4. The Political Situation

Overview of the Political World of John Wilkins

Years Royal Governor of VA King John Wilkinís Activites
1695 John was born in England
1603-1625 James I.
1617-1625 Samuel Argall John to Virginia
1619-1619 Nathaniel Powell
1621-1621 Sir George Yeardley John married Bridgett Craft
1621-1621 Sir Francis Wyatt John had located to Northampton Co.
1625-1649 Charles I.
1624-1626 Sir Francis Wyatt
1626-1627 Sir George Yeardley
1627-1628 Francis West
1628-1629 John Pott
1629-1635 Sir John Harvey John was a Burgess. also a Comissioner till his death
1635-1636 John West John married Anne --, Patents land in Northampton and is appointed to the first vestry of Hungers parish
1636-1639 Sir John Harvey John travelled to England
1639-1641 Sir Francis Wyatt Nathaniel is born
1641-1644 Sir William Berkeley John was again a Burgess, also travelled to Holland
1644-1645 Richard Kemp
1645-1652 Sir William Berkeley John Travelled to Hamburg and Amsterdam; John died

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