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The most efficient -- and prettiest! -- way to inhale what you want without inhaling smoke, too.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! -- Human lungs evolved to handle pure air, with a little water vapor. The Flash Evaporator is NOT a health-giving alternative to smoking; its purpose is to make tobacco compounds such as nicotine inhalable without using combustion as a heat source. Nicotine, however, is a poison, as are many natural plant compounds. The Flash Evaporator is a less deleterious way to use tobacco, which human lungs should NOT inhale -- or so we have come to accept.

The Flash Evaporator uses only small amounts of tobacco, just enough for a single inhalation! Electrically heated air, instead of combustion, evaporates tobacco compounds such as nicotine into an inhalable airstream -- without toxic combustion byproducts.

Close-up photos of the Flash Evaporator.

Diagrams of the Flash Evaporator components, plus description of use.

A Brief History of the Flash Evaporator.

Prices:The new Flash Evaporator combines Pneuma heat transfer technology with the nifty wireless aspect of the original Flash Evaporator. All units are custom built. Check with Bob about prices and availability.