Juarez, Rosa Maria Castaneda    [Onancock]
Jubilee, Arthur J.    [New Mt. Zion]
Jubilee, George    [New Mt. Zion]
Jubilee, George (footstone)    [New Mt. Zion]
Jubilee, Helen    [St. Paul's]
Jubilee, Jane    [New Mt. Zion]
Jubilee, Jane (footstone)    [New Mt. Zion]
Jubilee, John W.    [New Mt. Zion]
Justice, Cora Ann Lee    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justice, Cora Lee    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justice, Elizabeth J.    [Red Bank]
Justice, George D.    [Hollies Baptist]
Justice, Hattie Hickman    [Hollies Baptist]
Justice, Isaiah L.    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justice, James H.    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justice, James William    [Hollies Baptist]
Justice, Martha A.    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justice, Mary A. (d. 1870)    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justice, Mary A. (1864)    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justice, Samuel    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justice, Thomas H.    [Red Bank]
Justice, Verley M.    [Hollies Baptist]
Justice, Vivian P.    [Hollies Baptist]
Justis, Addie P.    [Liberty]
Justis, Arintha S.    [Liberty]
Justis, Asbury T.    [Liberty]
Justis, Asher L.    [Liberty]
Justis, Bertha M.    [Liberty]
Justis, Bettie G.    [Liberty]
Justis, Catherine E.    [Liberty]
Justis, Charles J.    [Liberty]
Justis, Charles T.    [Liberty]
Justis, Dorothy M.    [Belle Haven]
Justis, Dorothy M. (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Justis, Edward S.    [Liberty]
Justis, Elwood T. III    [Belle Haven]
Justis, Elwood T. III (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Justis, George R. (1851-1940)    [Liberty]
Justis, Harold F.    [Liberty]
Justis, Isaiah Crippen    [Liberty]
Justis, J. T.    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justis, James T.    [Justis Plot-Parksley]
Justis, John W. (1876-1963)    [Liberty]
Justis, John W. (1883-1945)    [Liberty]
Justis, Leda B., Jr.    [Belle Haven]
Justis, Leda B., Jr. (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Justis, Lucy F.    [Liberty]
Justis, Margaret S.    [Liberty]
Justis markers at Liberty Cemetery    [Liberty]
Justis, Mary A.    [Liberty]
Justis, Mattie W. (1)    [Liberty]
Justis, Mattie W. (2)    [Liberty]
Justis, Melva Mae    [Liberty]
Justis, Nancy (1823-1914)    [Liberty]
Justis, Nancy R.    [Liberty]
Justis, Revel (1820-1881)    [Liberty]
Justis, Revel J. (1847-1948)    [Liberty]
Justis, Sallie C.    [Liberty]
Justis, Sallie W.    [Liberty]
Justis, Samuel H.    [Liberty]
Justis, Samuel J. (1861-1944)    [Liberty]
Justis, Samuel J. (1877-1942) (1)    [Liberty]
Justis, Samuel J. (1877-1942) (2)    [Liberty]
Justis, Samuel R. (1)    [Liberty]
Justis, Samuel R. (2)    [Liberty]
Justis, Sarah M.    [Onancock]
Justis, Unidentified    [Liberty]
Justis, Vianah T. (1)    [Liberty]
Justis, Vianah T. (2)    [Liberty]
Justis, William J.    [Liberty]
Justis, William T.    [Liberty]
Justus, Patricia E.    [Belle Haven East]

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