tree services

Professional tree care is especially important on the Delmarva peninsula where growth is rapid and coastal storms often result in tree hazards. With more that 30 years of local experience, Advantage experts can evaluate your trees and make recommendations with confidence.

24 hour emergency tree service
Advantage has a team of professionals ready 24/7 to help with removal and clean up during hazardous conditions caused by high winds, ice storms,etc. We can have an estimator and crew to your location within two hours. Trees that are decayed, dying or already dead are potential hazards in extreme weather conditions. Take preventative actions before disaster strikes.

Tree pruning, cutting and trimming
Do you need more light to fall on your lawn so that your grass can flourish? Advantage can evaluate and thin your trees. Are large tree limbs hanging over your house? We can prune back or remove them so they don't interfere with your structure. Need a general tree clean-up? We will prune out dead, hazardous and crossing limbs to keep your trees growing strong and healthy

Tree removal, stump removal and grinding
We can provide removal for almost any size stump with our top-of-the-line stump grinding machine. We can remove the stump when we cut down the tree or at a later date, We can leave the wood chips for use as mulch or haul them away. Consult with our estimator on the best method depending on your replanting plans.

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