About the Roseland Theatre




History and Theatre Information

btzbul1a   Built in 1950

btzbul1a   Superceded the “New Theatre” which had operated in Onancock previously

btzbul1a   Single screen motion picture theatre, with balcony

btzbul1a   Originally a 550-seat theatre, now accommodates 300+ with more modern seats and increased legroom standards

*      Originally equipped with dual carbon arc 35mm projectors, the theatre operated an automated projection system with a single 35mm projector and film platter system from the 1980s until November 2015.

*      On November 12, 2015, the Roseland converted to digital technology and now presents movies and alternative content via a digital projector and 7.1 surround sound system.

btzbul1a  Owned by Onancock Theatre Corporation

btzbul1a   Principal Stockholder (1950-1976) – Roland L. Somers

btzbul1a  Principal Stockholder (1976-Present) – Scott R. Chandler

btzbul1a  Corporate Officers

btzbul1a  President – Scott R. Chandler

btzbul1a  Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer – Charles W. Killmon

*      Theatre’s mission is to provide family motion picture entertainment for the community









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