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   Cora L. Shrieves (1)
   Cora L. Shrieves (2)
   Drummond A. Shrieves
   Eldridge T. Shrieves *
   Ella Mae Shrieves
   Esther L. Shrieves
   Eugenia Justice Shrieves
   George Fletcher Shrieves
   Grace L. Shrieves (1)
   Grace L. Shrieves (2)
   Grayson L. Shrieves
   Henry F. Shrieves (1)
   Henry F. Shrieves (2)
   Infant Shrieves
   John E. Shrieves
   John T. Shrieves
   John W. Shrieves
   John W. Shrieves
   Manie C. Shrieves (1)
   Manie C. Shrieves (2)
   Marcella M. Howard Shrieves
   Margaret A. Silverthorn Shrieves
   Mary Francis Colonna Shrieves
   Ruth Lewis Shrieves
   S. Adrian Shrieves
   Sallie R. Lewis Shrieves
   Shrieves group
   Shrieves marker
   Sidney B. Shrieves
   Stanley B. Shrieves
   Thomas Wesley Shrieves
   William S. Shrieves (1)
   William S. Shrieves (2)
   William T. Shrieves

* Stone reads: Eldridge T., son of John T. and Margaret A. Shrieves, Born April 3, 1869 Died Jan. 10,1892 - Geoffrey Shrieves

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