The /etc/spammers.db Database

Kjunk hash -a@JUNK /etc/spammers

The /etc/spammers.db database file holds the list of known spammers. For each entry the key is a domain name, IP network number, or email address of a known spammer. The value the key resolves to can be a nasty message to the spammer, or can be blank (in which case "Spam refused" is used). Here are some example entries:
An entry can be for a specific host computer (like "") or for an entire domain (like ""). If given by IP address, one to four parts can be given to designate a class A , B, or C network or a specific machine.

An entry for a specific address will block any email that is "from" that address, even if it is relayed through a third party. Relayed mail will also be blocked if the message is "from" any listed domain.

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