The following are graves listed in Jean Mihalyka's Graven Stones that have not yet been identified for the Virtual Cemetery Project.  If you have a photo of any of these graves, please contact Wayne Stith at

Levin and Elizabeth Badger, his wife GS shows this stone as illegible
Ray Danial Davis 10 Jan 1933-15 Aug 1968
Sallie F. LeCato 15 Feb 1851-3 Jan 1891 b. Hertford NC
Thomas Littleton LeCato 5 May 1831-19 Mar 1909
John C. Mapp 1858-1952
William E. Shaw 1900-1973
Annie M. Spence 1888-1952
L. Frank Ward, Jr. no date
Leona M White 1908-
Ronald B. White 1904-1958

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