Do you have data on the descendants or ancestors of Anthony West? Does it agree with the data in this report?

As the first of several group projects to be launched this year, the GHOTES WEST PROJECT is intended to bring the combined expertise of ghotes on a question of mutual or general interest. Here's how it works—we hope:

1. We have posted a data file showing four generations of the Anthony West family.

2. Please examine this file and compare it with any information you have about these people.

3. Send e-mail to with any corrections or additions that you have.

4. Material you send will be maintained in a file that you can see by clicking here. (Note: Please contact us at for further information.

5. After the file has been posted for a period of time, corrections will be made and the Anthony West file will be placed with other Family Data Files in the main part of this ghotes web site to be shared with you and other visitors.

Please help ghotes build an accurate picture of this family. Send your corrections to!

Descendants of Anthony West

Table of Contents

Descendants of Anthony West
Surname List
Index of Names

About This File

Most of the data used to create this file was contributed by a most generous olde ghote, Dr. William S. Burton. Some additions and changes based on ghotes interactions were made to the file after Dr. Burton provided it. The data has been provided in a spirit of sharing and building community—and for purposes of building accuracy, not claiming accuracy. We are most grateful to our olde ghote, "Dr. Bill," for his sharing this data as well as much more since ghotes began. If you don't know him, you must not live on the Eastern Shore, for I've yet to meet someone there who didn't claim him, if not as kin then as doctor, host, or friend. Here's a photo of Olde Ghote Burton.

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