J. D. Hallett
Born May 23, 1821
Died July 9, 1881
God gave, He took, He will restore
He doeth all things well.

Sarah Hallett
Born Jan. 18, 1825
Died July 5, 1898
There are no partings in heaven.

wife of T. Hallett
Born Nov. 16, 1838
Died June 10, 1875
She was a kind mother, an affectionate wife
Dear mother thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But this God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.

In memory of Thomas Hallett
Born Aug. 8th, 1789
and Died on the 5th of Feb., 1856
The indulgent failed an affectionate husband and faithful friend.

In rememberance of
Maggie E.
wife of L. T. Fitchett
Dec. 11, 1837
Sept. 25, 1889
Gone but not forgotten

In rememberance of
Leonard T. Fitchett
Born March 15, 1839
Died April 14, 1923

Rufus Carl
son of H. C. & Addie M. Fitchett
Aug. 7, 1915
Aug. 8, 1917
Safe in the arms of Jesus
Our Darling


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