Monds, Earl Price    [Bethel Baptist]
Monds, Earl Price Sidney    [Bethel Baptist]
Monds, George W. Cecil    [Bethel Baptist]
Monds, M. Maude    [Bethel Baptist]
Monds, Margaret W.    [Bethel Baptist]
Monds marker at Bethel Baptist    [Bethel Baptist]
Monds, (Rev.) R. S.    [Bethel Baptist]
Mooney, Matthew E.    [Capeville Masonic]
Mooney, Ralph A.    [Quinby]
Mooney, Ralph A. (temp)    [Quinby]
Moore-Young marker at Bethel Baptist    [Bethel Baptist]
Moore, A. Pauline (1)    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, A. Pauline (2)    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Abe    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Ada Hilda Rodriguez Granados    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Alexander M.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Alonzo Preston    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Andrew J. (1)    [Onancock]
Moore, Andrew J. (2)    [Onancock]
Moore, Anne Elizabeth Kelso    [Onancock]
Moore, Annie M.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Annie M. Pearson    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Araminta Whitehead    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Arintha    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Arnette    [New Mt. Zion]
Moore, Arthur    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Barbara L. "Doll"    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Belvin    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Benjamen F., Jr.    [Johnson's Church]
Moore, Bennie T., Sr.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Bernard T.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Bernard T. (footstone)    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Bettie L. (1)    [Broadwater Churchyard]
Moore, Bettie L. (2)    [Broadwater Churchyard]
Moore, Bettie L. (footstone)    [Broadwater Churchyard]
Moore, Bob    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Catherine R.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Cecil R.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Cecil R. (footstone)    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Charles C.    [Broadwater Churchyard]
Moore, Charles C. (footstone)    [Broadwater Churchyard]
Moore, Claude Dick    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Clifton E.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Curtis L.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Curtis O.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Dale T.    [Johnson's Church]
Moore, Daniel Earl "Snooks"    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Dixie L. "Bumplin"    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Dorothy B.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, E. Jeter (1)    [Belle Haven]
Moore, E. Jeter (2)    [Belle Haven]
Moore, E. Jeter (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Moore, Edna Lee    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Edna V.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Elizabeth D.    [Capeville]
Moore, Elton Lee    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Emma T.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Ernest J.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Ernest J. (footstone)    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Etta    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Etta (footstone)    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Evelyn Victoria Heath    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Fannie B.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Fannie S.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Florine    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Floyd T.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Frank Hicks    [Cape Charles]
Moore, G. Russell    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Gardner A.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Garland Payne, M. D.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, George T.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, George T.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, George T.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, George W. (1)    [Onancock]
Moore, George W. (2)    [Onancock]
Moore, Georgie B.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Gerald (infant)    [Johnson's Church]
Moore, Gerald    [Johnson's Church]
Moore, Gerald Rogers    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Gerald M.    [Franktown]
Moore, Gladys M.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore graves at Capeville Cemetery    [Capeville]
Moore, Griffin H.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, H. Haywood    [Cape Charles]
Moore, H. Wash    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Harry Lee    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Harton L.    [St. Paul's]
Moore, Hazel Inez    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Helen F.    [Belle Haven]
Moore, Henrietta Dalby    [Capeville]
Moore, Herbert L.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Horace    [New Mt. Zion]
Moore, Howard L.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Jack E.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, James H.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, James J.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, James Rob    [Bethel Baptist]
Moore, John M.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, John Matthew, Jr.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, John Matthew, Jr. (footstone)    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, John R.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, John Van Ness     [Hungars]
Moore, John Wesley, Sr.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Julia T.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Kemper E.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Leonard Goffigon    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Leonard W.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Leonard Washington    [Capeville]
Moore, Lila V.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Lila V. (footstone)    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Linwood E.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Linwood E. (footstone)    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Lloyd, Jr.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Lloyd, Sr.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Lola I.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Louis    [Mt. Calvary 2]
Moore, Louise M.    [Franktown]
Moore, Louise T.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Lucy D.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Lucy Grey    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Lucy Guy    [Belle Haven]
Moore, Lucy Guy (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Moore, Luther N.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Lydia Henry    [Johnson's Church]
Moore, Mabel F.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Mable L.    [Shorter's Chapel]
Moore, Maggie B.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Maggie Bell    [Capeville]
Moore, Maggie E.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Maggie Hinman    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Maggie S.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Manie Robinson    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Margaret Johnson    [Belle Haven]
Moore marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Moore marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Moore markers at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Moore markers at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Moore markers at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Moore marker at Capeville Masonic    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore marker at Eastville Baptist    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore marker at Eastville Baptist    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore marker at Eastville Baptist    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore marker at Johnson's Methodist Church    [Johnson's Church]
Moore, Mary Ames    [St. Georges]
Moore, Mary Houston    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Mary Lewis    [Hungars]
Moore, Maude V. (1)    [Onancock]
Moore, Maude V. (2)    [Onancock]
Moore, Melvin L.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Melzie    [Shorter's Chapel]
Moore, Merryll D.    [Johnson's Church]
Moore, Minnie Mae    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Monnie R. (1)    [Onancock]
Moore, Monnie R. (2)    [Onancock]
Moore, Montrue H.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Nancy P.    [Johnson's Church]
Moore, Nancy Parsons    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Nellie    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Otho F.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Otho Frederick "Bud"    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Otis    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Pearl C.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Peggy A.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Peggy J.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Quinton    [Salem Churchyard]
Moore, Ralph Edward    [Salem Churchyard]
Moore, Robert Francis    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Robert L.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Ruby Mae    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Rufus A.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Russell V.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Ruth Catherine    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Severn    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Severn R.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Severn R. (footstone)    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Shirley Marie    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Sidney A.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Stephen W. (1)    [Onancock]
Moore, Stephen W. (2)    [Onancock]
Moore, Sudie Z. (1)    [Onancock]
Moore, Sudie Z. (2)    [Onancock]
Moore, Susie A.    [Holmes Presbyterian]
Moore, Susie A.    [Onancock]
Moore, Susie B.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Tammy Sue    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Viola M.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Virginia    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Virginia G.    [Johnson's Church]
Moore, Virginia K.    [Cape Charles]
Moore, Wade F.    [Onancock]
Moore, Wesley    [Capeville]
Moore, Wilber    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, William Edward    [Onancock]
Moore, William F.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, William Lee    [Capeville]
Moore, William Lee    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, William T.    [Eastville Baptist]
Moore, Woodson A.    [Capeville Masonic]
Moore, Woodson B.    [Capeville Masonic]

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