Guidelines for Submitting Photos for the GHOTES Virtual Cemetery Project

Our project has a rather large scope:  to document in photographs all the cemeteries on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  We are constantly searching for images of tombstones that can be included on the GHOTES web site.  If you are interested in having one or more of your photographs included on the site, please read on!

You must have complete rights to the photographs or graphic images you submit.  This means that you either own the photographs or have permission from their owner to publish them.  If you wish to upload a photograph from a book or other published material,  please contact me in advance so that we may try to get permission from the copyright holder.

The easiest way to submit photographs is to email them to me at  The images can be in any customary format, such as JPG (JPEG), GIF, TIF, or BMP.

"Hard-copy" photographs may be sent to me at my home address, which will be provided on request.  I will scan the material and upload it to the GHOTES web site.  The original photographs will be returned to you.  If you prefer, you may scan the pictures yourself or get a high-quality copy made at a local copy shop that I can scan.

Please include the following information when you submit a photograph or graphic image:

  • Name of the photographer and submitter (if different)
  • Full name of the person whose stone is in the photograph
  • Birth and death dates, if available (especially important for old stones)
  • Name of the cemetery where the tombstone is to be found.  Use either the common name or the name as given in one of the cemetery books
  • Location of the tombstone within the cemetery
  • If possible, a map showing the relationship of this stone to others
  • A distance shot to show the area in which the stone is located would be much appreciated.
Please contact me if you have any questions -

Wayne Stith

Page last updated on 27 August 2000 wls


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