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DAVID POYER  --  THE HOME PAGE  david poyer

Welcome aboard!  This site provides updates on new publications, a schedule of upcoming appearances, bio data, and a small archive of articles, interviews, and essays.  It has information on works in print, including downloadable chapters; a section on collector's editions; and advice for beginning writers. 

My fiction falls into four series - Dan Lenson, Tiller Galloway, Hemlock County, and the Civil War at Sea books - along with the occasional one-off, such as GHOSTING and last April's THE WHITENESS OF THE WHALE.  For details on each series, see below.  Most  bookstores, independent or chain, either stock my books already or can get them quickly.  To order from them, note down the title and the ISBN from here, and phone your friendly local retailer. Most stores can get a volume for you in only a few days, even if they don't have it on the shelf at the moment.  Another choice is one of the online booksellers.

My latest books -- GHOSTING, THE TOWERS, and THE WHITENESS OF THE WHALE (Order Here) are available on Nook, Kindle, and Kobo as well, along with other convenient platforms.  For more information and reviews of these, see the "New Books" section below.  And NEW NOW are ebook editions of my backlist, under the Northampton House imprint.  First up were the four Hemlock County novels, THE DEAD OF WINTER, WINTER IN THE HEART, AS THE WOLF LOVES WINTER, and THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN.  See the Hemlock County page for details and descriptions; order them online just as you would any other Nook, Kindle, or Kobo book from any major publisher.

I followed them with more revised and republished blasts from the past, updated and re-edited in the light of a lot more years of writing experience: THE ONLY THING TO FEAR, WHITE CONTINENT, THE SHILOH PROJECT, HATTERAS BLUE, BAHAMAS BLUE, LOUISIANA BLUE, and DOWN TO A SUNLESS SEA.  It's great to be able to offer these again to my loyal fans!  

Also NEW is my oral history, based on interviews I did years ago, but never before published together.  HAPPIER THAN THIS DAY AND TIME: An Oral History of the Outer Banks of North Carolina is now available at a low price on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo . . . and also as a trade paperback.  (Order the trade paper HERE or through any bookstore.) tdow 

For collectors and gift buyers -- I have a limited number of hardcover first editions of my titles.  To have them autographed or personally inscribed for your collection, or as a personalized gift for people who love books, see Ordering Information -- First Editions, below. 

The latest Dan Lenson/Modern Navy novel was THE TOWERS, A Novel of 9/11, published in hardcover September 2011, with the mass market paperback in  August 2012.  That's available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, etc. etc. too.  Here are the links:


The Towers

David Poyer

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Powell's Books





   Order THE TOWERS here.

I'm still on the faculty of Wilkes University, in Wilkes-Barre, PA, teaching in the MA/MFA in Creative Writing program, with residencies in January and June of each year.  This is a good, tough program.  I mentor new novelists, one on one, and some of my students are very promising indeed.  For more info on that program, go here: Wilkes Creative Writing Program.

Feel free to Like my Facebook site, David Poyer.  You'll get occasional updates, when there's something new or a special offer available.

This site gets revised and updated several times a year, so check back occasionally for fresh material.

Thanks for dropping by, and my sincere thanks to all my excellent fans for your support over the years!  You really do make this the best job in the world!

Yours in the Word,


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