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Beth Bradford (, Sat Oct 5 03:15:08 EDT 2002

You have a very nice and well-thought out web site. I have distant relatives, William Hensley, who came over from England in 1622 from Norfolk, England and I am searching for more information regarding this. I hope your website can help me out. Collaboration via the Internet is an incredible way to find answers to many mysteries.

Matthew Krogh (, Fri Oct 4 15:34:32 EDT 2002

Rita Baker (, Fri Oct 4 09:04:53 EDT 2002

Great site! I look forward to seeing updates.

Sylvia Nash (, Thu Oct 3 01:38:43 EDT 2002

I am looking for anyone who has any information on Anna Nottingham Parker and Henry Parker. They were my grandfather William Parker's parents. I don't really know anything about them except I think they lived in Eastville and were farmers.I would appreciate any information anyone may have. Thank You very much...

p.zezza (, Sun Sep 29 18:12:17 EDT 2002

I should like to connect to other ZEZZA families .Thank you

, Sun Sep 29 17:52:21 EDT 2002

Mrs. Howard D. Nottingham, Jr. (PatNottingham, Sat Sep 28 23:21:17 EDT 2002

Looking for info on the Nottingham's of the Eastern Shore--Howard Nottingham,Missouri S. Taylor Nottingham, William Taylor Nottingham--of the Eastville area(?) need to get farther back than those names--any help?

Ann Tolbert Rodgers (, Thu Sep 26 15:31:05 EDT 2002

enjoyed the site. Didn't find any relatives but did find email adresses for some old friends. Willreturn here often.

Kenneth Wilkerson (, Thu Sep 26 11:56:43 EDT 2002

great site

JOEL C EWELL , Wed Sep 25 18:43:45 EDT 2002


Carolee Doughty (, Wed Sep 25 09:06:47 EDT 2002

Dr. Leland B. Jackson (, Tue Sep 24 21:36:50 EDT 2002

My ancestors from Northampton Co. include the Mapps and Nottinghams - specifically Howson Mapp and Leah Nottingham. I'd be interested in any info on the Hungars Parish Church

Sara &Cooke Goffigon (, Tue Sep 24 06:11:47 EDT 2002

Topnotch site and information on Eastern Shore history. We live at Pickett's Harbor on my fami;y's property (Nottingham)that has been in the family since early 1600's.We are interested in Nottingham's,Goffigons,Chandler's,Mears,Fitchett's and Hallett's history.

William Joseph Whealton Jr. (, Mon Sep 23 17:45:20 EDT 2002

Born in Pennsylvania, 1955.

David Loescher (, Sun Sep 22 10:08:28 EDT 2002

Great web site. Am retiring and moving to Eastern Shore hopefully in November of this year. Was searching the net for history on ESVA. Thanks so much. Don't have any relatives there at least I don't think so.


Sarah Williams (, Thu Sep 19 12:56:43 EDT 2002

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Books in this series contain a comprehensive, chronological history of a community's development over the centuries, highlighting major events that had an impact on its citizens and landscape. The narrative consists of roughly 45,000 to 55,000 words and is accompanied by an average of 120 historically relevant images (photographs, postcards, sketches, maps, etc.). Each town holds a unique fragment of United States history; we strive to capture these moments in time for everyone to enjoy in a highly readable and visual way.

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Stella Taylor Rohde (, Thu Sep 12 17:02:19 EDT 2002

Enjoyed reading the information and looking forward to reading more.

Rhonda Daniel (, Thu Sep 12 13:04:30 EDT 2002

I am looking for people on my mother's side of the family. They are from Accomack County, Virginia. I need information about Isaiah Bundick abt.1884-? He was married to a Elizabeth Strand or Strann. His mother was Tabitha Bundick abt.1845. If anyone can complete this information for me, especially infomation about Tabitha Bundick's husband and her family, you would make me a very happy person. Thanks!!!

Garrett Legates, [Gary] (, Thu Sep 5 10:07:21 EDT 2002

A very important note to all researchers is that LEGATT,LEGATE,LEGATES,LECATT,LECAT,LECATE,LECATES,LECATO are all originally the same family.

Terry (, Tue Sep 3 10:37:50 EDT 2002

Am researching the BARRETT, WEAVER, STOWELL, JENKINS lines of Northern Neck, VA. (possibly Eastern Shore?). Only have names at this time, will check back when I can locate more details. In the meantime, if anyone knows of these people (listed below) the leads will be much appreciated.

John Christopher Barrett m. Katherine Weaver Rufus Wellford Stowell m. Anne Wade Jenkins

watson isdell (, Sat Aug 31 18:43:00 EDT 2002

looking for information on my ancestors anyone who may have same please let me know i live in augusta,ga most of my people came from warren county,ga thanks

IGBO (MUGU@MAGA,COM), Thu Aug 29 13:13:32 EDT 2002


Kurt Peppler (, Thu Aug 29 00:15:47 EDT 2002

Hello. I do have some stones photos but not as close as to read details on the gravestones. I will submit them and update with better when I get them. Thanks for this forum.

PAM ANNIS (, Tue Aug 20 19:48:38 EDT 2002


Frances Godwin (, Mon Aug 19 17:20:52 EDT 2002

I am doing research on the Fletchers. I have found that Henry Fletcher, Sr. was in the American Revolution. The Daughters of the American Revolution, of which I am a member, have him listed as a Patriot as a civil servant. I am looking for more information. He is an ancestor of my husband, who is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. He went in on Charles Stockley, who fought in the American Revolution. But now we are looking for information on Henry Fletcher, Jr. We need to know the name of his wife, and when they were married. Also, we'd like to know where Henry Fletcher, Sr. and Henry Fletcher, Jr. are buried. The Ghotes files have helped us a lot in the last two years. We will be travelling to the Eastern Shore in October to see if we can locate the cemeteries.

Frances Godwin (, Mon Aug 19 17:20:51 EDT 2002

I am doing research on the Fletchers. I have found that Henry Fletcher, Sr. was in the American Revolution. The Daughters of the American Revolution, of which I am a member, have him listed as a Patriot as a civil servant. I am looking for more information. He is an ancestor of my husband, who is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. He went in on Charles Stockley, who fought in the American Revolution. But now we are looking for information on Henry Fletcher, Jr. We need to know the name of his wife, and when they were married. Also, we'd like to know where Henry Fletcher, Sr. and Henry Fletcher, Jr. are buried. The Ghotes files have helped us a lot in the last two years. We will be travelling to the Eastern Shore in October to see if we can locate the cemeteries.

Leah McAllen Bott Main (, Sun Aug 18 13:33:21 EDT 2002

Hi: My husband, Glenn, is REALLY into Genealogy, SO he is helping me with mine. I was born in Mappsburg, nr Painter, in 1923; attended Central High School. My brother is James Arthur Bott, born 1916, lives on Creek. nr Jamesville; he was married to Margaret Katherine Gillis (8/15/1915-8/15/2000) and buried in Belle Haven Cem, Accomack Co, Va. Will be glad to share information. Thanks. Leah

Patricia Elliott (, Fri Aug 16 17:47:02 EDT 2002

What a great site, I will be visiting often and hopefully contributing, particulary to the Cemetary section, Old Bradford Cenetary (Tara) GI 136. I have photos, just have to find them. Will be trying to get to the conference and possibly do more photos at the old cemetary. The Bradfords of Eastville are my ancestors on my mothers side, she was a Bradford.

, Mon Aug 12 16:21:32 EDT 2002

Sherri L. Haines (, Mon Aug 12 16:13:43 EDT 2002

Pat Lynch (, Sun Aug 11 23:01:49 EDT 2002

I have enjoyed this site very much, Keep up the good work.

If anyone has any information on a Thomas Chandler b. 1780 and married Elizabeth Wise I would appreciate the information. Thomas is the son of Mitchell Chandler, who in turn is the son of John Chandler and Patience Kellam. I am trying to find out how long he lived in Accomac County and when he and Elizabeth came to Maryland. The are my great-great-great-great-great grandparents. Although I know the lineage from my daughter back to Edmund Scarburgh, there are gaps and one of them is information on Thomas and Eliabeth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Linda Russell Usher (, Fri Aug 9 19:39:25 EDT 2002

Love your site. I have had a couple of emails from people who have known or have a connection with some of my family. If anyone would like to trade info. I live in Miami, was raised on Chincoteague and my family names are Russell, Beebe, Whealton, Lewis, Clayville, Thornton, Andrews.

Jeanne Marshall Schlegel (, Thu Aug 8 23:07:07 EDT 2002

I live in Norfolk, Va. and am related to the Somerset Marshalls. Thanks to Moody and Barry Miles, my family history is now much more complete. My husband, Robert E. Schlegel, is related to the East family that traces back to Severn East, who married Tabitha Phillips. We plan to attend the Ghotes Conference in September. It will be our first one, and we certainly do look forward to it. Thanks for such a grand web site!

Robin Wallace (, Thu Aug 8 14:36:02 EDT 2002

I have had Twilley/Twilly/Twillie/Toullie family in VA and MD since the mid 1600's. I love to share information.

Jim Lokenbauer (, Wed Aug 7 23:48:06 EDT 2002

Once in a while I get the urge to visit my grandparents area. If I can't make it, the best place around is this site. Congrats to Barbara and Jack!

Stan Hendershot (, Wed Aug 7 14:55:22 EDT 2002

This is a nice site. It would be nice to see similar sites set up all across America so that we might share info more easily. I will stay posted as I try to uncover information on the Robert Davis family. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks! Stan

Al Brobson (, Tue Aug 6 21:58:55 EDT 2002

Thanks! Much help!

Lewis Green (, Tue Aug 6 07:47:18 EDT 2002

Glad to see this site. Am searching for information on George Roberts of 17th Century Northampton County, Virginia.

rgaret m. werner (, Tue Aug 6 03:07:11 EDT 2002

i have found ghotes the most fun genealogy immformation. i wish i could find out more about the curtis treherne family

Linda Schenk (, Thu Aug 1 22:51:10 EDT 2002

Great Site. I just have had enough time tonite to find out who my Great Grandfather (Luther James Leatherbury) and Great Grandmother (Mary (Polly) Ann Emert) were. I definitely intend to return and do some more searching. Anyone with any info would be of great help also.

Phillip A. Skiles (, Sun Jul 28 10:47:15 EDT 2002

I am following leads to the John A. Skiles S/O Henry Skiles, Augusta Co., Va. near Mt. Solon. Please contact me at:

sincerely, Phillip A. Skiles

Rosa Knipp Lester (, Sat Jul 27 18:23:03 EDT 2002

Am filing in blanks on Lester and Knipp genealogy. Can trace Lester name to Northampton County in 1660. No records in your site.

Risdon Reynolds (, Sat Jul 27 16:32:54 EDT 2002

Just started looking into my roots on the shore. While my sirname is Reynolds I am looking into both the Brady and the Jester families. I am related through my grandmother on my fathers side to Henry Ashby Brady who married Lillian (lilly) unknown on her side and to Abbigale(spelling) Jester through my great grand father Risdon James Reynolds Sr. Any info would be greatfull.

Linda Kemp (, Sat Jul 27 13:36:04 EDT 2002

Looking for connections to Capt. John Tunstall and Capt. William Geddes in Princess Anne, MD. E.g., perhaps the Hack family on the Eastern Shore of VA.

Ann Parks Bailey (, Wed Jul 24 20:01:18 EDT 2002

I would like to trace my grandparents ancestors. They were William Parks and Lee Gibbons Parks from Parksley.

J. Frank Woodward (, Wed Jul 17 23:50:30 EDT 2002

Still Great Site. Looking for kin of Benjamin Alphord Woodward b. 1791;Wyethville,Va Please contact for info and known kin

Constance Cathell Lewis (, Mon Jul 15 20:19:08 EDT 2002

Great site! My family, Cathell, Palmer, Shockley, Davis are all from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Hope to find a good site for them. I've just started exploring this Delmarva part of my family. Thanks!

Robin Joynes (, Sat Jul 13 15:57:53 EDT 2002

Hello all,

I have recently begun to trace my Joynes family roots. I've grown up in TX, but know that my gr-gr-grandfather, Solon Joynes, came from the Eastern Shore of VA some time in the mid 1800s. I think that his father was John R. Joynes, but am not sure of this. Does anyone have any information that they could give me? Also, I am considering taking a bit of a vacation out that way this fall (visit cemeteries and relevant sites). Any tips on where to go would be appreciated!

Thanks, Robin Joynes

Suzanne , Fri Jul 12 22:30:16 EDT 2002

Hello, I love your website it is really cool. Love, Suzanne

Lou Ann Ashby Steffey (, Thu Jul 11 22:32:05 EDT 2002

What fun visiting this site and seeing many familiar names. Looking forward to more enjoyable hours with GHOTES. Thanks!

Jacquelyn Kilman (, Sun Jul 7 20:37:06 EDT 2002

Due to the Kilmon Reunion June 2002, I've just found this site. My father is Stanely William Kilman son of Ira William Kilmon and Etta Mazey Phister in Weems, Virginia. Our family had some type of feud therefore spliting our last name into over 3 different spelling types. If any one has any information on Ira Kilmon's backround I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

(, Tue Jul 2 16:46:59 EDT 2002

I should like to connect to Zezza families spread across US.

James B. Corbin (, Tue Jul 2 08:36:18 EDT 2002

Very informative site. Wish I had found it sooner. My father, James P. Corbin was born at Sanford, Va 31 July 1907. Still lives today, at 95,in Roanoke, Va

Gwen Wynn Knowles (, Sun Jun 30 23:05:33 EDT 2002

GHOTES will be of great interest to those of us researching our Virginia ancestors. I am a descendant of the Riggs families of Accomack County, Va.

Linda A. Burton (, Sun Jun 30 17:10:55 EDT 2002

I am looking for any type of information on William S. Burton and Ruth Burton (maiden name Ewell), lived at 312 Queen Street in Portsmouth, VA. The time frame is approximately from the early 1900's into the 1920's. They had two children, a daughter named Mildred who was born in 1910 and a son named William S. Burton who was born on December 7, 1915 at 312 Queen Street (I am his daughter). Any information or possibly some unknown relatives would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

alphonso l. johnson (, Sat Jun 29 14:30:02 EDT 2002

I am looking for information about my great grandmother, Harriet Brown. She had 10 children. My grandmother Christina Brown and my great aunt Estelle Lulu Brown are the only ones I whose names I know. Probably born around mid 19th century, died at 90 in early 1920's?

Phyllis D. McCallister (, Fri Jun 28 09:42:01 EDT 2002

Love your Site

Lisa Marie Bogdan (, Tue Jun 25 10:58:05 EDT 2002

Hello all...I have just begun to piece together some information left to me by my late Grandmother who was a Belote. I am researching the surnames Belote, Copes, and Nock right now. My grandma's name was Virginia Elizabeth Belote Born of Sarah Elizabeth Nock and Teackle Upshur Belote Feb 1, 1911. Anyone having any information on any of the listed surnames is welcome to contact me to exchange info...I've gotten as far back as 1763 to a Peter Parker Copes...I also think that in some way I may be related also to Parkers from ESVA and Upshurs although I haven't figured how yet...Many thanks...Lisa

arthur r broadwater jr (, Sat Jun 22 18:56:00 EDT 2002

im not very good on the computer and found this site by accident. any info i can find about my family is greatly appreciated. ifound this site searching my grandfather richard benjamin mapp born july 23 1908 died june 1981 last town lived in weirwood va. any family out there that would like to send a message it would be great to hear from you

Mark Copes (, Fri Jun 21 21:36:14 EDT 2002

Am interested in finding out any information on the Blackstone and Silverthorn families. Thanks.

robert p. hutchinson (, Wed Jun 19 17:54:52 EDT 2002

Douglas Charnock, Jr. (, Wed Jun 19 09:48:12 EDT 2002

Looking for my grandfather's parents eg. Norman Charnock of Northampton County.

John Geiger (JGEIGER-1@MSN.COM), Sun Jun 16 23:57:20 EDT 2002

Great site! Looking into my Chincoteague Roots it was very helpful.Great Grand Father Levi Cathell (married Annie Dennis 1905)was stationed at Chincoteague Life Saving Station. Grand Mother, Wealthy Mae took the ferry to Franklin City and then train to Philly to become a nurse in the 20's. Any relations out there?

Sharon Dingus (, Sat Jun 15 21:44:25 EDT 2002

Am researching Merritts, Bowdens, Whites and Bundicks on eastern shore. Does anyone know if there is a Cape Charles Cemetary Board or anyone who keeps records of graves there? Also, curious about who took the tombstone photo of Lloyd Washington Bundick in Pungoteague. He was my great-grandfather and just curious who else is interested in that line. Thanks in advance for any info.

Juli (, Sat Jun 15 01:32:14 EDT 2002

Julianne Ila Leatherberry Kaleho (, Sat Jun 15 01:18:07 EDT 2002

Thanks to everyone for energies expended putting forth so much information. Several names of my ancestors appear, allowing me to feel a part of the history of this great nation. My sincere appreciation.


Jeffrey A. Waldo Sr. (, Tue Jun 11 07:21:15 EDT 2002

My name is Jeffrey Waldo (Staten) as a child growing up on the Eastern Shore. I was born in Bayview and grew up in Cape Charles; I am related to the Fishers on my mothers side (my grandmothers father was married to a Fisher). If you want to cross-reference family data; I have a pretty good database. I will be on the Shore for the 4th of July week 2002.

Pamela Martin Foley (, Fri Jun 7 16:27:31 EDT 2002

Your site was one of the first I found when I started looking for names and dates for my Chincoteague roots. Thanks to the census transcriptions, I have been able to find many names and dates to go with some of the stories I grew up with. I am related to the Williamses, Clarks, Magees, Sharpleys, Jesters (of course) on Chincoteague - and I didn't even know it! Thanks for all the work you have put into this site - I have only just begun but I have been amazed at how far I have been able to go with online sleuthing. Now, for the records themselves. Fortunately, I live in NE PA near several LDS centers which may help me, too. Keep up the good work - I hope my own detective work may help someone else someday!

Edith M. Bibb (Murray) (, Fri Jun 7 12:26:32 EDT 2002

I just found out about your web site. I am still reading it. I was born in Harborton, VA in 1937. My father's parents had the Murray farm. My mother's parents were Chandlers. I search for Harborton on your web site but it was not available. I am happy to see anything about the Easter Shore of VA.

Candi Grimes (, Thu Jun 6 22:12:56 EDT 2002

Fannie Richards Leytham (, Thu Jun 6 14:12:46 EDT 2002

I am looking for my grand mother Edith E Richards . married in Ontario, Canada. Haven't heard from her in 1900. Where is she. what and where is she. If she is dead where is she is buried . I need information to fill my Family Tree Book. Also My great Great Grange father . Ihis is my g g grant father . These are missing in the Family Tree Books. Please if you have informathion I would appreciate .

Fannie Richards Leytham (, Thu Jun 6 13:41:24 EDT 2002

I am looking for my grand mother Edith E Richards . married in Ontario, Canada. Haven't heard from her in 1900. Where is she. what and where is she. If she is dead where is she is buried . I need information to fill my Family Tree Book. Also My great Great Grange father . Ihis is my g g grant father . These are missing in the Family Tree Books. Please if you have informathion I would appreciate .

Barbara Trader Hartsuff (, Wed Jun 5 21:59:33 EDT 2002

I am seeking information about Arthur Trader, he was my father. He was married to Frances Belle Devers. They left WV and came to MI. This may be the wrong message board as they were from Wood Ct. There are lots of Arthur Traders. If anyone would have any information I would be happy to hear from you.

Joyce Burton (, Tue Jun 4 11:00:21 EDT 2002

My family name is Custis and Onley. I love the Eastern Shore!

Ron Rolley (, Sat Jun 1 16:41:42 EDT 2002

I enjoy the site very much. In the last few months I have gotten interested in my family genealogy. Although I am not a native of the Shore both my mother and father were born and raised there and my family goes way back there. I am particularly interested in Rolley, Turner, Taylor and Sturgis. Also Mapp in the 1600's and 1700's, Travis, Whitehead. Hopefully I will make it to your September conference.

CARLTON POULSON JR. (, Thu May 30 21:09:32 EDT 2002


Robert D. Gallagher (, Thu May 30 13:55:07 EDT 2002

George E. Supensky (, Fri May 24 18:51:20 EDT 2002

The GHOTES are to be commended for the Web Site and their contribution to the geneology of those families who came to this new land and helped settle our great country. The site has been a tremendous help to me in finding my family's trail across our country.

The site is a real asset to those looking for a beginning of their ancestor's journey to the south and the west. Great job.

George E. Supensky

Cleo Boothe (, Fri May 24 07:58:14 EDT 2002

Dick Carter (, Thu May 23 13:03:58 EDT 2002

I've recently begun delving seriously into the Delmarva side of my family after putting it off for 30 years or so. In the process I've discovered your wonderful website and that of the Library of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, for both of which you folks on the Eastern Shore of Virginia are greatly to be commended. My Delmarva kin--Porters and Handys--have been primarily centered in Somerset County, Maryland. While my grandparents moved across into southeastern Sussex County, Delaware, in the 1930s, they moved to that part of Sussex which was part of old Somerset, so we haven't strayed far.

I've always loved the Eastern Shore of Virginia since first venturing thence in the early 1950s with my father. He was then sales manager of a produce basket manufacturing company in Millsboro, Delaware, and some of the company's best customers were located in Northampton and Accomac Counties. I've always remembered those early trips to see some of his charming customers and friends there, including a Mr. Harmon whose office was in a very old building, probably dating from the early 19th century or before. As we went in, the old gentleman was seated at his large rolltop desk and the back door was open, allowing a view of banties wandering around in the back yard and gazing hopefully inside from time to time. That's how all offices should be. I also remember visits to a Mr. Bell, to Mr. Robley Fletcher at Horsey, Virginia, and lunches and dinners at the Whispering Pines and the Owl.

At every opportunity I've returned to ESVA, somehow drawn to the area. Thus, it was a most pleasant surprise to learn within the past few months that we're descended from a variety of persons who settled on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. One forebear settled there permanently--Captain Edmund Scarborough. His daughter, Katherine, married my ancestor, Randall Revell, and moved to Somerset. Other ESVA settlers in the family line included Col. William Coulburne, Ambrose Dixon, and Donnock Dennis and his wife with the lovely name, Eulice Nehulian, all of whom later moved to Somerset as well. I was further interested to learn that both Coulburne and Dixon were to some extent harassed by the Virginia authorities, among whom was Capt. Scarborough's son, Col. Edmund, for their Quaker leanings. This understandably hastened their departure for Annemessex in the early 1660s. So while all my ESVA ancestors had departed by the 1660s for other parts of Delmarva, I now attribute my early and lasting attraction to the area to the same kind of instinct that brings salmon back to the rivers in which they were spawned.

Keep up the good work!

Harold Crockett Guy (, Wed May 15 21:18:57 EDT 2002

Generally seeking information, and have information, about Asa J. Crockett's [1822 - 1907] family and descendants who lived in and around Harborton, Pungoteague and Eastville. One of his daughters, Mary Susan [1848 - 1917] married Edward Thomas Guy [1844 - 1915] in 1873 and their last born, Harold Crcokett Guy [1888 - 1963], was my grandfather.

james neal (, Wed May 15 18:34:33 EDT 2002

Linda Watkinson Menzies (, Tue May 14 20:46:40 EDT 2002

Great site! I'm just beginning to research the my father's side of the family. My grandfather, Upshur Watkinson, was from the Eastern Shore, Accomack County. My great-grandfather, David Watkinson, married Margaret (Maggie) Beasley (sp?) and they had seven children -Daisy (born 1885)- married Tom Lilliston - stayed in the area Fletcher Fitzhugh (born 1889) Floyd Lee (born 1891) Amethia (also known as India - born 1893) - died at a young age Upshur (born 1996) - my grandfather - moved to Philadelphia Rennie (born 1898) - never married Lillian (also known as Lulla - born 1905) - never married

Saundra (Sandy) Drummond Meador (, Mon May 13 22:36:59 EDT 2002

jesse goffigon (, Mon May 13 20:06:05 EDT 2002

The African American grave sites are not highlited. What can I do to get more information on afro cemeteries in northampton county?

Rev. James Kellam (, Mon May 13 16:05:05 EDT 2002

I really enjoy your site. I am the Pastor of Pungoteague Community Church (formerly Pungoteague Methodist Church). We are working very hard to restore some of the headstones and welcome your research anytime. I am also trying to get information on the Kellam family. My father was Otho J. Kellam, Jr. and was adopted by the Campbell's of Keller. I know very little about his birth family and am interested in any information anyone has.

Jo Ann Hall (, Sun May 12 15:43:53 EDT 2002

Phyllis M. Wise (, Fri May 10 23:44:53 EDT 2002

george duncan ferrell Jr. (, Thu May 9 18:53:14 EDT 2002

just getting started with my genealogy

J. Thomas Churn (, Wed May 8 21:41:52 EDT 2002

It is interesting to learn about the September conference! My wife and I plan to be there. Tom

Paula Weeks (, Sat May 4 18:40:13 EDT 2002

I was very suprised to know there's a site for Genealogy and History of the Eastern Shore. Although I'm from New York, my family originated from Eastville,Va known as the Fishers & Becketts. Unfortunately, most of my older relatives are deceased and I don't have anyone to ask about my heritage. I was successful in finding a gravesite of a close family member when I logged on to this site. That was alot more than what I've found in previous websites. I'm not going to give up on looking. If anyone has any information about the Fisher/Beckett family please submit it to my email address. Thank you

Paula Weeks (, Sat May 4 18:36:15 EDT 2002

I was very suprised to know there's a site for Genealogy and History of the Eastern Shore. Although I'm from New York, my family originated from Eastville,Va known as the Fishers & Becketts. Unfortunately, most of my older relatives are deceased and I don't have anyone to ask about my heritage. I was successful in finding a gravesite of a close family member when I logged on to this site. That was alot more than what I've found in previous websites. I'm not going to give up on looking. If anyone has any information about the Fisher/Beckett family please submit it to my email address. Thank you

Dianne Robinson (, Thu May 2 17:46:44 EDT 2002

Jerry Cody-Griffin (, Thu Apr 25 01:33:52 EDT 2002

JWalker (, Tue Apr 23 18:53:44 EDT 2002

Enjoyed your site...Very well done.

William T. [Tom]Davis (, Tue Apr 23 12:04:56 EDT 2002

I have just become more interested in researching my ancestry on my father's family. His father was William Franklin Davis,b.1876, d.1962 and his mother was Maggie Mears,b.1873 d.1956. As far as I know they were both born and lived in the Wachapreague or possibly the Quinby areas. William Franklin Davis had a brother,John Davis and a sister Gertie. Maggie Mears had a sister Kate and maybe other siblings. Any more info would be appreciated. This a great site for Eastern Shore Genealogist.

Lloyd O. Whitehead (, Mon Apr 22 22:41:30 EDT 2002

This is a great site. My family appears in Northampton County, Va, in 1640 in person of John Whitehead and stayed there until my generation. Names in our family include Mears, Andrews, Kellam, and others.

Lloyd O. Whitehead (, Mon Apr 22 21:50:03 EDT 2002

Holly Naccarato (, Mon Apr 22 20:34:25 EDT 2002

Like most, I am on a genealogical search. I am after the surname of Warrington and Jenkins. But the dates that I have are a lot further back than most. Before 1685. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it. Thanks Holly

Jeanne Holder (, Mon Apr 22 14:41:06 EDT 2002

Oops! I am in the wrong county. My HIGGS and SINCOCK families are in Prince William Co. VA. I am sorry, Jeanne

Ruby Badger Pruitt (, Fri Apr 19 20:18:26 EDT 2002

Very Good site for information. Looking for my BADGER line in Virginia. Thanks

Julianne I Leatherberry Kaleho (, Fri Apr 19 16:19:18 EDT 2002

Thank you for you dedication and hard work!

Keshia Veney (, Fri Apr 19 11:24:30 EDT 2002

I thought that the information that you have provided us with was very helpful and nice.

diana purvines-hill (, Thu Apr 18 20:02:34 EDT 2002

My name is Diana Purvines Hill and I would like to find any information about Effie Beckett, the oldest sister to Recie, Anne and Lottie Beckett.

diana purvines hill (, Thu Apr 18 19:59:48 EDT 2002

I would like to know more abou Ghotes and its upcoming conference.

Diana Purvines-Hill

James E. Spangler (, Thu Apr 18 00:25:02 EDT 2002

Just browsing for now. Trying to find information on son.

Dollie Gibbs (, Sat Apr 13 14:48:50 EDT 2002

Great Site . Found lots of informatiom on the Twifords from Nothhamton Co. And accomack co. Thanks for all the people who find this information so We genelogiest who are just starting can fine good help. Also trying to find a Valentime Smith from N.C. who may have parents from the Easten Shore thanks again dgibbs

Jennifer Mears (, Sat Apr 13 09:07:08 EDT 2002

This a great site! I have had help from several people and thanks to them, I am able to search back to Bartholomew Mears in the 1600's. I am interested in anything that I can find about the Mears family. My grandfather was Willard Mears, born 1903 in Sanford, VA. I would love information about him or his siblings, or children, grandchildren. We have lost contact with that family. I would also like to learn more about my great grandparents, Jefferson Davis Mears and Luzetta Woods Mears. My father has a great love for the water, fishing, etc. and it would be great to share any information about his family roots.

DENISE CLARK (, Fri Apr 5 13:47:21 EST 2002

I enjoyed the site. It has very good information. I am researching the Clarks from the Wachapreague and Chincoteague area. If anyone has any information on any Clarks from these areas I would really appreciate. Some names are Ella Clark and Tom Clark. Brothers Harry, Frank and Spratty Clark. Frank was killed in N.C. in 1930 on a railroad track.

Thanks, DClark

Kris Male (, Fri Apr 5 01:02:54 EST 2002

I am doing my Fletcher geneology. My grandfather was from Accomack County. I have traced the Fletcher family back to Henry Fletcher Sr. b. 1717. If anyone has any information, pictures, or stories regarding the Fletchers, Drummonds, or Broadwaters of Accomack County, I would love to hear from you.

Jana Watts Caldwell (, Wed Apr 3 19:13:19 EST 2002

Betty (, Tue Apr 2 21:41:54 EST 2002

I am trying to locate the Milne family. I purchased a large family Bible about twenty years ago from an antique store in Norfolk, VA. I was told that it came from an estate sale on the Eastern Shore. I would love to return this family Bible. According a wedding entry George Darling Milne (dob June 16, 1858) and Agnes Bea Chaplin (dob Jan. 23, 1859)were married and had a child name Jessie (dob Feb. 23, 1889). I would appreciate any information that would hlep me return this Bible to family members of the deceased. I have not had any luck in my geneology searches on the Internet. Thanks, Betty

Phyllis M. Wise (, Sat Mar 30 11:28:18 EST 2002

beautiful site. good family history reading. lots of ancestors to be found on this site. God bless you and thank you.

Nancy Garrett , Thu Mar 28 06:33:12 EST 2002

Nancy Garrett , Wed Mar 27 10:09:41 EST 2002

Patricia Craig (, Tue Mar 26 13:28:31 EST 2002

Hello, My name is Patty Craig and I'm visiting the site to get information on my Mother's side of the family. Their last name is Northam/scott. My grandfather's name is Frank Northam and my grandmother's name was Mary Ellen Ayars,I'm not sure of the spelling.They were from Parksley/saxis are of Virginia.My email address is Thanks for any info provided.

Neva Durfee (, Sat Mar 23 03:57:08 EST 2002

You have a very nice site, I didn't find any of the family I was looking for but that does not mean they are not there somewhere. They were in VA in 1566 to 1760


Doug Keel (, Thu Mar 21 21:24:17 EST 2002

Researching my father, William Harrington Keel, b: 11/17/11 in Pitt County, NC, d: 1/8/91 in Florida. Linda Harris may have some interest in what I've found and may be able to help me shed some light on other things:

Willey Keel (born before 1800, Edgecombe County, NC) m:Rebecca Stallings (born before 24 OCT 1835, Edgecombe Co.)

children: Tabitha Keel Henry Keel *George Willey Keel m:Delphia Elizabeth Kelly children: Robert Lorenzo Keel Ashley Keel William Gray Keel Cynthia Keel Smitha Keel (b: 1831) *Joseph Hunter Keel (b: 1834, Edgecombe Co.) L.B. Keel (b: 1848) Mary Keel (b: 1858) James Oliver Keel

Joseph Hunter Keel m: Mary Benjamin Ward (b: 1849, Pitt County)

children: *William Fernando Keel Annie Elizabeth Keel Robert Henry Keel (b: 2/8/1870, Pitt County) (d: 9/1/1942, Pitt County)

children of W.F. Keel: *William Harrington Keel Charles Earl Keel

children of W.H.Keel William H. Keel II Donald Edward Keel Thomas Arthur Keel Douglas Brian Keel

Pasquale Zezza (, Wed Mar 20 10:00:50 EST 2002

I should like to Connect with other ZEZZA families.

Joe Hubbard (, Wed Mar 20 00:10:59 EST 2002

Researching my Twiford/Twyford ancestors. Found just what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

India winslow-birch (, Tue Mar 19 16:13:16 EST 2002

Been off line several mo.'s.due 2 mr's illnes. Glad 2 b bck. Elton & oth er Bennett's (dec.of India Anna&Charles L.Bennett) Note new Email Add. Thanks Lots India Winslow-Birch

Richard C. London (, Tue Mar 19 15:41:31 EST 2002

A Very nice site--Wouldn't it be great for all county historical groups to do what you have done.

My Wife, Bonnie Catherine Fluhart London is from Quinby, VA. This site was given to me by her Uncle Dorsey Fluhart(Quinby,VA). My mother (deseased) and sisters(Kansas) are very active in the DAR, SAR, Early Quakers, etc... Will get this site to them. I have worked on my wifes geneology over the years and this site will be of great help I hope. When time(?) become available I will send pics. of gravestones that I have taken.

Scott harlow (, Mon Mar 18 23:38:03 EST 2002

Am interested in 17thC ES records. Have been attempting to find the eventual 'disposition' of the John Harlow of the Plantation Creek grant. Have not seen any mention yet of cemetery records. Scott H.

Debbie Allen (, Mon Mar 18 20:47:23 EST 2002

very interesting site. I am searching for my children's ancestors from the area. Merrell, Mears, Tennis are names I have. Middle names which were probably family names are Waterfield, Osborne, Ballard. Unsure of much, since my mother-in-law had little contact with her father's family. Found many of these names on the site, but not sure if any are connected yet.

Darrel G. Tyree (, Mon Mar 18 11:53:16 EST 2002

Wonderful site and very well done. I'm searching the TYREE line, and the GRESS line, having origins in Eastern Virginia.

Jack D. Johnson (, Mon Mar 18 04:40:39 EST 2002

Enjoyed your site. Thank you.

Keith Underhill (, Sun Mar 17 20:51:46 EST 2002

Don't know why I have not enjoyed the info here sooner. I hope to help with the search of the past Shore. I think the reality is, the past of the Shore is leaving us faster than before. Soon, the Shore will not be as it was. I hope we can shape it to be as good as the past and work with the future. God bless us all.

Dorsey Fooks (, Thu Mar 14 20:34:18 EST 2002

Just started looking for my uncle who was born in New Church, Va. in 1900. Ernest Strayer Fooks Jr. his father Ernest Strayer Fooks was from Salisbury, Md.and married Anna Louise Seymour from Trapp, Md. Ernest Jr. died in 1981 in Arcadia, Fla. and was married to Elaine M. Lariner.

Kate Watson (, Tue Mar 12 14:22:15 EST 2002





Jon (, Thu Feb 28 20:00:19 EST 2002

Does anyone know anything about Margaret Massie who was in Scarborough, England in early 1973? If so please contact me. I know someone who would love to get in touch. Thanx!

Husniddin Ishmatov (, Thu Feb 28 06:33:57 EST 2002

My name is Husniddin Ishmatov Bahriddinovich. I'm living now in Uzbekistan. Djizak state. I want work in USA. My site

Bootsie Kellam Latimer (, Wed Feb 27 19:48:08 EST 2002

Bootsie Kellam Latimer (, Wed Feb 27 19:43:03 EST 2002

PAMELA K MCCARTNEY (, Wed Feb 27 09:15:18 EST 2002

I was hoping to find my grandfather. If anyone knows a Frank E. McCartney retired railroad worker B: 5/23/1894 D: 2/26/1975 he had striking red hair. And brothers and sisters. He left my grandmother when my father was very young.

thanks for any help

Fannie Richards Leytham (Pincushion, Tue Feb 26 14:23:45 EST 2002

I am looking for any pictures of Ernest George Richards and Mother Maria Pennell Richards. Also any pictures of Clifford Kellam of Calvert Alabama or Robertsdale Alabama. These are my kin people.

Edward Shields Leatherbury (, Mon Feb 25 21:10:08 EST 2002

Excellent site

J. Rudiger (, Sat Feb 23 19:30:22 EST 2002

I am researching the Hart-Ball family tree. I am looking for information on Noah Drummond Ball, Mary Christopher, Noah Ball his father, Letitia his mother, or the Christophers. I have heard through the family that the Balls are some how related to Martha Custis Washington. Could use a little help. Thank you.

(, Tue Feb 19 19:48:32 EST 2002

Researching AYRES, BELOTE, CUSTIS, GARDNER, MARTIN, PARKER, DOUGHTY, TAYLOR, SAVAGE. I'm always interested in additional information and would be glad to share whatever I have. Jeanne G. Taylor

Thomas R. Chambers (, Mon Feb 18 21:13:45 EST 2002

I am searching for the birth date (and death date) of Isham Henderson, son of Bennett Henderson and his wife Elizabeth Lewis. Elizabeth Lewis Hendeson brought her son to Kentucky in about 1798.

Additionally, if the marriage date of Bennett and Elizabeth Henderson i sknown, I would appreciate that also.

Carol Scheibe (, Sat Feb 16 10:58:45 EST 2002

What a wonderful web site filled with great people!!!

Ivan W. Gibb (, Fri Feb 15 21:31:38 EST 2002

Someone has don a lot of work and itis very interesting.

Sally branham (, Thu Feb 14 10:16:22 EST 2002

Mickey Wallace (, Wed Feb 13 13:57:35 EST 2002

I recently received a reply to an old inquiry from HDawson138643662 and was extremely thankful. It definitely added to my family tree. I sent a reply but am unsure of e-mial address. I'm hoping she will read this and reply for more geneology info.

Nita B. Phillips (, Tue Feb 12 21:35:24 EST 2002

This site looks great! I have ancestors that are eluding me and they were from the Northampton Co., Virginia area. Susannah Hanby married Thomas Batson - these are the people I am looking for. I plan to try some of your sources listed.

Linda Russell Usher (, Sun Feb 10 22:10:32 EST 2002

I like you your sight very much. I found more information here, than with I grew up on Chincoteague and graduated from high school in 1965 and moved away. My mother was Alma Beebe, daughter of Clarence and Ida Beebe and my father was Raymond Russell, son of John and Tressie Lewis Russell. I have been trying to find out information about my paternal (russell)great grandfather, his name was Oliver Russell and he was born in New Jersey. I know more about my grandmother Russell's background but her father, Alfred Lewis (was adopted) he died in 1957 was born in Red Wing, Minn in 1864) he married Lydia Clayville. So if anyone is related to the above names, Russell, Lewis, Clayville, Thornton, Andrews or Beebe let me know.

Linda Russell Usher (, Sun Feb 10 21:54:51 EST 2002

Laura Day-Roth (, Sun Feb 10 04:09:11 EST 2002

Can someone do lookups for me? I need to know a marriage record for Curtis REID & wife Fay, who were probably married between 1958 & 1961. I would also like to know birth information on their son Curtis Lee Reid, Jr., b. abt. 1958-62. They are long lost relatives that I am desparately trying to locate. I do know that Curtis, Sr., who was in the Coast Guard, died in Chincoteague in 1962 of mysterious means, info appreciated on that too. I'll give more details after contact with you. ANY help appreciated.

Elton Bennett (, Thu Feb 7 22:04:45 EST 2002

Does anyone have a contact for the late Billy Bundick's living sister who moved to Seaford, Delaware who worked for DuPont? Both were from Cape Charles. Also,would appreciate your help in finding a former friend by the name of Eleanor Mae Lucksinger (sp?)who was from Cape Charles. My friends would both be in their 70's now.

Elton Bennett (, Thu Feb 7 21:54:33 EST 2002

Tom K Burton, Jr. (, Tue Feb 5 18:20:06 EST 2002

Philip D. Killman (, Mon Feb 4 11:04:01 EST 2002

Hi is there anyone out there that is related to Daniel Morris Ball and Letitia(Alicia-Elishia) Drummond Ball That can help me with find out who their parents are if so I will be in your debt. I have searched everywhere I know and all has been a deadend.with the help of the staff of ghotes and the miles files I have been able to find a lot about the killmon side but cannot connect to the Balls and Drummonds. its driving me krezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy pleasssssssssssssss heeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppp.



Martha Hardy Huffman (, Sat Feb 2 20:05:39 EST 2002

My mother, Helen Louise Smith Hardy, who was born in Cape Charles on September 29, 1921 and I, who was born in Nassawaddox Hospital on April 18, 1944, have just spent a most enjoyable time perusing your website. We were able to see the stone of my great,great grandmother, Charlotte Turpin, the stone of my great grandparents, Mary Ella and John Hastings, and the stone of my most beloved grandmother, Cora Hastings Smith, and grandfather, John Henry Smith, who was the barber in Cheriton, where my mother was raised. Mama graduated from Cheriton Highschool in 1939. Included in the picture of the rhythmn band was our cousin, William Alvin Post. My mother is going to look through photo albums and will send you some pictures. Again, I thank all of you who developed this site.

Linda Eshem Haney (, Wed Jan 30 14:27:33 EST 2002

I am looking for the parents and siblings of Susanna Thomas who married Daniel Isham in Hungar's Parish in 1662. I am also lookinf for the maiden name of Mary Eshun, wife of John Eshun, who died in 1716. She later married a Kellam.

Edward J Sayers Jr (, Thu Jan 24 22:32:41 EST 2002

Great site got some useful info. Thanks

Elaine Patterson (, Thu Jan 24 18:38:53 EST 2002

This is such a great idea! I really appreciate the effort everyone has put into this and look forward to sharing and receiving information. I will pass along this website and post my questions soon!


anna panco (, Wed Jan 23 22:17:17 EST 2002

Donna Reed Dunning (, Mon Jan 21 19:49:32 EST 2002

Patricia Thomas Kretzmer (, Mon Jan 21 13:56:40 EST 2002

Many thanks to recent responses/info forwarded to me regarding my search for my Thomas family ancestry. I have obtained info tracing my family back to John Thomas from Accomack, brother of Joshua Thomas, Parson of the Islands, and even before then. Am hoping to assemble the facts into a more concise format for my sisters and whoever else may find this of interest. Also have photos of the gravesites of many Thomases buried at the Meeting House on Deal Island which Joshua Thomas preached from.

george Core (, Wed Jan 16 01:06:09 EST 2002

Please note new e-mail address:



George Core

George Core (, Wed Jan 16 01:03:48 EST 2002

sylvia parker nash (, Tue Jan 15 19:43:07 EST 2002

I gave you the wrong email address..sorry..I'll correct it.

Cynthia M. Sturgis (, Tue Jan 15 16:14:48 EST 2002

I am really enjoying your website. There are new discoveries at every click. I plan to scan some photographs of gravestones on our property in Accomac in the near future to add to your collection.

Barbara, I was particularly interested in your ancestor file going back to William S. Sturgis. My husband is a decendent of that Sturgis, and I am trying to find a connection between William, Charles T. and Vianna with earlier Sturgises on the Shore. Have you be able to do this? I have found a marriage record for a John Sturgis, Jr. and Mrs. Peggy Richardson (1801) who might be the John and Margaret listed as their parents, but I've hit a wall trying to go further back. Would love to hear from you.

George Russell (, Sun Jan 13 22:40:37 EST 2002

Great work! I was able to trace a couple of my lines to the Eastern Shore. Over 25 years ago, I worked on the Shore, little did I know then that my roots were there!

Thanks for all of your work Regards George Russell

sylvia parker nash (, Sun Jan 13 12:02:20 EST 2002



SARAH BRYANT (BPACE650@AOL.COM), Thu Jan 10 16:58:00 EST 2002

my grandmother was from parksley her name was SUSANNE PARKS UBER she was born 12-17-1913 died 3-22-1991 she is buried in parskley.her mother was NELLIE PARKS born 10-30-1887. died dec. 1971 married to CARLTON UBER he was a veterinarian on the eastern shore NELLIE'S mother and father were MARY ANNE JOHNSON and JOHN PARKS. CARLTON'S mother and father were CARLTON UBER and SUSAN KILLEN.we are related to several people still in parskly and the eastern shore .

Louzetta K. Kilmon (, Sun Jan 6 10:29:24 EST 2002

I have just found your web site and just love it. I was looking at the different names on here and just came across where my grand daughter had sent in looking for news on the Kellam and the Bowden back ground. It was such a wonderful surprise as she had not told me about it. I just can't wait to read all the wondrful things on here.

Bettie Lynn 'Crowson' Maddox (, Wed Jan 2 16:38:26 EST 2002

Ruth (Rena) Mears Locklair (, Tue Jan 1 16:06:33 EST 2002

I came upon your site via Family Tree Maker. I have not been able to find any info on my grandfather, David Daniel Mears. I do know that he was from Eastern Shore, VA, but after that - nothing. I read in the family Bible that he died in South Carolina in Sept., 1948. At least, this is a starting point. If you do know of him, or any of his family, I would greatly appreciate any help.

Thanks, Rena Locklair

Philip D. Killman (, Mon Dec 31 10:19:10 EST 2001

I have researching my ancesters on the killman-(killmon)side also the balls,DeHavens,matthews,millers,stewarts and was really set back today when I found pictures of some of the Killmons, even Ellis which is my 3xgrandfather. I would like to thank Phil May, Billy Burton,and jeri, for their help.

greatfully yours Philip D. Killman

James D. Cary (, Wed Dec 26 14:36:12 EST 2001

Hi, I have a family history web page for Elphinston Cary, born 1745 Virgina. Who do I contact to have it put on your web site?

Helen Zebley Dawson (, Sun Dec 23 23:49:35 EST 2001

Ilove this page and visit it quite often.

Curtis Bundick (, Sun Dec 23 07:05:53 EST 2001

I was just looking up sites on Bundick's and ran across this one. Really enjoyed it. Thanks

Ann B. Suthowski (, Sat Dec 22 22:34:41 EST 2001

Are you aware that the NABB research center is having a two day conference on Sept.20 and 21?

Ann B. Suthowski (, Sat Dec 22 22:34:41 EST 2001

Are you aware that the NABB research center is having a two day conference on Sept.20 and 21?

Kendall L. Wilson, Jr. (, Sat Dec 22 04:12:19 EST 2001

Marion High School Class of 1966 Marion, Maryland

, Tue Dec 18 17:34:49 EST 2001

Tom Jeker (, Tue Dec 18 11:57:06 EST 2001

I am a yearly visitor to the area, love it like my second home and someday hope to make it my primary residence. Wanted to learn more about the history of that great area.

Marian Richardson(Battles)Whetsell (, Sat Dec 15 09:23:52 EST 2001

I believe that me and my five sisters and brother are descendents of slave owner LJ Battle, originally from Northhampton Co. VA. He had either a son by slave woman or owned a slave by the name of Shadrack Battle Sr. Both fought in the American Revolution. Shadrack and family of 6/7 was manumitted. He signed up in Amherst Co. listed as a mulatto. He is on the Federal Pension roll and was given 200-300 hundred acres as promised, but later sold it or lost it d/t severe financial hardship

His children were Juanna Battle, Betsey Battle, Shadrack Jr, Polly, Lucy, & Elizabeth. I believe he or LJ Battle (owner) had brothers by name of Turner, Wm Battle, sometime spelled Bittle, and Robert Battle.

This entire family has close ties to Abermarle Co, and Betsey married Henrico Co. My great grandfather George, which changed his name from Battle to Richardson walked out of VA to Texas in 1881. My grandfather was 3yrs old, his name was John, sometimes called Johnny.

Can you provide any additional information on the Battle family. The owner's family side, I believe is connected to the Gov Battle in the early 1900's.

Thanks, Marian Richardson (Battle(s))Whetsell

Carl Robert Coe (, Mon Dec 10 19:20:32 EST 2001

James Dennis (, Sun Dec 9 20:52:26 EST 2001

Great web site. I came here looking for information on Donnock Dennis, my ancestor, b approx 1645, or John Dennis, who came to Accomack, VA in 1635.


Jamie Dennis

Tom Price (, Sat Dec 8 23:15:18 EST 2001

Has anyone heard of Jonathan and Eleanor Minshall emigrated to Ross Co., Oh circa 1806. They are listed as being from Virginia. If so, I have futher information as to their proginy in Ohio.

Thanks, Tom

Carroll N. Bundick (, Fri Dec 7 20:57:14 EST 2001

I've been tracing my ancestors from Texas back to Louisiana, and Virginia before that. I'm looking for the parents of Abbott Bundick, who left Accomack County,Virginia in 1780. His father may have been a Richard Bundick II. His father may have been from England. Any help would be appreciated.

Lillie Purvis Boler (, Wed Dec 5 10:53:53 EST 2001

I enjoy the site I lived on the shore for many years and liked to read about the History and other items thanks

Patricia Thomas Kretzmer (, Sun Dec 2 10:13:04 EST 2001

Jan Wilson , Sat Dec 1 19:41:52 EST 2001

I love this site!! Glad it exists!

Stephanie Davis (, Fri Nov 30 22:21:12 EST 2001

I was looking for information on Kilmons, my father is Charles Russell Kilmon and his father was Charles Russell Kilmon.

Scott Krogh (, Thu Nov 29 15:43:32 EST 2001

Very Interesting and informative Site. I've always enjoyed Eastern Shore History. Its unique just like the area. I am currently a history major at Virginia Tech

Donald R. Orendorf (, Wed Nov 28 21:26:48 EST 2001

One of the most educational web sties i have been in. 1 to 10 a 10

Matt Krogh (, Wed Nov 28 12:50:24 EST 2001

Edward Bishop (, Sun Nov 25 12:19:38 EST 2001

Looking for Information on names Bishop, Drummond, and Waterfield

Carol Kupser (, Sat Nov 24 18:06:24 EST 2001

What a great site. Photos of the grave stones is a wonderful addition too. My decendents are Byrd, Ward, Evans, Cullen, Holland. I have been trying to find the parents of Pete Evans who married Addie Holland. He died in Lawsonia, Crisfield, Md.

George Alan Mears (gamroundhill@aol), Tue Nov 20 12:19:01 EST 2001

I enjoy reviewing the information and photographs on your site. I made a trip to the Eastern Shore several years ago. I really enjoyed the trip. I visited Mears Station and the post office at Mears. I reside in Leicester, NC, thats near Asheville, NC.

Sincerely, George Alan Mears

Cathy Wilson (, Tue Nov 13 22:21:59 EST 2001

I am the daughter or Yvonne Anderson, grandaughter of Margret Doland Higgins. This is a wonderful site.



Bonnie Munn (, Thu Nov 8 20:01:28 EST 2001

I have the original will of William Shipham (could be Shiphaw)written in July of 1794. Mentioned in the will is a wife and a daughter named Euphamia Atkins Matthews Any information would be appreciated.

Nancy Zebelean (, Wed Nov 7 10:45:56 EST 2001

It is a great site. It also is very obvious that a great deal of work went into gathering the information. Please know that it is appreciated. I am sure there are many researchers like me who have ties to the area. I have found a lot of information and finally the maiden name of one of my Ancestor. I knew a Sarah Marshall Townsend was the wife of Peter from land transactions. When I found her brothers will, Matthew Purnell, he named Sarah Marshall. I was elated to find she was a Purnell. (Marshall was her mother's maiden name) So thanks again.

Nancy Zebelean (, Wed Nov 7 10:41:04 EST 2001

Dr.William Burton (, Tue Oct 30 19:02:12 EST 2001

Any Chincoteagers out there ? e.g Leonards,Birchs,Bowdens,Quillens,Jones and or course Burtons ?

Jack Burn (, Tue Oct 30 16:28:56 EST 2001


Joyce Trousdale , Sat Oct 27 16:53:23 EDT 2001

very unique

Margaret M. Gibson , Fri Oct 26 00:36:00 EDT 2001

this is a very interesting site.

Charles Gibson , Tue Oct 23 20:00:50 EDT 2001

J. Thomas Churn , Sun Oct 21 19:23:54 EDT 2001

I am delighted to be able to find you. A friend and distant relatve sent me some printouts of your pages on the Churn family that filled in a lot of information that I had been seeking. The one correction that would be appreciated would be to have the James Thomas Churn Sr., Jr., and III (myself) listed by first initial, middle name rather than by first name middle initial which none of us used. Thanks for finding and posting these family lists! I could help out with the more current listings, if that would be of help to you-- thanks again. Tom Churn

Don Churn , Sat Oct 20 20:39:03 EDT 2001

Thanks for the information on your site. My father, James Thomas Churn,is mentioned on your site. it was interesting reading

Karen Camden White , Sat Oct 20 18:39:43 EDT 2001

Margaret James Morton {Mrs. HSM,Jr , Fri Oct 19 19:49:15 EDT 2001

I enjoy this site very much. I would like to tell you that my Mother's foot stone Is correct. You can remove that question mark. Her name was Helen Douglas Dunton and she married Robert Dunton James. OKAY?

Carmen J Shortt (, Tue Oct 16 09:11:49 EDT 2001

I was digging around, trying to find out the reason for the change in spelling in 1940 from Accomac to Accomack. I did not find out here, but I did enjoy reading Lucille Chandler Snyder's story of life on the Eastern Shore, and will try to finish it later when I am not at work. You have an interesting thing going on here; thanks!

CS Robinson (, Sat Oct 13 21:37:38 EDT 2001

Your site the land patents on the Eastern Shore made my day and filled in more than one blank on the page. Thanks!

james hodge (, Fri Oct 12 22:46:55 EDT 2001

Very seldom can you find a sight with so much information. I enjoy brousing through this site...IHS...jim and jan hodge

Floyd Scott Jr. (, Fri Oct 12 21:19:13 EDT 2001

Hi I was born on Chincoteague moved when I was 3years old .My mom's Maiden name was White and her mom's maiden name was Birch .My grandmother still lives on the Island on Beebe Rd.My Grandfather was James H.White. Ebba Birch was my Great Grandmother.She also lived on Beebe rd. on the Island of Chincoteague.Can Anyone help me find out more. Thanks Floyd Scott Jr.

Karen Justice Sobotker (, Fri Oct 12 12:18:22 EDT 2001

I am searching for information about my ancestor Jennt Fedderman, she was born in Assowaman, Virginia. I am a college student and am researching my native american roots. Ant information that you may render I would gladly appreciate. Thank you very much.


Karen Justice Sobotker

Rita Lowe (, Mon Oct 8 23:45:08 EDT 2001

Would like to know what to look for as I'm new at this I need all the help I can det. Trying to find anything about the Lowe Family from Casey IL. Clark County ., IL.

Linda Jarvis (, Thu Oct 4 13:32:34 EDT 2001

Your website is great. My husband's last name is Jarvis and I've just started researching his side. If you every know of a Calvin Angus Jarvis, William Rufus Jarvis or a William Washington Jarvis, they are suppose to be related to him. I'm researching JARVIS, HARTLEY, PAXSON/PAXTON, WILSON, MAGLITTO, PATTI, SCHEMBRI/SCAMBRAY, HENSON, COOK, HOPSON AND MINCHEW at this time. Thanks for all of your hard work on the website!!

Ken Hahn (, Wed Oct 3 21:51:05 EDT 2001

Hi- just looking at family history and the branches around-

I am from a branch of the Barnes family that moved in to Crisfield Md Wm. Arthur Barnes - Addie Lee Mister and before-George W. Barnes... I received this web name from Robert (Bobby) Barnes and thought I I would Surf a while. Many thanks for the work-

Carl A. Schulz (, Mon Oct 1 16:30:07 EDT 2001

, Sat Sep 29 09:29:12 EDT 2001

Bonnie Trower Brantley (, Fri Sep 28 20:58:51 EDT 2001

Thanks for the great stuff.

LaShonda Floyd (, Thu Sep 27 16:43:05 EDT 2001

I think this is a good idea, especially to those family members lives out of state and can't get to the Eastern Shore to visit their family members graves that is deceased.

bessie s. floyd (, Thu Sep 27 15:02:34 EDT 2001

margaret m. werner (, Wed Sep 26 17:50:58 EDT 2001

please note my new e-mail address. my old one was muzzy@e-machines. i am still interested in learning about the trehernes. my ggreatfather was littleton upshur treherne. he was married to margaret harriet campell. i think they lived in machipongo. i want to know anything about them, good or bad. thank you margaret m. werner

Fran Davis (LFHDAVIS@AOL.COM), Tue Sep 25 22:47:25 EDT 2001

ben (dover), Tue Sep 25 12:48:04 EDT 2001

hello i live in deleware and i was wondering if you had any information on the kilmon family. my great great great great great great great great great great cousin was an imbreed between the kilmon and killmon families. If you have any information regarding this issue to the imbreed i please would like it to give it to me. thank you. ben

Imogene Johnson Borganelli (, Mon Sep 24 23:27:53 EDT 2001

I have enjoyed visiting this site so much. My Wise line and my Massie/Massey? line came from Accomack and Brunswick Counties. I would like to learn more about them! Thank you, Imogene Borganelli

Norman F. Jacobs, Jr. (, Mon Sep 24 19:19:57 EDT 2001

THANKS - Great site

Thomas Charnock (, Sun Sep 23 17:23:29 EDT 2001

I want to thank you for the excellent job you have done in the creation of the Eastern Shore website. I was able to visit my Mother's and Daddy's grave today from my home in North Dakota. I also saw my Uncle Thornton Charnock on the Capeville High School 1920 graduation roster. You made my Sunday. Many thanks, Tom Charnock.

Samantha Thompson , Fri Sep 21 15:50:52 EDT 2001

Do you have any information about the scottish clans Alexander or McDonald?

big thang (THEGREATBUSH@SUPNICCA.COM), Thu Sep 20 13:14:22 EDT 2001

sup nicca,

me be just chillin. see who mes family is. i already know bout bumpydick and afrotitti. see if u can find mo. thanx

big thang

Sharlene Shipman Baker (, Tue Sep 18 20:11:11 EDT 2001

I was referred to your site by a researcher on the Bull family in Accomac. I am looking for Jerome Bull who married Margaret Roe and had a daughter Margaret Ann Bull who married John Cope in Columbus, Ohio. Jerome Bull may have been born in Virginia in about 1790. Does any of this sound familiar?

Andrew Downing (, Mon Sep 17 14:56:34 EDT 2001

Nice site.God love birdsnest va. Or something.

Bob Lewis (, Tue Sep 11 02:37:22 EDT 2001

Just found this site. Looks great. I'm researching John Lewis (b.abt 1619 d.Mar.03,1695/96)who married Lucretia Potts mid-to-late 1600's from Accomac.Va.

Also looking for Thomas Lewis(d.1760) married Leah (?). Had 13+children.

Need help. Thanks

Bob Lewis in Calif.

, Sat Sep 8 20:52:35 EDT 2001

Michael Colburn (, Sat Sep 8 20:04:33 EDT 2001

Descendant of William Coulbourne

George Alan Mears (, Wed Sep 5 14:51:10 EDT 2001

My GGGG Grandfather was Joel Mears, who was a son of Mark Mears and Elizabeth Van Paten. Joel left the Eastern Shore prior to the Rev War and residing in the Dobbs, Cumberland Co, NC area prior to the Rev War.

I enjoy this site and view it often.

If anyone should have info regarding Joel I would enjoy hearing from you.


Dorothy Bangert Phillips (, Mon Sep 3 21:57:19 EDT 2001

Found your site as I was looking for connections with Thomas Blalock, Sr. who came to he Eastern Shore from England in 1623. Thanks for all the good work.

Dorothy Bangert Phillips (, Mon Sep 3 21:55:31 EDT 2001

Betty Irsik (, Sat Sep 1 11:08:01 EDT 2001

Please put me on the digest. My old E-mail was I am researching ELLIOTT, BELOTE, NOTTINGHAM, GOFFIGON, SAVAGE, SCOTT, BLOXOM, JARVIS, BAKER, BARKER, and many more. My data base contains over 20,000 names and about 2/3's are eastern shore. Will share information.

Thanks Betty :-)

Nancy Buck (, Thu Aug 30 12:19:17 EDT 2001

Have not been to your website for months, with summer here I try to stay busy outdoors! I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your website is! I was amazed at all of the photos form the gravsites! GREAT JOB! Thank you so much for providing important information to many of us who are seeking our roots! Sincerely, Nancy Buck

A. J. Kellam (, Mon Aug 27 21:30:36 EDT 2001

I am a Quinby Kellam of atleast 4 generations. I have lived near Salisbury MD for the past 20 years. My great grandfather was (sp?) Argol Kellam. I don't have any history on him. I have an interest in E. S. History and would like to know more about my line of Kellams. I have found browsing the GHOTES site very interesting and appreciate all the work that has gone into it.

Linda Russell Usher (, Wed Aug 22 00:37:07 EDT 2001

Kassandra Smith (, Tue Aug 21 12:50:12 EDT 2001

I think the concept and dedication is wonderful!

Dorthea Marvel (, Tue Aug 21 08:00:08 EDT 2001

This is a wonderful site. My mother was born in Bird's Nest and all my happy childhood vacations were spent there. Because this was a big family, aunts, uncles and cousins usually visited together and this brought us so much closer than most. We're all visiting this site now and enjoying our memories together. Thank you so much. Thea Daughter of Mabel Colonna Rasmussen

John Howard Kellam (, Mon Aug 20 11:56:06 EDT 2001

John Howard Kellam (, Mon Aug 20 11:53:34 EDT 2001

Donna Smith Baker (, Sat Aug 18 17:16:49 EDT 2001

I will try this again. Last time, it turned out blank. I am researching the SCOTT surname in Acoomack County, VA. Both of my grandmother's maiden names were SCOTT. I have some information about my maternal Scott name, but almost nothing about my paternal side. Annie Scott was my grandmother. She had a brother named Carrol T. Scott who moved to the Richmond area. He died before 1973. Annie also had a sister, unknown, who never married. These Scott children were raised in the Cashville area and their father's name was T. Wise Scott. Annie Scott married Walter Smith from Onancock and they raised three children on a farm right outside of Onancock....across from the second cemetery on the road out of Onancock towards Cashville. Annie & Walter were married in a Methodist Church in Cashville. If my memory is correct, my father used to tell me that he was related in some way to the Killmons and also to a man who had the furniture store in Onancock for many many years. Can't remember the names, but I do remember that the furniture man shared my birthday- October 23rd. Funny what a child's memory can recall! Can anyone remember Annie Scott Smith or have some of these names in your data bases? With two Scott grandmothers from Accomack County, I feel I should be able to find a Scott researcher to help!

Donna Smith Baker (, Sat Aug 18 16:40:55 EDT 2001

Jan Belote (, Tue Aug 14 10:11:12 EDT 2001

Love this site, especially the old photos & gravestone pics. WHen time permits, am trying to research the Beloe family, as I have trees for the Goffigons & Hunts.

Conover, Riley Clifton Jr. (, Tue Aug 14 07:53:58 EDT 2001

Donald Vaughn (, Mon Aug 13 12:44:56 EDT 2001

Noticed that the first Clerk of the Court was Henry Bagwell. I have a Henry Bagwell in my line that was born on 29 Oct 1589 in St. Petrock, Exeter, Devonshire, England. He died in Northampton, VA on 2 Nov 1659, he was 70. Married Alice Hawkins, Northampton, VA. They had one child: Thomas (1642-1690.Thomas born Matomkin, Northampton, VA. Died in Accomack, VA. on 16 Sept 1690. he was 48 Married Anne Stockley Born abt 1645 in Northampton, VA died aft 1693, she was 48. Any info we can get, we wil be very happy with. Give this infor to anyone of that may want it.

Donald Vaughn (, Mon Aug 13 12:35:23 EDT 2001

Donald Vaughn (, Mon Aug 13 12:35:23 EDT 2001

Donald Vaughn (, Mon Aug 13 12:35:21 EDT 2001

John Hopkins ( ), Sun Aug 12 23:06:04 EDT 2001

Enjoyed your site very much. Have printed out your instructions for joining GHOTES. I have interest in both Norhthampton County trying to find my Robert Hopkins who came over got land in Somerset County. I have tithe table information showing a Robert in Northampton County just prior to him getting land in Somerset County circa 1670. Have located other Robert Hopkins along the Cheaspeake Bay in other counties about the same time. Plan to post a query in GHOTES soon with complete information. Also have a Chandler line on my Grandfather John R Chandler born in Accomack county but live lated life York County Va Thanks for all the work GHOTES genealogists have done so far John Hopkins

Julianne Leatherberry Kaleho (, Fri Aug 10 22:45:14 EDT 2001

Thank you for the work done on this is truly appreciated. One day I hope to contribute. Sincerely, JILK



Beverly Bybee Spatz (, Wed Aug 8 22:22:51 EDT 2001

This is an awesome site. I found where my Ancestor William Bibby 1620 lived. The maps were quite helpful. I understand that he is in several Court Records. Do you know how I would be able to obtain such records of Northampton? Would appreciate any help.


Beverly Bybee Spatz (, Wed Aug 8 22:22:38 EDT 2001

This is an awesome site. I found where my Ancestor William Bibby 1620 lived. The maps were quite helpful. I understand that he is in several Court Records. Do you know how I would be able to obtain such records of Northampton? Would appreciate any help.


Cleo Boothe (, Mon Aug 6 20:43:49 EDT 2001

Hi Barbara, Can you please change my e-mail address to the above, and also please leave me on the digest.My old address was have moved to Chincoteague. So my e-mail address has changed.Researching Boothe, Lewis and Jester. Thanks Cleo Boothe


This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Kelly (, Fri Aug 3 23:58:59 EDT 2001

I have looked at the Upper Accomack Co map,for section A140 and cannot find it,appreciate some help

Joi Dickerson (, Fri Aug 3 18:51:41 EDT 2001

sherry taylor (r, Fri Aug 3 14:41:09 EDT 2001

I am interested in the Tangier Island community, inparticilar the Taylor family, that moved to Westmoreland county, Virginia.

Great Site, very easy to use.

Charles W. and Margaret G Carlson (, Fri Aug 3 13:50:53 EDT 2001

Asa T. Taylor (, Thu Aug 2 03:53:49 EDT 2001

Just discovered Ghotes.What a great site!I'm looking forward to gleaning and contributing what I can.Thank you for your hard work.

Marilyn Bowden Coslett (, Sun Jul 29 23:11:09 EDT 2001

Thanks for the excellent maps of Virginia and Eastern Shore. I am looking for ancestors of my gggrandfather Henry Bowden born 1812 in Virginia. He married Evelina Johnson (daughter of Philip Johnson) in Greensville Co., VA 17 May 1837. I am seeking information about the John Bowdoin who settled in Northampton/Accomack County, VA. I will appreciate any information about possible parents for my Henry. Thanks, Marilyn

Marianne P. MacMaster (, Sun Jul 29 16:02:17 EDT 2001

Wonderful job. I am a Marshall descendant. Last night I found some documents and photos at my mothers house. I have been remiss in forwarding another important item to be posted. I will have them scanned and forwarded so they can be added to the website.

Sorry and thank you. Marianne

Robert Parker (, Sun Jul 29 01:19:14 EDT 2001

Have enjoyed my visit to your fine site. I'm searching the Parker line in ESMD and VA. I believe that my ancestor William Anderson Parker, Sr. may have moved up to Worcester Co. from Accomack Co. His wife was Rebecca Brittingham and they lived in or near Berlin, MD.They had three children, William Anderson Parker, Jr., James (my ancestor) and Nancy. James, born in 1772, settled an 1802 land claim in what is now East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. It was the Spanish Province of West Florida in 1802. My family have all been Louisianians since then. Would love to hear from anyone who may have any information on any of these people. I was able to find a few items in April on a visit to the Nabb Center in Salisbury, but still need a lot more. Many thanks, R.P.

Effie M. Elzey (, Thu Jul 26 23:14:27 EDT 2001

Robert Jenkins (, Mon Jul 23 18:32:00 EDT 2001

My family is from Trappe Md. arrived early stayed late. We're all up in Balto. now. Hope to get back soon.

William Elijah Pigott, Jr. (, Sun Jul 22 19:41:54 EDT 2001

Many thanks to all of you Ghotes for a job well done.

Claude Revelation (, Thu Jul 19 22:26:32 EDT 2001

Rollin King Reynolds (, Thu Jul 19 14:18:48 EDT 2001

My great grandmother was Sarah Custis, Married to Robert Charles King. She waws reputedly born in the local area.

Glad to see the site.


Born and raised on eastern shore and married a military man and traveled all over the world.Retired in Hampton,Va. Have lots of family and friends still there. Have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.Thanks JOANN 7-18-2001


Born and raised on eastern shore and married a military man and traveled all over the world.Retired in Hampton,Va. Have lots of family and friends still there. Have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.


Born and raised on eastern shore and married a military man and traveled all over the world.Retired in Hampton,Va. Have lots of family and friends still there. Have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Rebecca Waller O'Neil (, Wed Jul 18 18:55:59 EDT 2001

I have been researching the web for information on Pitts' Wharf Virginia. At least I think that is correct. My grandmother's mother was supposely born in Pitts' Wharf, Virginia. My grandmother was born in Hallwood, Virginia. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate the info. Thanks for the web page and thanks for the help

Jennifer Chandler Nesbitt (, Sun Jul 15 11:21:00 EDT 2001

Interesting web site; I can see that it must require a tremendous amount of work to create and maintain. I am looking for Chandler and other relatives of mine who lived on the Eastern Shore; am also looking to fill in some gaps in our history, such as descendants of illegitimate Chandler children born to female slaves. I'm sure I will be visiting the site again...Thanks.

Ruby Badger Pruitt (, Sun Jul 8 18:27:56 EDT 2001

Looking for information in Petersburg,Williamsburg and Portsmouth Virginia on my Badger relatives.

Beth (, Mon Jul 2 11:43:00 EDT 2001

I was raised on Chincoteague, and also have family all over the shore. I have been trying to do family tree research for years. I have been very lucky finding Isdell, Bell, and Mears. But I am so lost searching on my father's side, Taylor of Chincoteague. His mom's name was Elizabeth Taylor and I think his Dad's name started with a W. Taylor is somehow tied in with Whealton, Lewis, and Murray? If anyone has any information please help me. Thank you.

Ernest D. Young (, Mon Jun 25 22:50:30 EDT 2001

This site was a goldmine for me. I am the grandson of John Arthur Simkins, Jr., born in 1866 in Cape Charles. I was at a brick wall on the Simkins line until I came across this website. The MARSHALLS, WILKINS and TILNEY files have my kin in them. I am most appreciative of all the hard work and dedication of the people who have spent the thousands of hours on these files. THANK YOU!!! Also the virtual cemetery work is just great, as is the whole GHOTES site.

Donna McCarthy (, Tue Jun 19 10:39:22 EDT 2001

6/19/01 Looking for info on Texaco Town Article ran in Eastern Shore News sometime ago and we failed to clip it-appreciate any help

Donna Smith Baker (, Mon Jun 18 23:51:15 EDT 2001

I typed a long and resourceful message and it turned out BLANK when it posted here!!! I will try again...only I will be more brief. I am in possession of a huge box of old photos....some of them copper! They have been packed away in attics for MANY years. There are photos of what I belive to be Bloxom School in days when high button shoes were worn. There are hundreds of photos, letters, and post cards. The postmarks date as far back as 1893. Family names that I know are Rew (many), Young, Lewis, Byrd, Scott, Bloxom, and more. The locality is Bloxom, Modest Town, Hallwood area. I need help in identifying these photos and also I need to know how to preserve them...especially the letters and postcards with postmarks and stamps. Most of the collection is in excellent shape! HELP

Donna Smith Baker (, Mon Jun 18 23:33:51 EDT 2001

WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS! I posted a message earlier about being in possession of many old photos and, in my excitement, incorrectly typed my email address. PLEASE CORRECT THIS! CORRECT ADDRESS IS

Donna Smith Baker (, Mon Jun 18 23:21:39 EDT 2001

mina santiago (, Sat Jun 16 16:12:09 EDT 2001

iam looking for imformation on a 1800 cemetary located in the city of wilmington in the west side. any one with imformation please email me

Jim Atherholt (, Fri Jun 15 23:33:09 EDT 2001

Hi, I am very new at this geneology.... Looking for info on William Henry Mears my great grandfather. I only know he was married Septemeber 17, 1876 to Anna Elizabeth Smith in Camden, NJ and died July 1, 1938. They had four children Ed, Mamie, Clara and Gertrude. I do remember my grandmother (Gertrude) telling me of the Mears family being from Virginia and I can recall her telling me of the Savage family also.....thats it. Any help is appreciated.

Jason Kanipe (, Fri Jun 15 10:48:34 EDT 2001

This site is really cool. (Annis, Short, Kanipe, Taylor)

Cleo Boothe (, Wed Jun 13 20:58:36 EDT 2001

Barbara or anyone, please change my e-mail address to the above.The old address was That has changed.please keep me on the digest also. Thanks. Cleo Boothe Researching, Booth's, Jester's Lewis's.

sheila carr (, Thu Jun 7 14:34:14 EDT 2001

Hi, I am looking for any info on the Edwards family that was connected with the 99 yr lease in 1790. Thomas Nathanial Edwards is the originator of it. Any info would be very helpful. thx, Sheila Carr

sheila carr (, Thu Jun 7 14:33:42 EDT 2001

Hi, I am looking for any info on the Edwards family that was connected with the 99 yr lease in 1790. Thomas Nathanial Edwards is the originator of it. Any info would be very helpful.

david gladding-vanderipe (, Mon Jun 4 20:51:27 EDT 2001

please note new email address. my lines are the gladdings, wilkerson, owen, blake,fitzgerald, robins, benstons.

george ward (, Mon Jun 4 17:25:41 EDT 2001

my grandfather lived in atlantic, va. during 1910 with his family. he had a saw mill in that area. the children were fred,pearl,nettie. florence. my grandfathers name was george washington ward and his wife was fannie a. ward (maiden name gordy). their permenent home was in laurel, delaware.

nina kelso (, Sun Jun 3 22:30:42 EDT 2001

I find Ghotes to be very imformative and interesting. Once in awhile I will see a name I haven't heard from in a long time. My one flustration is not being able to find information on persons with Indian ancestry. Did no one ever keep records?

Paul L. Thornton (, Sun Jun 3 20:53:26 EDT 2001

I was born on Chincoteague in 1949. My father was Joseph Seilmore Thornton (Celie) and my mother was Adeline. Celie had a brother John but I don't know much about him. Their father and mother was Benjamin and Serina Thornton. They were both alive in the 1900 census. Benjamin's father and mother was Parker and Elizabeth. They lived on the lower end of Ridge road. I believe Serina's maiden name was Hall. Benjamin had a sister Hester A. a sister Sarah S. and a Brother Alfred T. aka Thomas who was married to Ida E. and had four children.William P, Mary J. George and Madaline. Madaline died in 1985 and is burried with her mother and father in Thornton Cemetary on Ridge Road on Chincoteague. If there are and living relatives that could fill in a lot of blanks please E-Mail me.

Laurence LeCato Hummer (, Fri Jun 1 21:12:46 EDT 2001

I appreciate your site very much. I have just discovered it today. My father John LeCato Hummer's maternal grandfather was George Hugh LeCato, so I have been looking at the images you have of LeCato tombstones.

Rebecca Holland Hobson (, Thu May 31 14:48:47 EDT 2001

I love all the wonderful information this site has provided. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Wendy Wilson Fall (, Tue May 29 13:08:12 EDT 2001

I am doing research on two related subjects. One is my family (I am African American) who are descended from my mother's father's grandfather from a mulatto Lewis. Having found them early on in eastern Virginia, I visited this site to see if there was anything on them. The second subject is the retrieval of information relating to people descended from slaves from Madagascar who arrived in York and Rappahannock (the old Rappahannock, by the river) around 1719 - 1722. I need ANY information anyone may have on this subject, the slaves having arrived on British ships which originated in Bristol, England and went directly to Madagascar and then came to Virginia. I am a social anthropologist doing research on descendents of these people. My own family (my mother's father's grandmother) were descended from free immigrants from Madagascar who came in the 1820s. Madagascar is in the Indian Ocean, and so the British East India Company did, for a while, carry out trading there. Please respond to my email. Am aware now of Moten family of Exxmore who fit this category, as well as Dyson and Davis families. Please send any related information if you have it. Thank you.

Wendy Wilson Fall

Laura Lee Altenhofen (, Tue May 29 03:01:34 EDT 2001

I'm beginning research on my family. I've never attempted this before but am anxious to start. I was born in Nassawadox, Virginia; and am the grandaughter of Edward & Louzetta Kellam/Harlan & Mary Bowden. Any thoughts on where to go from here?

Julianne Ila Leatherberry Kaleho (, Tue May 29 02:40:29 EDT 2001

, Sun May 27 10:59:07 EDT 2001

DIANE MILTON , Tue May 22 15:12:25 EDT 2001


Sandy Lankford Owens (, Tue May 22 01:36:30 EDT 2001

My father's family is from the Eastern Shore. His name is Stewart Lee Lankford b. March 1,1933. I am looking for any family members that are still around. I know that he has a brother Bill Lankford and a half brother James Lankford. I think that his father's name was Edward Lankford. Would also like any info on the Lankford Family if anyone could help. Thank you.

Martha C. Dirkes (, Sat May 19 15:03:09 EDT 2001

My mother's family came from the Eastern Shore. My Mother's maiden name was Taylor. I knew that her mother and father were buried at Red Bank Church. Thank you for the photos from the cemetery. Since I now live in California I haven't been able to visit the cemetery recently. If anyone knows any information about my mother's father's family I would appreciate it. His name was George W. Taylor and he married Macon Conover. I did see their gravestones in your virtual cmemter. Thanks again so much. Sincerely, Martha Dirkes

Laura Atkinson Eades (, Sun May 13 09:45:03 EDT 2001

I have enjoyed this website a great deal. My mothers family is from the Shore. My mother is Sue Burton Atkinson and my Grandparents are Sue Fisher Burton and Thomas Kellam Burton. My uncle Tom Jr. still lives in New Church. I have so many wonderful childhood memories of my days spent at Silver Beach. Endless summer days of running all over that beach area, going to Nassawodox getting Ice Cream sitting in the little heart shaped chairs, getting a toy at the Ben Franklin store, playing with the toys under the tables at the fabric store and people calling my mother Sue Baby. Spending time with my Grandmother at her house in Melfa. Putting the boat in at Bayford the names carved into the counter. Visiting relatives and people coming by the cabin. So many great memories of a very special place, people and time.

Thank You


Norman Creaser (, Thu May 10 02:30:00 EDT 2001

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to your website and must congratulate you on its quality. I am studying emigration to the US from Yorkshire, mainly during the 19th century, but have recently discovered information concerning a Thomas Creaser who sailed with Adam Thorowgood to Virginia in the ship John and Dorothy in 1634. Could anyone please give me information regarding a Creaser family in Virginia during and after that period. I will be searching for more sources in England, but in the meantime would like to know the port of departure of the John and Dorothy and if a passenger list exists.

Many thanks, Norman Creaser, East Yorkshire, England.

Anita (, Wed May 9 09:14:38 EDT 2001

Looking for the parents of David Vaughan married Winnefred (Unknown). David possibly born 1749. Died before Feb 4, 1800 in Petersburg, VA. Father possibly Salathiel Vaughan married Anne (Unknown). Any help appreciated.

Laura Wright Sanders (, Sun May 6 15:06:07 EDT 2001

Very nice web sight. I have been looking for informationon the Wright family and just dropped in to say thank you for the information and receipts found on you page. Sincerely, Laura W. Sanders

Bretty Lee Bonniwell (, Fri May 4 16:29:41 EDT 2001

Would like to have any information concerning John Wesley Spence, please contact me at e-mail address.

Edward F. Proctor III (, Fri May 4 12:04:15 EDT 2001

Thanks for the hard work in making this available on the internet. I just found out this year that part of my family originated in Accomac as far as I know. I can't go back any farther than Accomac at this time.

Vivian McNulty (MarmeM@AOL.COM), Thu May 3 16:40:40 EDT 2001

Thank you for providing so much information.

Alice Dozier Brown (, Thu May 3 08:20:53 EDT 2001

xxx (xxx@xxx.xx), Tue May 1 10:05:08 EDT 2001

I was searching using AltaVista for hungarian gealogy with search arameters +hungar +genealogy. What the hell did you do to get me to this site which has nothing to do with the requested search-conbination? Please correct your infos!

Mary Wise (, Fri Apr 27 12:35:52 EDT 2001

Found your site through a google search for Wise, Abbott & Ball families. Will return - yours is one of the better sites I've seen. You are to be commended!

Alice Goodson Woodby (, Thu Apr 26 12:42:37 EDT 2001

I believe that I may be a descendant of Kendall Lee. i am extremely glad that i found your site. Alice

Jack S. Dunlap (, Wed Apr 25 19:55:21 EDT 2001

I just finished looking up my mother and father in the Marshalls of Northhampton Co Virginia and can not tell you how pleased I him to have found information about my family that I could not get elsewhere. Thanks for having it. I will be back for more.

John L. Hall (JL) (, Thu Apr 19 18:25:01 EDT 2001

Great site. I will return often. I was raised on Chincoteague and have relatives there (Hall, Bowden, Jester, and Mears). Also on the Mainland around Mearsville, Onancock and Hallwood (Byrd, Chase and Travis)

William J Carroll (, Thu Apr 19 14:25:16 EDT 2001

Red Taylor (, Wed Apr 18 18:25:47 EDT 2001

Have relatives interred at Downings UMC.

jessica corbin (, Fri Apr 13 20:26:27 EDT 2001

just wondering through, trying to find out info on family{corbins} also clarks.

Corrine Corbin (, Fri Apr 13 13:27:52 EDT 2001

I want to thank you and particularlly M.K. Miles for helping me with the Corbin Branch. He had the names and all the info I could have asked for. I have sent him some pictures which he passed along and I'm hopeful for some news. I did pass your site along to anothe list I subscribe to and they were very happy to receive the news you are here. Again, many thanks for the well done site.

Carol Brightman (, Fri Apr 6 00:08:53 EDT 2001

Donald Yeatts , Sun Apr 1 15:46:09 EDT 2001

Richard T. Kilmon (, Sat Mar 31 15:49:48 EST 2001

I think this site is great. I started exploring my family last year. My father was estranged from his father so we don't know much about the Kilmon family. We are from Wilmington, Delaware. Since looking through the Miles Files I was able to contact family members and even met with my great-uncle's daughters. I would like to provide information on our family. the Miles Files only goes up to my grandfather's generation. His name was Clarence Risden Kilmon. Can you point me in the right direction? I tried to e-mail the information off the site but I was unsuccessful.

Linda Benthall (, Thu Mar 29 15:58:23 EST 2001

Very good website, especially the maps of Northampton County. I am searching any and all information on Joseph Benthall and Mary ?Benthall. They are listed on your Norhampton County maps as landowners in 1672 and 1681 of property in sections (N53) and (N57) respectively. Perhaps some of your website contributors may have other information regarding the Benthall family.

M. Smith (, Tue Mar 27 16:54:23 EST 2001

Thanks so much for taking the time to create your web page. It has provided valuable information in researching my husband's family.

Terri (, Sun Mar 25 14:30:49 EST 2001

I just learned my ancestors were from Accomack Co. Am still looking.

, Sun Mar 25 14:17:10 EST 2001

Brenda Roberts (, Sat Mar 24 18:50:53 EST 2001

I'm African American, I've been researching my Corbin family of Essex county Virginia. My family was found on 1880 census, my ggggrandfather was William Thomas Corbin b.May 16, 1846-d.July 19,1936, his wife was Ruth Matilda Blake-Corbin b. Aug.1856 they resided in Essex Co. Va. William and Matilda(Tilly)had according to records possible 9 children, according to family they had 6 children. His parents were Clarborne Corbin and Martha Beazley-Corbin, her parents were Morris Blake and Ellen Beazley-Blake the Blakes had 10 confirmed children. Not sure how the Beazley's are related. Not sure where they came from prior to 1880, I've obtained a lot of information on the Corbins who came from England hoping to close some sort of gap. I'm suck around the mid to late 1800's. I'm looking for Williams sib's, also where they came from. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Everette Turner Bedswsorth (BedsET@AOL.Com), Fri Mar 23 16:47:47 EST 2001

I read most of the article about being raised on a farm. I,too was raised on a farm, I was born in 1931 and remember just about everythig mentioned. My father was Leonard Bedsworth and my mother was Nellie Marie Turner. We lived between Exmore and Willia Wharf. My brother, Edmund, still lives in Exmore. Everette T. Bedsworth

Casey Bodnarik (, Mon Mar 19 22:42:10 EST 2001

Michael A. West (, Mon Mar 19 08:05:50 EST 2001

I have really enjoyed the site I just visited, even through I don't live on the shore anymore I enjoy seeing it on the net.

Robert Dunfield (, Sun Mar 18 22:22:55 EST 2001

Great Web site. Have relatives on the MD/Del side. Am looking for information on when Gov Dunmore came with his government in 1775.

Donald Yeatts (, Sun Mar 18 08:31:41 EST 2001

My wife is Charlotte Clark Yeatts, daughter of Ralph Clark and Arah Moore Clark, borned in Chincoteague, VA. Looking For inormation on the Moore family, Archie Daniel Moore and William brinkley Moore.Thankd

, Sat Mar 17 01:10:05 EST 2001

Anne Mason Eiler Gall (, Sat Mar 17 01:09:26 EST 2001

I finally found your site and it looks like it will be very useful and a lot of fun. I hope to get my new book into your site very soon--GOING BACK TO THE EASTERN SHORE, Memories of the 1920s and 1930s. It has genealogical information about the Masons at Bloxom going back to 1610 and the Geo. Thos. Ewell family beginning in 1819.



Bruce R Killmon (, Thu Mar 15 20:15:45 EST 2001

I enjoy your web site very much. Working on the Moore family of Northampton Co. As of yet I have not seen any information about this family. Will be glad to share with anyone interested.

Linda Pearson, Kathy Pearson Tarver (, Thu Mar 15 15:08:28 EST 2001

We have been reserching our ancestors for several months now and know we are descendents of George Thomas Pearson (4-13-1864 to 2-10-1938) and Missouri Elizabeth Callis (9-1-1864 to 2-10-1953). We were told that he was from Accomac County and she was from Gwynns Island. We also know they are buried in Oak Grove Cemetary in Portsmouth, Va. Our father, Gus Pearson, is familar with the Downing family in Eastville and believes there may be a relation. He believes there may be a cemetary in the front yard of the home that may have ancestors of ours. Any information that you or one of your members have would be greatly appreciated. We have acquired information from their marriage and move to Portsmouth, Va. We would be glad to share our information with anyone who would be interested. Thanks for any help and keep up the good work on this web site.

FRED MAJOR (AMFM01@MSN.COM), Wed Mar 14 11:29:10 EST 2001


charlene gay melton (, Sun Mar 11 11:11:37 EST 2001

looking for persons in the GAY family out of Georgia . the melton family out of Ga. and N.C>

Joyce (Lambertson) Stevenson (, Sun Mar 11 10:51:49 EST 2001

I would like to know when Henry Lambertson arrived in Virginia. He is found as a tax payer in Accomack COunty in the mid 1600's. Also Samuel Lambertson was in the American Revolution. He was captured by pirates and held. Does anyone have any information about this?

Robert Wesley Andrews (, Wed Mar 7 07:01:00 EST 2001

Brian Elliott (, Mon Mar 5 22:37:51 EST 2001

I was born and raised in Cape Charles and left in 1990. I attended the CCHS and the pictures really make me homesick. I am so glad you have this site so I can pass it on. Great shots

Brian C. Elliott El Paso, Texas

Alan Anderton (, Mon Mar 5 08:49:19 EST 2001

Gathering information to support theory that John & Gertrude Anderton of Maryland are Andertons of Birchley, Lancashire, England. First seen in land records of Dorchester Co, Md in 1656, Gertrude Smith was the dau of someone executed after the Claibourne rebellion. Distinct possibility that John went to Md from Virginia, Interested in any pre 1700 Andertons. Neat, useful site. Regards Alan Anderton Bargo NSW Australia

Denise Duncan Snow (, Sat Mar 3 18:08:05 EST 2001

We come up there to fish each year so I am very fasinated with the history of the Eastern Shore. Your site is very informative and I love to read all the information. Thanks for all the hard work that has been put into this site......Denise

Robert J. Daisey (, Fri Mar 2 17:22:37 EST 2001


charlene Melton (, Thu Mar 1 19:30:22 EST 2001

I have enjoyed looking at this site. I even sent a few e-mail In hope to find my father-in-law people . His name is Willie Melton

Gerry Tostenson (, Wed Feb 28 17:48:14 EST 2001

What a wonderful site and a great love of sharing. A big thank you to all involved and hope I can add to this site.

Jim Adams (, Wed Feb 28 15:33:36 EST 2001

I am looking for the ancestors of Absalom Adams b abt 1760 in Pittsylvania Co, VA and his father Robert Adams b 1720/30.

Elsie Richardson (, Tue Feb 27 23:12:51 EST 2001

Researching Onleys in VA and NC. My great-grandmother was Corinna Hortense Onley Stallings from Gates County, NC. Her father was Thomas H. Onley. I have been in touch with Ed Onley. I have found a new cousin! I love this family research!

Cleo Boothe (, Tue Feb 27 18:55:49 EST 2001

Does anyone know who the Parents are of John Booth that married Esther Birch in Accomack County on Jan.9,1801. I found someone that knew who the parents of Coventon Booth was. Coventon married Nancy Jones in Accomack County in 1829.I have his children also. I would appreciate any help.


Cleo Boothe (, Tue Feb 27 18:55:43 EST 2001

Does anyone know who the Parents are of John Booth that married Esther Birch in Accomack County on Jan.9,1801. I found someone that knew who the parents of Coventon Booth was. Coventon married Nancy Jones in Accomack County in 1829.I have his children also. I would appreciate any help.


William L. Brown, Jr. (, Tue Feb 27 01:29:50 EST 2001

I see so much conflicting information that I get lost trying to figure out the true facts. My interest is in the Scarborough family. I am descended from the William Scarborough that was hung after Bacon's Rebellion. According to all the history books, the rebellion took place in 1676. My earlier information had him (William) as being born in England, the eldest son of the first Edmund and the brother of Sir Charles. Which to believe?

Corrine E. Corbin (, Mon Feb 26 23:45:25 EST 2001

I like the site but being new I still get confused trying to sort things out.

david gladding-vanderipe (, Mon Feb 26 13:09:37 EST 2001

please note e mail change just started on line so a bit new to all of this would like to have contact with other gladding members on eastern shore. im descended from samuel gladding b 1850 near atlantic, brother george thomas gladding is buried at atlantic bap church . i've the line back to original settler howell gladding if you have tried to reach me please try correct e mail number

david gladding-vanderipe (, Mon Feb 26 13:09:08 EST 2001

please note e mail change just started on line so a bit new to all of this would like to have contact with other gladding members on eastern shore. im descended from samuel gladding b 1850 near atlantic, brother george thomas gladding is buried at atlantic bap church . i've the line back to original settler howell gladding if you have tried to reach me please try correct e mail number

Montyneke Henderson (, Mon Feb 26 10:41:07 EST 2001

This is great!!!

Laurie Williams-Dalrymple (, Sun Feb 25 21:20:13 EST 2001

My gggrandmother was Cordelia Burge. I noticed someone was looking for the Burge Family. If you have any info I would appreciate exchanging it with you.

George Thomas Thornes (, Sun Feb 25 21:20:12 EST 2001

Mark Dickinson (, Sun Feb 25 12:15:01 EST 2001

My family has been traced back to a John Dickinson, wife Rebeckah, from North Carolina. He was supposedly born ca. 1683, but no one seems to know where. I'm hoping he was one of the Virginians who migrated to N. Carolina for land. I'm looking for some kind of link.

Joe Selby Downes (, Sat Feb 24 15:36:13 EST 2001

I just got here! I was looking for a Roseann Savage, circa 1830!

Hilton.Anne (, Fri Feb 23 17:30:39 EST 2001

I Love your site because my family is from Cape charles Va

Mrs. Joyce Stevenson (, Fri Feb 23 13:44:38 EST 2001

My father, Harry Lambertson was born in Jenkins Bridge, Va. in 1903.I have been working on the family tree for many years and have found many relatives in Accomack County (and Worcester Cty, Md). I have been researching on the following Accomack County family lines: Joynes, Watson, Smith, Beasy, Warrington Tankred, Littleton, Shepeard, Bowman, Smart, Shay, Bunting, Trader(originally Armitreading, Mariner, Duston, Taylor, Rowley, Hitchens, Green,Whealton, Reid, Jordan, and Kellam. I have traced many of these lines to early English immigrants to Jamestown in the 1600s. The earliest arrival is John Tankred (a gentlemen) who arrived in 1607 (as verified by John Smith). This must be the earliest people who were searching for gold and many died. I have been trying to find out more about tankred. The other people all were land owners. Some of these people were back and forth to Worcester County, Md.

Also, I have noted that people are looking for the Lambertson line. There were three Lambertsons (probably brothers) that arrived in Jamestown in the mid 1600s. Only Henry moved to Accomack and was a land owner in the 1660s. He died young and his wife was Katherine Schoolfield, who later married a Tully. Her son Abraham Lambertson (born in Virginia in 1677) wanted to marry a girl she did not approve of, Sarah Timmons. In her will she said that if Abraham married Sarah, she would not leave him any of her land. Abraham did marry Sarah but he moved to Somerset COunty, Md. My line --- they lived in Worcester COunty from them on. Abraham's son Samuel (born in 1708 and died 2 January 1767 in Md) was in the American Revolution as a militiaman. He was captured by the pirate, Molinaire, and release a year later. He married Elizabeth Watson Smith. Smauel, his son was born in Worcester Cty, Md. in 1746 or 1755. He married Esther Joynes of Accomack Cty around 1787. Samuel's son Levi was born in 1805. He married Hester Beasey (b. 1810) on 8 Feb. 1830. Levi was known as Captain Levi Lambertson and family tradition said he was a fisherman in the Chesapeake. Levi's son William Thomas Lambertson (born 1-20-1836, Worcester Cty married Mary Elizabeth Reid, also of Worcester Cty. Their son George Thomas Lambertson was born 10 March 1878. He married Rida Shay, the daughter of John teagle Shay of Wattsville, Va. Their son, Harry Lambertson was born Aug. 28, 1903 in Jenkins Bridge, Accomack Cty, Va.

I'd just like to add this information to your records.

Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Robbins (, Wed Feb 21 13:22:28 EST 2001

I found your site while searching for the Birch ancestry. We know very little about the ancestry of our grandfather, Charles Birch, decoy carver, boat builder and fisherman. I was born at Willis Warf and moved to Norfolk around 1944-5 after my father died. Dad is buried at Belle Haven. We return to the EAsternshore annually...and more. We were there twice last year. I have cousins in the area, Gloria Chandler, Joe Robbins for two. Loved your site and will pase the location on to our friends and family. Thank you.

Dianne L. Springer-Fulton (, Tue Feb 20 08:24:55 EST 2001

Thoroughly enjoyed your site. Very informative.

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