Our beloved Father
Edwin W. LeCato, M.D.
Departed this life July 28, 1867
in the 38th year
of his age.
Respected as a citizen and
for high attainment ... (remainder obscured)

N.J.W. LeCato
son of
Nathaniel B. &
Elizabeth W. LeCato
Born Aug. 10, 1835
Died Mar. 31, 1911

N.B. His mother's maiden name was Elizabeth G. Walters.

Elizabeth LeCato
daughter of
Wm. Eichelberger.
wife of
N.J.W. LeCato.
Dec. 10, 1837
Feb 1, 1917

In memory of
Jane C.
wife of William R. LeCato
Born July 20, 1813
Died May 8, 1899
May her soul rest in peace.

Mollie Purdy
daughter of
Nathaniel J.
Elizabeth Eichelberger


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