May, Thurley M.    [Cape Charles]
Maynard, Joan B.    [Cape Charles]
Mayo, Agnes    [Vaucluse]
McAllen, Charles H.    [Cape Charles]
McAllen, Charles H. (footstone)    [Cape Charles]
McAllen, Hazel Kemp    [Cape Charles]
McAllen, Hazel Kemp (footstone)    [Cape Charles]
McAllen, Susie P.    [Cape Charles]
McAllen, William W.    [Cape Charles]
McBallard, Louise G.    [Belle Haven]
McCabe, Agnes Walsh    [Cape Charles]
McCabe, James F., Sr.    [Cape Charles]
McCaleb, Dorothy Alice    [Belle Haven]
McCaleb, Dorothy Alice (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
McCaleb, Nancy Marie    [Belle Haven]
McCaleb, Nancy Marie (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
McCaleb, Walter Flavius, Jr.    [Belle Haven]
McCaleb, Walter Flavius (footstone), Jr.    [Belle Haven]
McCarthy, John J.    [Onancock]
McCarthy, John J. (temp)    [Onancock]
McConnell, Harry G.    [Onancock]
McConnell, Harry G. (footstone)    [Onancock]
McCraw, Frank Mabbett, Jr.    [Hungars]
McCready, Ella Corbin    [Downings]
McCready, Emily Wise    [Cape Charles]
McCready, George W.    [Cape Charles]
McCready, John F.    [Johnson's Church]
McCready, Karin S.    [Belle Haven]
McCready, Lewis H.    [Downings]
McCready marker at Downing's    [Downings]
McCready, Paul R.    [Belle Haven]
McDonald, Lelia W.    [Red Bank]
McFarland-Whaley marker at Onancock    [Onancock]
McFarland, Irvin Calvin    [Onancock]
McFarland, Mary Emma Whaley    [Onancock]
McFarland, Owen Fly    [Onancock]
McGee, Marie B.    [Mt. Calvary 2]
McGrath, Carl    [Cape Charles]
McGrath, Edith    [Cape Charles]
McGrath, Elizabeth Pope    [Cape Charles]
McGrath, Elizabeth R.    [Cape Charles]
McGrath, James Carl    [Cape Charles]
McGrath marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
McGrath, William P.    [Cape Charles]
McGrath, William T.    [Cape Charles]
McKay, Virginia Wessells    [Wessells]
McKay, Virginia Wessells (footstone)    [Wessells]
McKean, Leonett ("Nettie") (1)    [Quinby]
McKean, Leonett ("Nettie") (2)    [Quinby]
McKean, Leonett ("Nettie") (footstone)    [Quinby]
McKenney, Anne Roberts    [Eastville Baptist]
McKenney, H. Hanson    [St. Georges]
McKenney, (Rev.) Louis Earl    [Eastville Baptist]
McKenney, Margaret    [St. Georges]
McKenney marker at Eastville Baptist    [Eastville Baptist]
McKenney, Mary Read    [St. Georges]
McKinney, Charles Andrew    [Cape Charles]
McKinney, Charles Andrew (footstone)    [Cape Charles]
McKinney, Elmira Jane    [Cape Charles]
McKinney, Elmira Jane (footstone)    [Cape Charles]
McKown, Blanche    [Capeville]
McKown, Herbert D.    [Capeville]
McKown, Sally G.    [Capeville Masonic]
McKown, T. Parsons    [Cape Charles]
McKown, William    [Cape Charles]
McLean, Amzi Chapin    [St. Georges]
McLean, Laura Morford    [St. Georges]
McMahon, Dennis    [Holmes Presbyterian]
McMillan, Infant sons of Herbert and Grace    [St. Georges]
McMunn, Lucy Mister    [Capeville Masonic]
McNabb, Elizabeth Lewis Dabney    [St. Georges]
McNabb, Elizabeth Lewis Dabney (footstone)    [St. Georges]
McNabb, Hopeton Drake (footstone)    [St. Georges]
McNabb, (Rev.) John    [St. Georges]
McNabb, (Rev.) John (footstone)    [St. Georges]
McNabb, Kate A.    [St. Georges]
McNamara, Daniel F.    [Johnson's Church]
McNamara, Marion Roberts    [Johnson's Church]
McNeal, Stephen C.    [Belle Haven]
McNemer, Charles    [Capeville]
McNemer, Charles J.    [Capeville]
McPherson, Catherine J.    [Hollies Baptist]
McPherson, DeWayne    [Capeville Masonic]
McPherson, DeWayne (footstone)    [Capeville Masonic]
McPherson, Mabel B.    [Capeville Masonic]
McPherson, Mabel B. (footstone)    [Capeville Masonic]
McPherson, Mac    [Capeville Masonic]
McPherson, Mac (footstone)    [Capeville Masonic]

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