Co. (Deeds & c. 1668-1680, Pg 54). This land was in the present
area of Northampton Co. between the present towns of Exmore and
Nassawadox and extending to Machipongo Creek on the Seaside.
5. John Foster came to Virginia from England in 1623. Lived in Jamestown
prior to settling on the Eastern Shore in Accomack Co. His brother
Armstrong Foster arrived in Virginia in 1630.

2. John CORE

� 1. John Core built what is now (1992) known as the "Cherry-Core" house.

According to Whitelaw's "VIRGINIA'S EASTERN SHORE" the house was known as
the "CORE" house and was built around 1720. It was situated near the
village of Hadlock, just south of Exmore on the east side of Rt. 13.

4. Edward (Edwin) CORE

1. Edward Core in some transactions appears as Edwin Core.

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