Asa Thomas Dix

First Generation

1. Asa Thomas Dix, b. 1816 in acen '50 776, (son of Levi Dix and Lovey Wright) d. 15-Sep-1882, buried Dr Dix Farm in Accomack Co. Va.  He married (1) Margaret A. Wheeler, b. 26-Aug-1826 in Wochester Co. Md. or 1818 in acen 50'776, (daughter of Henry Wheeler and Harriet J. ------) d. 28-May-1854, buried Dr. Dix Farm in Accomack Co. Va.


2. i George H. P. Dix, b. 1847.

He married (2) Lydia Jenette McCave, married 19-May-1855 in mrac#2-116, Accomack Co., Va., b. 1836, (daughter of William McCave and Emma ------) d. 1936, buried Dr. Dix Farm in Accomack Co. Va.


3. ii Preston Brooks Dix, b. 1856.

+ 4. iii Charles "Moose" Carroll Dix b. 1857.

5. iv Emma "Kate" Katherine Dix, b. 1859.  She married  Edward Wright.

6. v Jefferson Davis Dix, b. 1861.

7. vi Jeanette T. (orM.) Dix, b. 1862, d. nd, buried Liberty Cem. in Accomack Co., Va.  She married Edward Thomas Parks, married 18-Sep-1881 in mrac#2-259, Masonville, Accomack Co. Va., b. 11-Aug-1848, (son of Parker W. Parks and Nancy S. Powell) d. 31-Oct-1909, buried Liberty Cem. in Accomack Co., Va.

8. vii Lillian "Lily" May Dix, b. 1865, d. 8-Mar-1951.  She married John B. Nelson, b. 1860/1861, d. 1921-1935.

9. viii Levi James Dix, b. 1866.

10. ix John Morgan Dix, b. 1868.

11. x Rosa V. Dix, b. 5-Jan-1869.  She married Joseph Wimbrough.

12. xi Leonora "Nora" Dix, b. 8-Dec-1869.  She married Wylie Barnes.

13. xii Minnie Scarborough Dix, b. c. 1872.  She married Arnold Logan.

14. xiii William Sherwood Dix, b. 27-Oct-1873.

15. xiv Asa Thomas Dix, b. 1875 in at medical school.

16. xv Julia "Jewell" A. Dix, b. 1878.  She married Godfrey Russell.

Second Generation

4. Charles "Moose" Carroll Dix, b. 1857, d. liv. 1888, buried Dix Farm in Parksley, Accomack Co., Va.  He married Margaret "Maggie" Satchell Wright, married 27-Oct-1886 in mrac#2-116, "Woodbury", Accomack Co., Va, b. 14-Sep-1864, (daughter of William Thomas Wright and Mary Satchell Carey) d. 1923.


17. i Charles C. Dix, b. 4-Feb-1888 in Accomack Co., Va., d. 8-Oct-1888.

18. ii Asa Thomas Dix Sr., b. 28-Aug-1890 in Accomack Co. Va., d. 2-Apr-1976, buried Cape Charles in Northampton Co., Va.  He married Flora Leah Fitchett, married 19-Dec-1917 in Bond-Buck-185, Northampton Co., Va., b. 5-Mar-1892 in Northampton Co., Va., (daughter of William Costin Fitchett and Missouri Trower) d. 9-Feb-1958, buried Cape Charles in Northampton Co., Va.

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