George Savage

Researched by Nora Miller Turman 21-Nov-1988

George Savage, son of John of Abel and Sally Savage, was found first in Accomack County records when he gave bond to marry Harriet Bull, widow of John Bull, on 26-Aug-1822. He used James Heath as security. The marriage took place on the same day with the Reverend William Lee officiating.

Harriet's maiden name was Chambers. She had married John Bull on 31-Jun-1810. John Bull died intestate and the administration on his estate was granted on 2-Nov-1820. Although Harriet was many years older than George, she survived him by more than ten years.

George died intestate and his administration was granted to his son, Edward James Savage, and William H. B. Custis, on 2-Feb-1847. The inventory of his estate was taken on 8-Feb-1847 and the sale followed. The list of his assets covered more than four pages in the large inventory book. Harriet and Edward James bought most of the household goods and farm implements and supplies. A slave girl was appraised but not sold. She became the joint property of Edward J. and his sister, Harriet. The last reference to the estate listed George as son of John.

On 21-Apr-1847, Harriet deeded certain personal property to her son Edward James Savage, but states that his sister, Harriet Savage, has a life interest in the slave girl.

Harriet died intestate and her administration was granted to Edward James Savage and James Walker on 23-Oct-1858. The inventory was taken on 3-Nov-1858 and the account was filed with the court on 26-Mar-1860. Harriet was 74 years of age based on her listed age of 66 in the 1850 Census. Her daughter, Harriet, age 21, was also in the household when the 1850 Census was taken.

Children of George and Harriet Savage:

Edward James AGE:
b. 1823
d. 1873
Mary Elizabeth Belote
m. 18-Oct-1847
Harriet AGE:
b. 1829


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