Sixth Generation

54. Revel6 JUSTIS (Isaiah5, Isaiah4, Robert3 Justice, Ralph2, William1)(40) (#721) was born, 18 Jan 1820.(41) Revel died 26 Dec 1881 at 61 years of age.(42) His body was interred 1881 in Liberty Cem., Parksley, Accomack Co., Va.(43)

He married Nancy BARNES 1844. (Nancy BARNES is #795.) Nancy was born in Accomack Co., Va. 29 Sep 1823.(44) Nancy died 16 Jul 1914 in Accomack Co., Va., at 90 years of age.(45) Her body was interred in Liberty Cemetery, Parksley, Accomack Co., Va. Revel Justis's will is in will book 1882-1901 P. 1. Accomack Co. court house. In a marriage book 1805-1855, PAGE 58, "Mr. Revel Justis married Nancy Lewis Jan. 7, 1835. Marrige register kept by Geo. H. Ewell. The bride is 13 and the groom is 15."

Revel JUSTIS and Nancy BARNES had the following children:

child 56 i. John C7 JUSTIS (#344) was born, 1845. He married Nancy Revel. (Nancy Revel is #948.)

child + 57 ii. Isaiah T JUSTIS was born 1847.

child 58 iii. Elizabeth J JUSTIS (#347) was born, 1849.

child 59 iv. George R JUSTIS (#348) was born, 1851. George died 1940 at 89 years of age. He married Catherene F. (Catherene F is #976.) Catherene was born 1854. Catherene died 1920 at 66 years of age.

child 60 v. Sally H Sulie JUSTIS (#349) was born in Accomack Co., Va, 1853. Sally died 1915 at 62 years of age. Her body was interred in Liberty Cem., Parksley, Accomack Co., Va. She married Edward Thomas Silverthorn in Accomack Co., Va., 23 Nov 1871. (Edward Thomas Silverthorn is #351.) Edward was born in Accomack Co., Va. 1846. Edward was the son of Samuel C Silverthorn and Mary Ann Taylor. Edward died 1911 at 65 years of age. His body was interred in Liberty Cemt., Parksley, Accomack Co., Va. (See Edward Thomas Silverthorn for the continuation of this line.) Marriage to Edward Silverthorne performed by Samuel T. Ferguson.

child 61 vi. Mary E JUSTIS (#350) was born, 1858.

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