Webb Lot

Near Shep's End, Virginia

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Gladden Lewis

(This cemetery, located in a wooded area off Seaside Road, has only 3 stone markers but contains many unmarked graves. There is a Northampton Bible Record (called Pearson Lot Burials 1791-1944) that lists many of the burials that occurred here in the late 1800ís and early 1900ís. The last burial probably occurred about 1944. Names listed include: Taylor, Phillips, Lewis, Sterling, Williams, Carpenter, Isdell, Richardson, Stiles, Webb, Fletcher, Gladden, Copes, Melson, Kelly. - Info from Nanette S. Davis.  Click here for access to the records found in the digital collection of the Library of Virginia.)

Gravestone Inscriptions: #170, Webb lot
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