New Tobacco Master

July 27, 2011

New Tobacco Master!!

I had vowed, informally, of course, that $5,000 would be the minimum I'd charge to build a custom Tobacco Master, i.e., one of my 70-watt, fully portable vaporizers.

But then a customer came by and offered less than $5,000, but enough to be interesting.

Here are some views of the TM I built for him:

It is the most powerful one yet, with the largest battery so far, one that can, in this customer's case, provide a week of use before a recharge is needed. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

It also have a low-battery alarm and an overheat cutoff, should the Power button pressed when not inhaling.

Here are some views of the guts of this unit:

Lithium polymer batteries are amazing. This new unit uses operational amplifiers, three of them, and thermocouple junctions to control the operating temperature, which is fully adjustable.

The customer wanted a matching battery charger, which I figured out how to build. Here are some views:

The blue LED shows the charger is turned ON. The green LED comes ON when the battery is fully charger. A red LED is ON when the battery is charging. I will put an LED bargraph display in the next one I build.

I might go as low as $1,999.99 for the next Tobacco Master I build like this. Might . . .




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