Moorhead, Wendell P.    [Belle Haven]
Moreno, Isabel    [Lower Northampton]
Morey, Mattie C.    [Johnson's Church]
Morford, John W.    [Belle Haven East]
Morford marker at Belle Haven East    [Belle Haven East]
Morford, Sue Fleming    [Belle Haven East]
Morgan, (Capt.) J. Leslie    [Cape Charles]
Morgan, Linnie W.    [Cape Charles]
Morgan marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Morley, Banie Adair    [Belle Haven]
Morley, Banie Adair (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Morley, Edward Cyrus (1)    [Belle Haven]
Morley, Edward Cyrus (2)    [Belle Haven]
Morley, (Dr.) Edward Newton (1)    [Belle Haven]
Morley, (Dr.) Edward Newton (2)    [Belle Haven]
Morley, (Dr.) Edward Newton (footstone)    [Belle Haven]
Morris, Annie    [Bethel Baptist]
Morris, Annie (footstone)    [Bethel Baptist]
Morris, Frank E.(?), Jr.    [Belle Haven East]
Morris, Frank F.    [Red Bank]
Morris, George W.    [Bethel Baptist]
Morris, George W. (footstone)    [Bethel Baptist]
Morris, Gertrude N.    [Union Baptist]
Morris, Gwendolyn Caleb    [Union Baptist]
Morris, Sarah    [New Mt. Zion]
Morris, Miriam J.    [Johnson's Church]
Morris, Myrtle W. (temp)    [Red Bank]
Morris, Violet Brown    [Red Bank]
Morris, W. Carl    [Cape Charles]
Morris, William F. "Pete" (1)    [Johnson's Church]
Morris, William F. "Pete" (2)    [Johnson's Church]
Morse, Kathy Anne    [Onancock]
Mort, (Rev.) Henry, M. A.    [Christ Church Episcopal]
Morton, Bettie J.   
[Cape Charles]
Morton, George B.    [Cape Charles]
Morton, Infant son of Bettie J. and George B.    [Cape Charles]
Moseley, Catherine Orton    [Cape Charles]
Moseley, Charles Elmore    [Cape Charles]
Moseley marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Moses, Ellen P.    [Shorter's Chapel]
Moses, Milton L.    [Shorter's Chapel]
Moses, Reginald F.    [Shorter's Chapel]
Mott, Amelda Evans    [Belle Haven]
Mott, Harry Edward    [Belle Haven]
Muir, Adam    [Evergreen]
Muir, Francina    [Evergreen]
Muir, James    [Evergreen]
Muir, Sarah    [Evergreen]
Mullaly, Ethel D.    [Belle Haven]
Mullaly, Franklin R.    [Belle Haven]
Muller, Mary A.    [Belle Haven]
Mulverhill and Bundick graves    [Quinby
Mulverhill, William Boyd    [Quinby]
Munford, Fred W.    [Johnson's Church]
Murdock, Agnes Wood    [Cape Charles]
Murdock, Bernard    [Cape Charles]
Murdock, Chris    [Cape Charles]
Murdock, Grovene S.    [Cape Charles]
Murdock, J. Bernard    [Cape Charles]
Murdock marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Murdock, Mary E.    [Cape Charles]
Murphy, Atlas    [Johnson's Church]
Murphy, Beulah Gallian    [Cape Charles]
Murphy, Clara    [Onancock]
Murphy, Clara (footstone)    [Onancock]
Murphy, Earl V.    [Cape Charles]
Murphy, Edward (1880-1953)    [Onancock]
Murphy, Edward (1880-1953) (footstone)    [Onancock]
Murphy, Edward (1920-1928) (1)    [Onancock]
Murphy, Edward (1920-1928) (2)    [Onancock]
Murphy, (Pfc.) George E.    [Onancock]
Murphy, (Pfc.) George E. (footstone)    [Onancock]
Murphy, Imogene Selena    [Johnson's Church]
Murphy, J. E. M. (presumed Murphy or Mears footstone)    [Onancock]
Murphy marker at Cape Charles    [Cape Charles]
Murphy marker at Johnson's Methodist Church    [Johnson's Church]
Murphy, Ora Bassett    [Cape Charles]
Murphy, Susie R.    [Cape Charles]
Murphy, William Clyde    [Cape Charles]
Murray, Annabell    [Onancock]
Murray, Claude Parker    [St. Georges]
Murray, Edith M.    [Belle Haven]
Murray, Joseph    [Onancock]
Murray marker at Onancock Cemetery    [Onancock]
Murray, Mary Evans    [St. Georges]
Murray, Unidentified    [Onancock]
Myers, Gertrude LeCato (1)    [Quinby]
Myers, Gertrude LeCato (2)    [Quinby]
Myers, Ralph A.    [Belle Haven]
Myers, Ruby L.    [Belle Haven]
Myers, William E.    [Belle Haven]
Mystery section, general view    [Belle Haven]

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