Laferty(?), Ellen(?)    [Mt. Calvary 2]
Lafferty, A. B.
    [Cape Charles]
Lafferty, Alfred B.
    [Salem Churchyard]
Lafferty, E. J.    [Cape Charles]
Lafferty, Elizabeth Hamblin (1)    [Cape Charles]
Lafferty, Elizabeth Hamblin (2)    [Cape Charles]
Lafferty, Grover Lee, Sr. (1)    [Cape Charles]
Lafferty, Grover Lee, Sr. (2)    [Cape Charles]
Lafferty, Joseph C.    [Salem Churchyard]
Laird, E. Burton
    [Belle Haven]
Laird, E. Burton (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Laird, Essie Pruitt    [Belle Haven]
Laird, Fannie P.    [Belle Haven]
Laird, Fannie P. (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Laird, James W.    [Belle Haven]
Laird, James W. (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Laird, Mary J.    [Belle Haven]
Laird, Mary J. (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Laird, Mollie
Laird, Willis    [Onancock]
Laird, Willis (footstone)    [Onancock]
Lake, Peggy
Lambert marker, Red Bank    [Red Bank]
Lambert, Lucy I. (1)    [Red Bank]
Lambert, Lucy I. (2)    [Red Bank]
Lambert, Owen "Buck" A. (1)    [Red Bank]
Lambert, Owen "Buck" A. (2)    [Red Bank]
Lambert, Theresa M.    [New Mt. Zion]
Lambertson, Bertha Duer    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson, Bettie Anne    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson, Brenda S.    [Belle Haven]
Lambertson, E. M. Gault    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson, Katherine Wendell    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson, Leonis C.    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson marker at Belle Haven    [Belle Haven]
Lambertson marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson, Mattie Metcalf Adams    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson, Mattie V. Hancock    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson, Norman Franklin, Sr.    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson, Robert E., Sr.    [Belle Haven]
Lambertson, William E.    [Cape Charles]
Lambertson, William Henry    [Cape Charles]
Landing, Sallie A.    [Bethel Baptist]
Landing, Sallie A. (footstone)    [Bethel Baptist]
Landis, Gordon Seth    [Belle Haven]
Landis, Virginia Killmon    [Belle Haven]
Landon, Charlie C.    [Tangier-Unidentified cemetery]
Landon, Edna    [Belle Haven]
Landon, Edwin    [Belle Haven]
Landon, Estelle T.    [Belle Haven]
Landon graves at an unidentified Tangier Island cemetery    [Tangier-Unidentified cemetery]
Landon, H. Ray    [Red Bank]
Landon, John T.    [Belle Haven]
Landon, John W.    [Wachapreague Cemetery]
Landon, Nathan Joshua    [Belle Haven]
Landon, Nona P.    [Tangier-Unidentified cemetery]
Landon, Olyve T.    [Red Bank]
Landon, Laura F.    [Wachapreague Cemetery]
Lane, Louvenia L.    [Shorter's Chapel]
Lane, Margaret E.    [Lower Northampton]
Lane, Margaret V.    [Lower Northampton]
Lane, Rufus Hamilton, Sr. (temp)    [Lower Northampton]
Lane, Rufus Hamilton, Sr.    [Lower Northampton]
Lane, Tanika(?) Kyntel (temp)    [Shorter's Chapel]
Lane, Virginia Kellam    [Lower Northampton]
Lane, W. L.    [Lower Northampton]
Lanford, Elizabeth D.    [Franktown]
Langan, Laura Smith    [Hungars]
Langan, Paul Joseph    [Hungars]
Langdon, Edward S., Jr.    [Belle Haven]
Langsdale, Bettie G.    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Bettie G. (footstone)    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Elizabeth S.    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Elizabeth S. (footstone)    [Onancock]
Langsdale, John H.    [Onancock]
Langsdale, John H. (footstone)    [Onancock]
Langsdale, John H., Jr.    [Onancock]
Langsdale, John H., Jr. (footstone)    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Maggie H.    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Margaret R.    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Margaret R. (footstone)    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Priscilla    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Priscilla (footstone)    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Susan Ann    [Onancock]
Langsdale, Susan Ann (footstone)    [Onancock]
Lankford, A. Emily Adams    [Franktown]
Lankford, Alma G.    [Franktown]
Lankford, Arentha J.    [Wessells]
Lankford, Berkley L.    [Wessells]
Lankford, Charles Magruder    [Franktown]
Lankford, Charles Magruder, Jr.    [Franktown]
Lankford, Chris Lee    [Wessells]
Lankford, Chris Lee (footstone)    [Wessells]
Lankford, Edward J.    [Wessells]
Lankford, Ella N.    [Bloxom]
Lankford, Ella V.    [Franktown]
Lankford, Francis G.    [Franktown]
Lankford, Genevieve Walker    [Franktown]
Lankford graves at Wessells    [Wessells]
Lankford, Henry T.    [Bloxom]
Lankford, Hester A.    [Bethel Baptist]
Lankford, Hester A. (footstone)    [Bethel Baptist]
Lankford, Homer Lee    [Wessells]
Lankford, Homer Lee (footstone)    [Wessells]
Lankford, Ira P.    [Franktown]
Lankford, Jennie Lee    [Wessells]
Lankford, Jesse Alan    [Wessells]
Lankford, Jesse Alan (footstone)    [Wessells]
Lankford, Jesse S.    [Wessells]
Lankford, L. J.    [Bethel Baptist]
Lankford, L. J. (footstone)    [Bethel Baptist]
Lankford, Letitia G.    [Bloxom]
Lankford, Lewis S. "Bud"    [Bloxom]
Lankford, Margaret Holland    [Franktown]
Lankford marker at Bloxom    [Bloxom]
Lankford, Marvin Lee    [Wessells]
Lankford, Mary E.    [Bloxom]
Lankford, Mary Woodson Fitchett    [Franktown]
Lankford, Mildred T.    [Franktown]
Lankford, Orris A.    [Bloxom]
Lankford, Orris A., Jr.    [Bloxom]
Lankford, Richard Lee    [Wessells]
Lankford, Sallie Vale    [Franktown]
Lankford, Vernon Thomas    [Franktown]
Lankford, William Smith    [Franktown]
Larimore, Mary Price (1)    [St. Georges]
Larimore, Mary Price (2)    [St. Georges]
Larimore, Theophilus B.    [St. Georges]
Lassiter, Barbara Ritchey    [Capeville Masonic]
Lassiter, Barbara Ritchey (footstone)    [Capeville Masonic]
Lassiter, Jerry Corbett    [Capeville Masonic]
Lassiter, Jerry Corbett, Jr.    [Capeville Masonic]
Lathbury, Harvey F. (1)    [Onancock]
Lathbury, Harvey F. (2)    [Onancock]
Lathbury, Harvey F. (footstone)    [Onancock]
Lathbury, John A.    [Quinby]
Lathbury, John A. (temp)    [Quinby]
Lathbury, Lillie B.    [Quinby]
Lathbury, Lillie B. (temp)    [Quinby]
Lathbury, Mary B.    [Johnson's Church]
Lathbury, Ruby A. (1)    [Onancock]
Lathbury, Ruby A. (2)    [Onancock]
Lathbury section at Onancock Cemetery    [Onancock]
Latheberry, Maggie Lou    [Eastville Baptist]
Latimer, Anthony    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, Constance B.    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, Dana Wise    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, Dana Wise (footstone)    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, G. Perry    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer graves at Capeville Masonic    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, James Burleigh    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, James Burleigh (footstone)    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, James Hallett    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, James W.    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, Lucille    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, Minnie White    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer, Wanda Lee Warren    [Capeville Masonic]
Latimer-Elliott, Marjorie "Bootsie"    [Capeville Masonic]
LaVelle, Robert E.    [Belle Haven]
Lawrence, Virginia W.    [Belle Haven]
Laws, Bertha Reeves    [St. Georges]
Laws, Herbert Newton    [St. Georges]
Lawson, Abraham D.    [Cape Charles]
Lawson, Anne R.    [Quinby]
Lawson, Anne R. (footstone)    [Quinby]
Lawson, Elijah J.    [Cape Charles]
Lawson, Elizabeth G.    [Quinby]
Lawson, Ella B.    [Quinby]
Lawson, Ella B. (footstone)    [Quinby]
Lawson, Eudocia    [Cape Charles]
Lawson, Florence M.    [Belle Haven]
Lawson, Florence M. (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Lawson, George W.    [Quinby]
Lawson, George W. (footstone)    [Quinby]
Lawson, Lucy Holland    [Belle Haven]
Lawson marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Lawson marker at Quinby    [Quinby]
Lawson, Martha D.    [Cape Charles]
Lawson, Nettie M.    [Quinby]
Lawson, Robert L., Jr.    [Belle Haven]
Lawson, Robert L., Jr. (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Lawson, Robert Lee    [Quinby]
Lawson, William F.    [Belle Haven]
Lawson, William T.    [Quinby]
Layfield, Ella Garnett Hoskins    [Cape Charles]
Layfield, Harry Whittington    [Cape Charles]
Layfield marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Layne markers at Belle Haven    [Belle Haven]
Layne, Donie Belle    [Belle Haven]
Layne, Evelyn B.    [Belle Haven East]
Layne, Hylda C.    [Belle Haven]
Layne, Otho A. (1)    [Belle Haven]
Layne, Otho A. (2)    [Belle Haven]
Layne, Robert S.    [Belle Haven East]
Layne, Sarah E.    [Belle Haven]
Layne, Thomas H.    [Belle Haven]
Layne, Y. Preston    [Belle Haven]

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