Kimball, Heathcote M. H.    [St. Georges]
Kimball, Sabra Mallett    [St. Georges]
Kincman (Kingman?), Kathleen S. (temp)[Franktown]
King, Annie May    [Bethel Baptist]
King, Annie May (footstone)    [Bethel Baptist]
King, Eliza Leatherbury    [Christ Church Episcopal]
King, Evelyn Wise   
[Cape Charles]
King, Helen Blanche   
[Belle Haven]
King, Lucy Lawson    [Belle Haven]
King, Matilda R.    [Hollies Baptist]
King, Rebecca J.   
[Bethel Baptist]
King, Rebecca J. (footstone)   
[Bethel Baptist]
King, Robert Lockwood   
[Belle Haven]
King, Ruby E.   
King, Wayne Rodda   
King, William A.   
Kinsman, Bruno   
[Cape Charles]
Kipp, Mildred E.   
Kirchner, John P.    [Belle Haven]
Kirwan, Charles Edward    [Cape Charles]
Kirwan, Clara Frances    [Cape Charles]
Kirwan, (Capt.) George B.    [Cape Charles]
Kirwan marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Kirwan marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Kirwan, Mary Rose    [Cape Charles]
Kirwan, Sallie Lee Thomas    [Cape Charles]
Kirwan, Sallie S.    [Cape Charles]
Kiser, Aleen Melson    [Onancock]
Knight, Annie W.    [Capeville]
Knight, Eva E.    [Belle Haven]
Knight, Eva E. (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Knight, Henry S.    [Capeville]
Knight, India    [Capeville]
Knight, Mary R.    [Onancock]
Knight, Mary R. (footstone)    [Onancock]
Knight, R. Clarence    [Belle Haven]
Knight, R. Clarence (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Knight, Ruth    [Roberts Property Graveyard]
Knight, William N.    [Onancock]
Knight, William N. (footstone)    [Onancock]
Kochersperger, Anna Louisa    [Cape Charles]
Kochersperger, George Henry    [Cape Charles]
Kochersperger marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]

Koebernik, Mazie Ross    [Wachapreague Cemetery]
Koenig, Catharina    [Cape Charles]
Koenig, Catharina Mary    [Cape Charles]
Koenig, Otto Joseph    [Cape Charles]
Kollock, William D.    [Cape Charles]
Korleski, Joseph E.    [Capeville Masonic]
Kost, Joyce A.    [Belle Haven]
Kram, Norsie Lewis    [Cape Charles]
Krauss, Elmer T.    [Cape Charles]
Krauss, Marion Rippon    [Cape Charles]
Kubic, Leon    [Capeville Masonic]
Kubic, Leon (footstone)    [Capeville Masonic]
Kubic, Nellie    [Capeville Masonic]
Kurtz, Sue LeCato    [Quinby]
Kurtz, Sue LeCato (footstone)    [Quinby]
Kusian, A. T. L.    [St. Georges]
Kusian, Emma Johns    [St. Georges]
Kusian marker at St. George's    [St. Georges]

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