From Harold Crockett Guy, III:

Enclosed are jpegs of some photos I took in the late 1980s in the St George’s Cemetery with some additional commentary from my notes. Virginia Lee Crockett [1864 - 1933] and Katherine Esther Crockett [1855 - 1938] and their brother John A. Crockett [1850 - 1912] and his wife Bettie P. Ayers [1854 - 1896]. My great-grand-mother, Mary Susan Crockett was one of Asa J. Crockett’s eight children.

Sometime along the way one of my ancestors started saving original newspaper obituaries of folks in the Belle Haven, Pungoteague, Hack’s Neck area [presumably somehow kin to the Guy-Crockett relationships]. In 1963 I found them in my grandmother Guy’s [1892 - 1948] bible and kept them. The collection includes a number of people mentioned herein.

Originally, Asa J. Crockett's homeplace was located on the south shore of Pungoteague Creek, bordered on the south by the property of Major Guy, on the east by Joseph Mears, and the west by William Beloit. I have a picture of the house he built which has subsequently been demolished.

Asa J. Crockett's wife, Susan E. Turner, was the daughter of George and Esther Boggs Turner. Her brother was James Scarborough Turner. Her obituary indicates that she was paralyzed for 18 years.

John A. (son of Asa and Susan) married Betty P. Ayres in 1882. She was the daughter of John J. and Margaret Ayres. Their only child died young. At one time, John A. Crockett acquired the property east of Martin's Road across from his father. It was sold to Elizah P. Evans. They are buried in the St. George's Churchyard cemetery.

Katherine Esther Crockett, referred to as "Miss Kate," described Federal troops in her father's home during the Civil War in a newspaper article dating to the 1930s [I have a xerox]. She is buried in the St. George's Churchyard Cemetery

Virginia Lee (daughter of Asa J. Crockett and Susan) was called Jenny. She in buried in the St. George's Churchyard Cemetery next to her sister. Apparently neither ever married.


The following are buried in the Asa J. Crockett homeplace cemetery off of Martin's Road off from Pungoteague Creek: Asa J. Crockett (d 1907), wife Susan E. (d 1891), son George W. (d 1903), son James E. (d 1898), Thomas H. Crockett (brother of Asa J. d 1879), Nancy Smith Crockett (Thomas' wife d 1857), William F. Crockett (son of Thomas and Nancy d 1925), and Annie Louise (d 1878). Annie Louise is probably the infant daughter of Edward Thomas Guy and Mary Susan Crockett Guy. The cemetery is difficult to get to and overgrown. I have seen references to another cemetery off of Martin’s Road that is a Guy cemetery, but never found it. It could be silted over.

I included a jpeg of the Methodist Church in Harborton. I saw a reference to Asa J. Crockett helping to lay the church cornerstone when the church was founded. I wrote the minister and would have written a church history at time, but got no response and I didn’t follow-up.

(Click here for the photographs of the Methodist Church in Harborton.)


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