First Generation

1. WILLIAM1 WHITTINGTON (CAPT.), son of WHITTINGTON, (#1145) was born in England about 1616. WILLIAM died before January 1, 1660 in Northampton Co VA.

He married three times. He married SUSAN before 1647. (SUSAN is #1146.) He married MARY before 1654. (MARY is #1147.) He married ELIZABETH WESTON before 1659. (ELIZABETH WESTON is #1148.) William was in Northampton Co VA 1640, where he was a Lieutenant and Captain of the militia and member of the Court. He moved to Somerset Co. MD after 1650. His unborn child was Elizabeth. His third wife, Elizabeth Weston, married Capt. William Spencer after his death. Much has been written of Captain Whittington, his life and contributions to the eastern shore and will not be repeated. (ref: Clayton Torrence, Old Somerset; Meyer & Dorman, Adventures of Purse and Person, Woodrow T. Wilson, 34 Families of Old Somerset) William was probably related in some way to Andrew Whittington, also one of the first settlers of Somerset Co. MD. Andrew Whittington's daughters, Elizabeth & Ursula married into the Scarburgh and King families, and their descendants will find their way to connect to descendants of Captain William Whittington. William's parentage is unknown but he probably descends from the Whittingtons of County Gloucester and may be related in some way to the early settlers by that name in Talbot and Calvert Counties, MD. (Kelly Avant; Winona Pfander, "The Whittington-Brown Family History."

About the Whittington Family Journal: This journal is a compilation of information provided by several Ghotes. Many, many thanks to them all for contributing to this joint project. It is posted here that others pursuing the Whittingtons might find the help they need. Where possible, female lines have been extended for a couple generations to aid in tracing to the Whittington family. You are reminded of the Ghotes disclaimer; this is merely an aid.

Care has been used in piecing together the various research submitted by several persons. Information which appeared to relate to 'other' Whittington families was not included (There were other Whittingtons in Talbot, Queen Anne & Calvert Counties, MD.). Data and dates from "Wilkinson & Kindred Families of Shelby Mississippi" by M. M. Wilkinson, in particular, shows the descendants of Elizabeth Whittington, daughter of Joshua Whittington & Elizabeth Nairn, who married a John Whittington and traces their descendants to Mississippi. This John Whittington is apparently from a different Whittington family and he could not have married the daughter of Joshua & Elizabeth Nairn Whittington, by dates (she would not have even been born).

Due to its size, this journal should be considered a 'draft'. Additions and corrections are encouraged. The journal will be updated later.

If you are researching the Whittingtons or related families, consider this journal an aid, not an absolute. Particularly the surnames Bayly and White (both troublesome) are still (and may always be) murky.

Where the Whittington family links to other journals or lineages posted at this site, the project is cross-referenced, so you may continue your journey. Where this project and Mr. Wise's "The Littleton Heritage" mesh, this journal has been cross-referenced to this book in order that folks may follow continuing generations.

Journal last updated December, 1998

WILLIAM WHITTINGTON (Capt.) and SUSAN had the following child:


WILLIAM WHITTINGTON (Capt.) and ELIZABETH WESTON had the following children:

child + 3 ii. WILLIAM WHITTINGTON was born about 1650.

child 4 iii. ELIZABETH WHITTINGTON (#1149) was born October, 1659. (Dan Trimble; Kelly Avant)

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