6. Ship Arrivals

From Adventurers of Purse and Person Virginia 1607-1624/5.  Revised and Edited by Virginia M. Meyer (1974-1982) John Frederick Dorman, f.a.s.g. (1981-1987).  Published by Order of First Families of Virginia, 1607-1624/5.  Third edition 1987; pages as shown.

Muster of the inhabitants in Virginia 1624/25 who came over on the ship Marigold or the ships and the year of their arrival.

Date            Page Name
May 1619   pp11 Judith, wife of Hugh Price
May 1618   pp12 Sarah, wife of Richard Biggs
1616   pp12 Thomas Turner
1616   pp12 Susan Old
1622   pp12 James Guy
May 1619   pp14 Rebecca Rose
May 1619   pp14 Marmaduke Hill
May 1619   pp14 Jane Hill
1619   pp22 Thomas Doughtie
????   pp32 ??????, wife of Thomas Alnutt
1619   pp42 John Parsons
1619   pp42 William Benge
1619   pp42 John Evens
1619   pp42 Robert Edmunds
1619   pp42 John Comes
????   pp44 Henry rocker
????   pp44 Thomas Hitckock
????   pp47 John Cranich
1618   pp59 Niccolas Davis
1618   pp55 Robert Browne
1618   pp71 John Wilkines

(Note from WBW: John Wilkins came to Virginia as a freeman, his voyage at time would take about two months so he probably sailed in March 1618.)

Muster of the inhabitants in Virginia 1624/25 who came over on the ship Warwick

  pp 8 Margaret wife of Ezekiah Raughton
1621   pp13 Mathew Gloster aged 20 yeres
  pp26 Sarah the wife of Edward Fisher
  pp27 Ellin wife of Michaell Batt
  pp34 John Stoaks & Ann his wife
1620   pp39 Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Gates
  pp45 Elizabeth Bygrave age 12
  pp46 Humphrey Walden
  pp46 John Jackson & Ann his wife
  pp46 Thomas Ward aged 47 yeres
  pp46 John Steephens aged 35 yeres
1621   pp51 Elizabeth Downeman aged 22
1621   pp52 Joseph Ham aged 16
1621   pp57 James Pascoll aged 20
1621   pp58 Richard Packe aged 23
1621   pp61 Robart Locke aged 18
1622   pp65 Elizabeth Ely aged 30 wife of Walter Ely
1621   pp71 Bridgett Wilkines age 20

( WBW:  The land grant would indicate that John Wilkins paid for her passage before or after her voyage)

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