Flashevap stopped producing the Eterra in 1999. What follows is all past tense.

Eterra -- It's Always Ready!

The Eterra gave INSTANT HEAT because it was ALWAYS ON. It drew only 10 watts of power. And because it was designed to use only small amounts of marijuana, it was unusually efficient in its operation.

I always liked to use this "IMPORTANT NOTICE!" Human lungs should inhale pure air, with a little water vapor. Eterra is NOT a health-giving alternative to smoking; it makes tobacco's taste components, including nicotine, inhalable without using COMBUSTION as a heat source. Nicotine and other tobacco plant compounds are, however, poisons. Eterra is a less deleterious way to inhale things that human lungs should NOT inhale.

Eterra had patent-pending status for a while, but not when I sold the project, unfortunately for the people who bought it. I also posted a A Brief History of my vaporizers.

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