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    Ames marker
    Ames marker
    Ames marker
    Ames marker
    Ames marker
    Annie M. Ames
    Benjamin T. Ames
    Benjamin T. Ames (footstone)
    George C. Ames

    George W. Ames
    Gladys Louise Ames
    Gordon Henry Ames
    Harold Listo Ames
    Henry W. Ames
    Henry W. Ames (footstone)
    Ida Bull Ames
    James Gordon Ames
    John Edward Ames
    John Richard Ames
    Julia Mears Winder Ames
    Kelso S. Ames
    Laura Ann Ames
    Laura Burroughs Ames
    Laura Catherine Ames    (surname uncertain)
    Lillian Stevenson Ames
    Lillie H. Ames
    Marshall Leon Ames
    Mary Ann Ames
    Mary Ida Ames
    Maurice H. Ames
    Patricia Ames
    Roland T. Ames
    Rosa May Wise Ames
    Rowland Horner Ames
    Rufus Thomas Ames
    Sudie R. Ames
    Sudie R. Ames (footstone)
    Susan E. Wise Ames
    Susan T. Ames
    Susan T. Ames (footstone)
    Thomas W. Ames
    W. Edward Ames
    W. Edward Ames (footstone)
    William A. Ames
    William C. Ames
    Willie F. Ames

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