First Generation

1. John1 Sturgis (Sr.) birth date unknown. John died 1684 in Accomack Co., VA.

He married twice. He married Dorothy Savage in Nicholas Co., VA, September 1, 1661. (James H. Marshall, Wills & Administrations of Northampton Co., VA, p. 68) Dorothy was the daughter of Thomas Savage(carpenter) and Rebecca(wife of Thomas Savage). A Dorothy Savage married John Sturgis in 1661-2 and this Dorothy was the sister of Rebecca, widow of John Tompson and wife of Richard Robinson. Richard Robinson, in his 1695 will, named John Sturgis as son of his wife's sister, and he named Sarah Savage, daughter of Thomas and Bridget Savage and called her "god daughter." Although it would appear that Sarah Savage was his niece. Whitelaw writes that "whether or not there were other children of Thomas and Rebecca Savage is unknown, but they did have a son Thomas to inherit the land." (Virginia's Eastern Shore, N106, p. 512) These relationships would indicate that Dorothy and Rebecca, sisters, were daughters of Thomas Savage "carpenter" and sisters of Thomas Savage, Jr. and John Savage.

In 1662, William and Sarah Smith sold 100 acres of N107 to John Tilney; he and his wife Ann (Smith) assigned to John Sterges, and he and his wife Dorothy reassigned to Mary Parramore. In 1671, she (Mary Parramore) sold back to William Smith and three years later the sale was confirmed by John Parramore. (Ralph T. Whitelaw, Virginia's Eastern Shore, p. 514)

He married Elizabeth Bundick about 1667. Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Bundick and Ruth(wife of Richard Bundick). Will dated March 6, 1683, probate August 5, 1684 Accomack, named wife Elizabeth, son John, son Richard (-21), son Jonathan (-20), son Daniel (-16), daughter Dorothy Nevill, daughter Ann Sturgis. witnesses: Richard Bundick and David Jones. (Stratton Nottingham, Wills & Administrations of Accomack Co., VA, p. 13)

(research of Vern Skinner, Linda Harrison, Gerald Collins, Frank Courtney, Kay Davis, and information provided by Floyd L. Otter, Origins of the Sturgis Family in Virginia & Maryland, Ash Tree Echo, Jan. 1979, Vol. XIV, Issue 1, p. 38-43)

John Sturgis(Sr.) and Dorothy Savage had the following children:

child 2 i. Dorothy2 Sturgis. She married Unknown Nevell before 1682. Dorothy was named in the will of John Tompson in 1682, when he left her two cows. (James H. Marshall, Wills & Administrations of Northampton Co., VA, p. 115) Her father called her Dorothy Nevell in his 1683 will. Dorothy would have been Tompson's niece by his marriage to Rebecca Savage.

child + 3 ii. John Sturgis(Jr.) was born about 1663.

John Sturgis(Sr.) and Elizabeth Bundick had the following children:

child 4 iii. William Sturgis. William died before 1681 in Accomack Co., VA. William died intestate. (Accomack Orders)

child + 5 iv. Jonathon Sturgis.

child + 6 v. Ann Sturgis.

child + 7 vi. Daniel Sturgis was born after 1668.

child + 8 vii. Richard Sturgis was born 1672.

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