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Dear Sir,

My husband and I recently had his great grandparents' (Isaac and Ann Amelia Skidmore) stone replaced by Mr. Tom Fox of Fox Funeral Homes in Eastville, VA. I was quite surprised to learn from a cousin my husband hadn't heard from for over 20 years that she saw a picture of it on your web site.

I am very happy to see a picture of the stone is there and finally, the founder of Skidmore Island and his wife have a stone befitting their memory thanks to the great talent of Mr. Tom Fox!

Thank you.

Sam and Monika Skidmore

This is a heartfelt thank you for responding to our request for info on the subject.

My brother William and I made a highly instructive trip yesterday to the Onancock Cemetery, the Accomack County Courthouse, the Accomack County Library and the Williams Funeral Home in Onancock. We spent several hours talking with various people at each place and a lot of time in the records room at the CH. We were very appreciative of the friendly and helpful people of Accomack County.

We discovered 2 great-grand uncles and a great-grand aunt buried in the Onancock Cemetery that we had absolutely no previous knowledge of. We also discovered the fact that our grandfather was born in Accomack County. It appears that our great-grandfather, who was born in Bavaria in 1842, emigrated to America and fought with the 11th New York Regiment in the Civil War, established residence in Accomack County for some 20 years from the early 1870s to the early 1890s. We were happy to discover this unknown part of our family history because, as Virginians, we were always slightly embarrassed to admit that our great-grandfather was a Yankee. We now feel much better realizing that he came "home" to Virginia shortly after the war. 

We are extremely indebted to you and the GHOTES Virtual Cemetery Project. By the way, please respond to this message and tell me what GHOTES stands for and give me some details. We, the Isle of Wight County Historical Society, are currently conducting a countywide gravesite search as part of our county's efforts to achieve Commonwealth CLG status and we eventually might like to post the info on the WWW as you have.

I also want you to know that my brother and I "tidied up" the Burckard burial ground. We cleaned off the markers, stood up one of them and reinforced it with earth and uncovered the bases for all the markers. The Burckard site should look a lot more "cared for" the next time the caretaker mows. There is also a broken-off headstone right next to one of ours. We will return to "poke around" in the vicinity to see if we can find the top half in the hope that it might be another Burckard marker. 

The note in the "Graves" book about the possibility of the Burckard markers having been moved from somewhere else we believe is not true. We dug around the markers and found the bases about six inches down. We remounted the markers on their original bases. We may want to return and, with permission of course, relocate the bases above ground so that the inscriptions show. We will contact you about this in the near future.

The owner of the Willaims Funeral Home in Onancock, John T. Williams, Jr., also said he would research for us who purchased the burial plot in 1873(?). We were curious if perhaps more space was purchased than used. This may enable our family to use the available space for future internments.

Once again, thank you very much for your response. It has opened for us an "Eastern Shore" chapter in the history of our family that we had no knowledge of.

Sincere regards, Albert Burckard

I have visited your web site of the cemeteries on the eastern shore. I just wanted to add that my grandmother Alice Adams Lafferty Marshall is buried in the Salem cemetery where my great-grandfather, Alfred Lafferty is buried. I remember my mother telling me this and have been past the cemetery many times. It was very overgrown at that time also. I did search for it while visiting and then suddenly spotted it while visiting your site. I love what you are all doing to put cemeteries on your site. Sincerely, Sylvia Nash

I am a descendant of the Thomas Savage (The Interpret) family. Thanks so much for putting the stones of Cherry Stone on the Internet. Ihope to viset there one day, I have read all the information I can get on Thomas Savage family.
Lougene Smith Hemphill

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