Note from the WebMaster:

Disclaimer: Please note the purpose of this web site is for anyone who wishes, to share information about genealogy and history of Virginia's Eastern Shore, which is made up of Accomack and Northampton Counties. All data on this web site does not meet the standards of all Ghotes members. It will have mistakes, it is not perfect, nor has all of the data been verified to some yet to be defined Ghotes standards. All Ghotes members will not have had a chance to review and approve the data before it appears on this web site. One of the reasons it is here is so everyone can review and comment on the data. A lot of the data on this web site could not be sent by e-mail to each member of the maillist because of the size of the files. If you find mistakes, or you have conflicting data, please e-mail ghotes@esva.net (Ghotes MailList) and copy the person who summitted the data to let them know about the problem or questions about the data.

In doing your own research, you should verify all of your data from the actual court records, etc. You should not reference this web page as the original source of your data, as we can not be sure all data on this web site is correct. As conflicts are resolved and new information is reported, the data on this web site will change.

After all, the sharing of data and being able to compare notes is what this web site is all about. It would be nice if we could believe everything we see in print, be it on paper on electronic, to be 100% correct.

Most all of us know that it is not.

Thanks, and lets keep Genealogy Fun.

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