Thirteenth Generation

17. Roger De13 Monte_gummeri (Gommeri (Gormeric) (roger)the_great12 Ragnarson, Ingvar (Yngvar)11 Ragnarsson, Ragnar "Lodbrok"10 Halfdansson, Halfdan9 Sigardsson, Sigurd8 Randversson, Randver7 Radbartsson, Radbart6 Skirtasson, Skirta5 Ingvarsson, Ingvar4 Eysteinsson, Eystein3 Adilsson, Adils2 Ottarsson, Ottar1 ) was born in Mount Gomeric, normandy, France 891. Roger died after 911.

He married Miss De Heismois Lady.

Roger De Monte_gummeri and Miss De Heismois Lady had the following children:

child + 26 i. Guilliam De Of_montgomery14 Monte_gummeri {Earl} was born 930.

child 27 ii. Hugh Montgomery. He was christened in lvg duke william, of Normandy, Minority.

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