15. Mary (widow) West was born in 1667. She died in 1731 in Accomac, Va. She was christened.

She was married to William Burton Jr. (son of William Burton Capt. and Ann Stratton). William Burton Jr. was born on 19 Nov 1667 in Accomac Co., Va. He died in 1731 in Accomac Co., Va. Mary (widow) West and William Burton Jr. had the following children:

child+62 i. Anna Burton.
child+63 ii. Agnes Burton.
child+64 iii. III William Burton Gen..

She was married to Robert Snead Capt. (son of William Snead). Robert Snead Capt. died in 1713. Mary (widow) West and Robert Snead Capt. had the following children:

child65 i. Ann Snead.
child+66 ii. John Snead.
child+67 iii. Mary Snead.
child+68 iv. Catherine Snead.

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