Images of King's Creek Plantation Cemetery site photographed in December 2002 / January 2003.  Click a thumbnail to see the larger version.

General views of the area

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General views of the cemetery plot

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There appear to be three extant graves, those of Ann Stratton Stith, John Stratton, and Edward P. Wescoat.  In the photos below the tabletop stone is that of Ann; the standing stone and its footstone are those of Edward; and the broken stones lying on the other side of the plot are those of John.

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There appear to be two other graves under/beside the Ann Stratton Stith stone.  I believe this stone was lying face down a few feet away from its present location.  Workmen may have broken it when moving it to clean up the site.  There appears to be a second table stone under Ann's and a third and smaller stone lying beside it.  The following photos show these stones more clearly.

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