Stoned Reading

September 15, 2010

Marijuana and Reading

Oh, and yes, I still build and sell plug-in vaporizers -- for anyone willing to pay enough. Contact me if you want some nice custom unit made for you in the Flash Evaporator or Pneuma style. But mostly these days, in addition to patent writing, I prefer mostly just to read, which was one reason I got into making vaporizers in the first place. (Cigarette smoke was another reason; I figured there was a market for non-combustion ways to inhale tobacco, but marijuana was really where the market was and, to the extent that I have addressed it, where the money was and probably still is.)

As for reading, I learned to do it at the age of 31, and marijuana played a role in that learning process. It happened in one night. "Lady Chatterley Stoned" tells how marijuana and I converged on a cold night in early January of 1974, when I was stranded in an empty house during the first energy crisis. DETAILS: "Reading Stoned."