In memory of Arthur F. Simkins
son of Jno. A. and Margaret Simkins
Died February 11th, 1851
Aged 11 months
Where is our child
The Savior tells us where

In memory of Hanna F. Simkins
daughter of J. & M. Simkins
who died Sept. 26th, 1852
Aged 18 months

Our Dear Father
John A. Simkins
Born July 12, 1812
Died Dec. 1. 1874

In memory of Maggie
daughter of J. A. & M. Simkins
Died Sept. 19th, 1859
3 yrs. 6 mos.
Farwell sweet Maggie
You have left us for another and we trust
a better world than this

Our Dear Mother
M. S. Simkins
Born Sep. 9, 1828
Died Apr. 30, 1876


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