6. John the younger West Jr. was born in 1672. He died in May 1730.

He was married to Frances Yardley (daughter of Capt. Argoll Yardley II and Sarah Michael) before 29 May 1702 in Virginia. Frances Yardley died in 1718. John the younger West Jr. and Frances Yardley had the following children:

child+18 i. John West.
child+19 ii. Argoll Yardley West.
child+20 iii. Sarah West.
child21 iv. Thorowgood West.
child+22 v. Charles West Maj..
child+23 vi. Jemima West.
child24 vii. Matilda West.
child+25 viii. Ann West.
child26 ix. Joseph West.

He was married to Josepha Maria Godwin.

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