Zember, Baby boy twin of Johnie and Dora    [Quinby]
Zember, Elizabeth B.    [Quinby]
Zember, Herman W.
Zember, Hurley L. (1)
Zember, Hurley L. (2)
Zember, John H.
Zember, Johnie Earl, Sr.
Zember, Margaret E.
Zember marker at Quinby    [Quinby]
Zember, Page W.
Zember, Sharon Lee
Zervas, Faith Manzer
    [Johnson's Church]
Ziegler, Jo Ann Milliner    [Onancock]
Zlogar, Grace A.    [Cape Charles]
Zuchel and Drummond markers at Belle Haven    [Belle Haven]
Zuchel, Margaret Drummond    [Belle Haven]
Zuchel, Robert Joseph    [Belle Haven]
Zullinger, Jere    [Lower Northampton]
Zullinger, June Charnock    [Lower Northampton]

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