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Grocery Store Managers!

The Cordless Miracle will save you at least one hour per day, every day! And another hour for your Assistant Manager!

Time Study Report

Stop wasting your valuable time running to answer telephone calls and intercom pages. Finally, you can get your work done without so many interruptions. Fewer interruptions mean more time to work, giving Managers more time to make their stores more profitable. EVERY store manager so far has agreed that The Cordless Miracle has paid for itself in less than one month. Many within one week!

The Cordless Miracle is the most convenient, time-saving and step-saving device that any grocery store manager has ever dreamed of! The Cordless Miracle will allow its users to access up to five telephone lines and the store's Red Line, Green Line and Paging...all from an inexpensive cordless phone!

The Cordless Miracle keeps its users from spending half of their day running back and forth answering telephone and intercom calls. They don't need to run anymore because they've got both the phone and intercom right there with them. And, they can use it throughout the store...on the floor, in produce, at a check stand, in receiving, and yes, even in the bathroom. If your store has parking lot or outside sales for Christmas trees, pumpkins, plants, or who knows what else, the person supervising those events can also have immediate access to the phone and paging system by carrying the cordless phone with him.

Every store manager tests the range of his cordless phones to see how far they will go. Some managers have discovered that their cordless phones sometimes not only reach across the parking lot, but may also work inside of the pad site restaurants in the same parking lot. So, if they are absolutely starving, but don't want to miss important calls, they can grab the cordless phone and go to lunch. As with any cordless phone, your mileage will vary, so please try the phone out for range before you take it to lunch.

Not only does The Cordless Miracle save you time and footsteps, it saves you from a lot of unnecessary wear and tear and frustrations, and improves the store's security.

With The Cordless Miracle, you won't ever have to run to answer the phone or a page again. You can carry them with you.

Easy to Use

All that you carry with you is a cordless phone. If you are paged for a telephone call, such as "Manager, Line 2," simply turn the cordless phone ON, Press * ("star" removes the call from Hold) and then press 2 on the cordless phone's dial pad. You are now connected to Line two. It's that easy!

If you are paged, "Manager, Green Line," turn the cordless phone ON, press 6 and talk. (Red Line is 7.) If you need to make a page from the cordless phone, turn the cordless phone ON, press 8, and DING...make your announcement, "All checkers to the front" or "I need a mop on aisle three."

How many steps a day would The Cordless Miracle save you? How many frustrations would it save you? Would it let you leave earlier since you've already gotten your work done? If these time, step, and frustration savers sound good to you, call us today.

We've got a Cordless Miracle for you!

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