Farm typically has Blueberries, Peaches, Plums, or Apples but none at this time...   

The Fruit Farm is CLOSED for the season.   


Mason Beach Fruit Farm

Hacks Neck, Virginia

Asian Pears In Bloom

Description: blueberryBlueberries and Large Fruit @$1.00 per pound Description: apple

Pick-Your-Own ONLY for Blueberries


Important Update -- The farm is CLOSED for the season.

Again, this has not been a good season for our customers and us.  Thank you so much for your understanding regarding our reduced crop yields because of the 2016 weather conditions.



It is now apparent that the blueberry crop will be significantly reduced because of the late spring frost – as much as 85%.  The blueberries are non-existent at this time.


All other large fruit (peaches, apples & plums) will be closed to you-pick.   The large fruit will be picked by us, and for sale at the farm office.  Picked large fruit will be available until 12:00 Noon each day that we are open. We will only pick in the morning hours.  On Saturday, the farm may be closed.  Also, we reserve the right to limit the pounds sold.


Fire-blight disease has destroyed the majority of our Asian and Bartlett pear trees.  Apricots, pears (Asian or European), blackberries and grapes are no longer available.  The apple harvest does look promising for the later apple varieties with picked apples available starting about late August or early September.


Blueberries not damaged by frost (06/08/16)

Blueberries damaged by frost (05/25/16)



Young McIntosh Apples (5/28/16)

Young Red Haven Peaches (6/7/16)



Young Cresthaven Peaches (mid-August harvest)

Friendly Greeter, Only Maggie Now*


* In Memorial to ZOE


Our 15-year old yellow lab, Zoe died on June 13.  The following are several photos of Zoe with past and  present buddies.


ZOE (May 5, 2016)

Zoe and Maggie

Zoe and Sandy (DaughterÕs Family Dog)

Swimming Buddies- Old Nell, Pup Zoe & Nestle ( A SonÕs Family Dog)



Young Zoe and Old Nell (South Point of Butcher Creek), Jan. 2003



For all dog lovers whether labs or generic!

Source: Michele Bachmann@MicheleBachmann Jul 24






All fruit including the blueberries will be priced at $1.00 per pound.  The farm will open from Thursday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  We will be closed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Closing the first part of week gives time for grass cutting and orchard maintenance.


This year will be the 19th season that the farm has been operated by us. The schedule for having picked fruit at the farm office is to be decided.  Look for updates on our web site (


Winter cleanup and pruning of the fruit trees and blueberries is about complete.  Selective spraying to control weeds, plant disease and pests is in progress.  We acknowledge help from neighbors and family.  Special thanks go out to Don who critically helps with early spring pruning, cutting grass and large fruit harvesting.


Pruning Mutsu Apples

Mutsu Apples Pruned



Pruning to Burn Pile

Fruit Tree Spraying



If you have any questions or comments, please call us (757-442-7287) or email <>.




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