The Warrington Wills, as posted herein, are the result of many years of research of the Warrington name and the families which carry versions of it throughout America. In 1965, after an initial ten years of research, sufficient data was found to create a belief that established Accomack County, Virginia, as the probable location where the author's line of Warrington families in America originated. Several subsequent trips to the Eastern Shore of Virginia produced additional records about Accomack County and several records were found to confirm that Stephen Warrington (1634-1707) was in fact the progenitor of the Warrington families originating in Accomack County, Va., which are also believed to be of the Warrington blood lines from which the author is a descendant. These revelations provided a great feeling of genealogy accomplishment and were a stimulant to the author's research activities; however, the geographical distance between Accomack County, Va., and the author's residence in Winter Park, Florida, posed a major problem in research, logistics, travel, time and expense. A close friend of the author, living in Winter Park, but a native of New Church, Accomack County, Va., contacted a long time friend and mentor, the late Mr. Harry F. Bell, Sr. (1887- 1980), also a native of New Church and at that time a resident there. Mr. Bell, at the time he was contacted, was retired from farming and his business activities associated with the steamboat lines plying the waters along the routes between Baltimore and the Eastern Shore. Mr. Bell was in the habit of spending several days a week at either the Accomack or Northampton County Court Houses, researching and copying original records for himself, et al. This fine old gentleman agreed to perform the task of copying those records in the Accomack Court House which directly or indirectly contained the Warrington surname for this author. Over a period of three years, Mr. Harry F. Bell, Sr., copied Wills, Deeds, Court Orders, Marriage Bonds, et al Warrington documents at the Accomack County Court House, in a hand written form, known herein as the Bell Notes. The author has transcribed these notes with due respect and credit to that great gentleman and mentor, the late Mr. Harry F. Bell, Sr., and is sharing the contents of his notes with you, the reader, and others to come, by posting them to this the Original Materials section of the Ghotes Home Page. The page you are viewing is Titled Warrington Wills and contains (28) Wills of Warrington family members originating and most dying within the geographical boundries of Accomack County, Va. These pages are copyrighted by the author. All viewers are welcome to copy and utilize these data within the restrictions and rules of the applicable copyright laws. Transcriptions of Mr Bell's notes on Warrington Deeds, Court Orders, Marriage Bonds etc. are also found on other pages within the Original Materials Section of the Ghotes Home Page. 


 Charles E. Warrington

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