19. William Thomas3 KILLMAN (John4, CHARLES E.5 KILLMON, Mathew6, William7, Thomas Leonard8, William Ross(?)9) reference 81 (#717) was born in Jobes Island, N. Hampton, Va. Dec 1851. William died 1927 at 75 years of age.

He married Sarah V MARTIN in N. Hampton Co., Va., Va., 20 Feb 1878. (Sarah V MARTIN reference 82) (Sarah V MARTIN is #718.) Sarah was born in N. Hampton, Va., Va. 6 Jun 1861. Sarah was the daughter of John K MARTIN and Peggy ??. Sarah died 9 Aug 1920 in GRIDLE TREE MD., at 59 years of age. Her body was interred in Bell Heaven Cem, Northampton, Va.

William Thomas KILLMAN and Sarah V MARTIN had the following children:

child 20 i. VIRGIE2 KILLMAN (#302). He married Dukes. ( Dukes is #455.)

child 21 ii. Edith KILLMAN (#303). She married RICHARDSON. ( RICHARDSON is #749.)

child 22 iii. Janie KILLMAN (#304). She married twice. She married A TARR. (A TARR reference 513) (A TARR is #460.) She married A TARR. (A TARR reference 513) (A TARR is #460.)

child 23 iv. Joe KILLMAN (#307). Aunt Ethel has 2 cousins in Girldtree MD Not seen since she was 9 yrs old

child 24 v. KILLMAN (#308). Reported to have gone to Texas.

child 25 vi. J. LLOYD KILLMAN (#305) was born 1883. J. died 1965 in LIBERTY CEM ACCO, at 82 years of age. He married Nora B. JUSTIS 1907. (Nora B. JUSTIS is #741.) Nora was born 1886. Nora was the daughter of William Thomas JUSTIS and LELIA KILMON. Baural in Liberty cem Parksley Va. Accomack co. RELI CENCUS METOP.SHEET 12 P289 Had one son Warner lived in Philadaplia

child 26 vii. Will KILLMAN (#306) was born 1884. He married Lula. ( Lula is #750.) She was born 1886. She died 1963 at 77 years of age. no children Aunt Ethel visited a lot.

child + 9 viii. Margaret Sarah KILLMON was born 17 Sep 1887.

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